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How to Have Great Sex with Your Lover

There’s nothing that can feel as exhilarating as passionate, great sex. Find out how to have great sex by getting innovative in bed and in your mind.

great sex

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Every now and then, you may find yourself in the perfect setting for one of the best nights of your life.

The sex may be great, and something you can never forget.

Ever been there?

Now find out how to have great sex with your lover, just the way you like it, every single time!

Having great sex is all in the head.

When you feel confident, sexy and attractive on the inside, and excite your partner on the outside, there’s little that can go wrong or come in between you and a potentially great sex encounter.

How to have great sex

Great sex is all in the mind, but as the relationship grows older, the mind too looks for creative ways to bring back the excitement.

Always look for ways to bring the sexual tension of the first touch back into bed, and you’ll be able to experience a wild night of passion all the time.

You’ve read the first few tips on how to be good in bed, now we’ll get to understanding how to have great sex all the time.

Go out and have fun!

You may wonder what going out has anything to do with great sex. But it really does. When you spend all the time cooped up at home, sex doesn’t really excite you enough. The foreplay may last a few minutes, and then you get to making love. The sex may be good, but to make it a lot more exciting, you need to do something more about it.

The next weekend when you’ve got a bit of time in your hands, go clubbing with your partner. Everyone knows that a club reeks of sex and lust, and yet, no one’s really having sex there. There’s just a lot of body parts grazing against each other, a lot of staring, and careless touching. When you spend time in a place like this, you can’t help but feel sexually excited about it.

And every single thing you do with your own lover will only excite you further and make you horny. You could do the same thing at home, but being surrounded in a frenzy of lust does create the right vibes for a lot of sexual excitement. When you eventually do get back home, you’re going to bring the same excitement back into bed. [Read: Dirty talking in bed about parties]

Talk about sex

Communication is key to having a good time in bed. You may absolutely love a new position, but does that same position excite your partner too? Every time you do something new, or even trying a new variation of something old, ask your partner if they like what you’re doing. Asking questions in bed is sexy and moaning and gasping affirmatives is sexier.

Talk in bed and constantly learn about each other’s preferences, likes and dislikes as you’re making love to each other. By doing that, you’ll only end up getting better each time both of you have sex. [Read: How to fantasize in bed]

Make some noise

There’s nothing sexier than those lust laden gasps and low whispers while talking to each other in bed. Making noise also lets your partner know that they’re doing something you enjoy. Sometimes, the heavy weight of silence can be a turn off too. So learn to listen to each other’s breathing and words while making love. It’ll enhance the pleasure for both of you. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed]

Surprise your partner

The missionary may be comfortable, but you need to do something now and then to keep the excitement alive in bed. By doing the same thing time and again, you’d just end up taking the passionate lovemaking and turning it into a chore. Bring a bit of excitement now and then. Blindfold your partner, talk dirty, use a handcuff, role play, do whatever it takes to increase the sexual excitement and keep both of you on a sexual high, for years and years to come.

Don’t stick to the bed

Having sex on the bed is relaxing, comfortable and perfect. But whenever you feel like it, take it around the house. While a kitchen counter or a bathroom may feel sexy at the beginning, it may not always seem like such a fun idea after being together for a while. So keep the changes easy to handle and create unique ways to keep the excitement alive. [Read: Sexy places to have sex]

Watch porn in the living room and have sex on the couch. Pull the curtains aside just a bit and have sex by the window. Try new things, but instead of worrying about bringing the fun back into something you’ve been doing for ages, bring an exciting new twist to the same thing. [Read: Public flashing confessions]

Have different types of sex

Moving away from the bed is a great start to reawakening the lusty desire in you, but can you take it further? Of course, you can. Always look for innovative ways to excite your mind and make sex feel a lot sexier. There are a lot of acts you can indulge in that can create sexual memories that can last a lifetime. Even talking about it while having sex can make you feel oh-so-horny! Read about the different types of sex that fall in this list here.

Slip in a quickie now and then

You don’t always have to have elaborate sex just to have great sex. Sometimes, just forcing yourself to make the whole act of sex last forever can be a turn off.

If you ever do hit a wall or find that you feel like sex is more hard work and less fun, learn to deal with the slump by innovating on the sex. Every now and then, just indulge in a quickie even if you have all the time in the world. When sex starts to last for less than a few minutes for a few times, it’ll invariably make you start craving for longer sex all over again.

Having quick sex may seem hasty and selfish, but over the course of a few days, it’ll make both of you want more and that can help bring back the great sex into the bedroom. [Read: What men want in bed]

Your partner’s orgasm before yours

If you want to know how to have great sex all the time, then focus on your partner’s pleasures just as much as you focus on yours. Don’t finish yourself up or orgasm without letting your partner know that you’re on the verge of reaching for the sky. Communicate and always let each other know how long you intend it to last. It’ll help prepare both of you for a great ending.

Always remember to think of your partner’s orgasm before yours. To enjoy great sex, you have to realize that the satisfaction of both partners is more important than anything else. Communicate in bed and orgasm together if you can. There’s no better sex than great sex that ends together. [Read: How to seduce a man who’s not yours]

[Read: How to dress for sex]

So now that you know how to have great sex with your lover, go on and work these moves. You’ll realize how much better sex can be as soon as you follow these steps!

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