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13 Homemade Sex Toys You Have to Try: Solo Play or with a Lover

Sometimes you’re not necessarily close to your collection of sex toys or maybe you don’t have any. Well, get creative and learn about homemade sex toys.

homemade sex toys

Remember when there was a time when you couldn’t even utter the words, sex toy, without people looking at you as if you had a problem? Well, thank god those days are long gone. But if you need one in a pinch, try these homemade sex toys.

Sex toys have lost their taboo and have now become a popular accessory in the bedroom. Anal beads, vibrators, dildos, you name it, someone somewhere is using it. Which is great. After you’ve been with someone for a while, of course, the sex starts to become a tad routine. With sex toys, you’re able to explore not only yourself but your partner and experiment with each other’s sexual energy.

Your DIY guide to homemade sex toys

Now, some people order sex toys online while others like to go to sex shops and go through the whole experience of picking out a toy together. Neither is good or bad, it really just depends on what you prefer. Though, what if I told you, you can make your own sex toys? Yeah, I know you’re probably wondering how that works, well, that’s why I’m here, people!

Making your own homemade sex toy can be a really fun experience. So make these sex toys with a little extra love. 

#1 Ice cubes. Maybe you tried it, maybe it’s completely new to you but many sex toys can be found right in your freezer. You can experiment with temperature play, stimulating you or your partner’s nerve endings using ice cubes. You can even add flavoring to the ice, making it a little tastier for when it’s in your mouth. [Read: Blindfold sex – 14 sensual ways to use blindfolds in bed]

#2 The Fifi. This is a male sex toy which is one of the easiest and most efficient sex toys for men. Yeah, you can buy one but why not try to make it yourself? All you need is a rubber glove, a towel, and lubricant.

Essentially, you roll the towel up *make sure the hole in the middle of the towel is tight*, place the glove inside, and add the lubricant to the inside of the glove. And there you go, go wild. [Read: 15 lubricants hiding in your kitchen]

#3 Open your fridge. A fridge is a magical place for homemade sex toys. You may have thought that this was just a myth but don’t be fooled, this is no myth. If your fridge is full of bananas and cucumbers, you’re already set with more than enough sex toys. Just give them a proper wash and slip a condom on for safe measure. Fruits and vegetables are great because they vary in shape and size. [Read: Homemade dildos for when the moment strikes unexpectedly]

#4 The shower head. And you spent all this time having a shower just to clean yourself? The shower head is a great accessory if you’re in need of a vibrator. You have full mobility of the shower head and direct it right on your clit and play with the water pressure. You can be standing up, laying down in the tub–you have complete control. Plus, if your partner’s watching, it’s hot.

#5 A back massager. If you’re lucky enough to have a back massager at your home, you can double it as a vibrator. Okay, of course, you cannot insert the back massager into your vagina, however, you’ll be able to rub your clit on it. Plus, you can change the angles and vibration levels so, you have more control. [Read: 10 masturbation toys way better than your hand]

#7 Hair ties. Okay, you may be wondering where this is going, but trust me, even a hair tie can become a sex toy. You can actually use hair ties as a cock ring. It helps hold the erection and keep the blood where it needs to be. And you only thought you could use it for ponytails, not anymore!

#8 Washing machine. Who says you can’t take advantage of your washing machine when you do a load? Don’t waste time! While you have a load of laundry in the washing machine, take advantage of this vibrator. You can sit on, touching yourself on your own, or you can use it as foreplay with your partner.

#9 Good ole belt. Not everyone has rope available for some light bondage. And, when you’re in the mood to tie someone up, you usually don’t want to put in the time to try to find some rope. I mean, you’re in the moment! Time is of the essence! So, just pull out some belts. They work exceptionally well when you need some rope. [Read:The right way to get risqué in the bedroom]

#10 Whip. Usually, when you sporadically decide to use a whip, you don’t have one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise and use a makeshift one. But what does that mean exactly? Well, open your kitchen drawer and pull out a spatula. There you go, you have your whip for the evening.

#11 Anal beads, anyone? If you’re in need of some anal beads then you’re in luck. You probably actually have a pair of anal beads lying around your house. You know what Mardi Gras beads are? Well, you can easily use them as a colorful pair of anal beads. Just make sure you give them a good wash beforehand.

#12 Ball gag. Sometimes you want to play around with a little BDSM but you’re not prepared with the right equipment. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a whole kit for BDSM. If you’re in need of a ball gag, you can use a pair of panties from your room. Just roll them up into a ball and shove them in your mouth. If you’re worried about hygiene, then get a clean pair, problem solved! [Read: BDSM tips and tricks for the curious first timer]

#13 Feathers. Heighten your senses and your partner’s senses with feathers. If you have a feather duster laying around or a cat toy with some feathers attached, use it instead. It’ll feel amazing on your skin, stimulating your nerves and make you even more aroused.

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Now that you know how to make your own homemade sex toys, have fun and experiment with them. They can be either for your own solo adventure or with your partner.

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