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12 Fun Ways to Masturbate & Experience Pleasure in a Whole New Way

Masturbation is something we should all be doing as a part of self-care. But, it’s fun to switch things up and test out new and fun ways to masturbate.

fun ways to masturbate

What can I say? No one hands you a masturbation guide when you hit puberty. Instead, you learn the hard way. And once you figure out how to masturbate, you usually stick to the routine. Why change something that works? But that also means you could be missing out on other fun ways to masturbate.

When it comes to masturbation, it’s a topic that’s sometimes seen as taboo. Sure, maybe you bring it up with your closest friends, but more likely than not, you figure out what to do by watching porn or locking yourself in your bedroom when everyone’s asleep at night.

Fun ways to masturbate and experience real self-pleasure

Whether you’re new to masturbation or you just want to switch things up, you’ve come to the right place. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to when it comes to experiencing fun ways to masturbate. When it comes to touching yourself, there’s no need to be serious and stay inside the box.

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Instead, have fun with masturbation and look for different ways to arouse yourself. I mean, if you don’t know what turns you on, then no one else will. So, let’s look at some of the different ways you can pleasure yourself.

Remember, have fun with touching yourself.

#1 Be in the mood. Before anything else, you shouldn’t force yourself to masturbate. If you’re not in the mood then don’t push it. Give yourself some time to relax and when the feeling is right, go for it.

When it comes to masturbation, it’s something that’s done out of pleasure, not out of force. So, rule number one: masturbate when you feel like it. [Read: How to finger yourself and feel ecstasy]

#2 Karaoke masturbation. You can thank the Japanese for this one. There’s actually a game show in Japan where contestants win a penis-shaped cake by the time the song ends, while getting a hand job and singing. Well, why not do this in real life? Whether you have a vagina or penis, put on your favorite song and see if you can beat the clock.

#3 Use a sex toy. Many of us use our hands when we’re masturbating, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your hands are great tools for masturbation. But, every now and then, you want a change. Using a vibrator or dildo can be a fun way to amp up your masturbation session. Plus, if you have a vagina, using a sex toy can help you with clitoral stimulation. [Read: The 15 most common types of sex toys you should know about]

#4 Have a masturbation staycation. You’ve heard of people have staycations in their own home, well, why not have a masturbation staycation? On your holiday, stay at home, buy a couple of sex toys, watch porn, listen to an erotic podcast, and spend the weekend in bed masturbating.

#5 Use a mirror. You read right. You probably didn’t think about using a mirror while you masturbate, but it’s a different and fun way to explore your body. Plus, if you were ever wondering what your genitals looked like from a different angle, well, now’s your chance.

#6 Try edging. When we masturbate, we have one goal: orgasm. But what if you teased yourself? Sure, you want to have an orgasm, but try to deny it. That’s right. Just when you’re about to orgasm, stop completely. This is called edging and can be very pleasurable. The reasoning is that by creating built-up tension when you do release yourself, your orgasm will be mind blowing. [Read: Sizzling ways to control your orgasm with edging]

#7 It’s shower time. If you have a hand-held shower head, well, you’ve hit the jackpot. If you have a vagina, place the shower head on the vulva. The pulsating sensation will help you reach an orgasm as it’s touching a very sensitive part of the body.

#8 Fruits and veggies. If you haven’t tried before, then why not give the old fruit and veggie masturbation technique a try? Of course, you’ll need to put a condom on anything you use. It’s important to keep your body clean and healthy. But a cucumber can add some fun, plus, you can make a salad out of it right after. [Read: Homemade dildos for when the moment strikes unexpectedly]

#9 Mutual masturbation. If your partner is hanging around, why not try out mutual masturbation. At first, it can be a little intimidating because we usually masturbate alone. So, sitting across from your partner and masturbating may seem odd at first. But after a couple of seconds, it’s very, very hot.

#10 Have butt fun. We always forget our butts. But whether you have a vagina or penis, anal play can be extremely stimulating. If you’re using a toy or your hands, insert a finger or butt plug into your anus. For men, you’ll hit the g-spot, and that will rock your world.

#11 Start fantasizing. We have a lot of things on our mind which interfere when it comes time to masturbate. But this is the time where you should be going into your head and pulling out your deepest fantasies. Whether it’s girl-on-girl, same-sex, or furries, get yourself going by using your imagination. [Read: How to have sex with yourself and learn what turns your body on]

#12 Try new places. You know the old saying, location, location, location. You may masturbate in your bedroom or shower, but why not switch it up? Of course, don’t masturbate in front of a school—be smart. But if you’re walking through the forest or in your car, test it out. Just don’t do it where anyone can see you. If that happens, you can get into big trouble.

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Who said masturbation has to happen in one way? There are many fun ways to masturbate. Test them out and see which ones suit you.

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