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Stop Ignoring Erogenous Zones – The Perfect Neck Kisses

Spice up your sex life and stop ignoring those erogenous zones! Specifically, we’re talking about the sensual neck area and how to kiss it perfectly.

Neck Kisses

Vampires may just be on to something. Those well-versed in sexual neck kisses know exactly how these caressing, sucking, kissing, and biting sensations can affect their partner. Neck foreplay, anyone? Both men and women commonly list the neck as one of their top erogenous zones.

This means that neck kisses, when done right, have the capability of instantly dousing your partner in ecstasy, which is why we’re looking at how to give your lover the perfect neck kisses.

Whether you’ve been with your partner ten times or a hundred, it’s safe to say that there are some foolproof places you can touch them that’ll gain some sure-fire results *ahem, the penis and the clit*. However, there are some pleasurable cousins to these special areas, which are sometimes referred to as “erogenous zones.” [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive women crazy in bed]

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that respond in the form of sexual stimulation. These areas commonly include the lips, ears, feet, inner thighs, shoulders, and… the neck! Did we mention that these are all fantastic foreplay areas you should definitely try? [Read: Erogenous zones for men – 8 secret zones to touch your guy]

Giving the perfect neck kisses

Given that the neck is an erogenous zone responsible for fantastic sexual feelings, why is it so often ignored? We’re diving in and showing you tips for the perfect neck kisses and how to do them.

#1 Start slowly. Nobody likes to be rushed! Start at the lips, then work down the cheek, chin, neck, and further down south if the mood strikes you! The skin on the neck is thinner than on the rest of the body, making it more sensitive to gentler touches. This makes the neck and nape a great place to begin your foreplay, even if your partner hasn’t become aroused yet.

#2 Be gentle. Gentle kissing is the best way to begin your foray into neck-play. Give your partner soft, full-bodied kisses and let them feel the warmth of your mouth. This can be a great turn-on during both foreplay and intercourse. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips you can ever use in bed]

#3 Move around. Don’t be shy—use the whole area! From the chin down to the décolletage *the neckline, shoulders, and upper chest*, your partner’s neck and nape should be your playground for kisses. All of these regions are super sensitive to light kisses, so don’t leave any of them out!

#4 Blow on it. Since the neck is so super sensitive, even something like your breath on your partner’s neck can send them into a bout of pleasure. Remember, this doesn’t have to be done strictly during foreplay. Simply lean down into the crook of your partner’s neck as you’re going at it, and let your breath do the work for you.

#5 Go hot and cold. For some, playing with temperature in the bedroom is one of the most exciting sensations to experience. During oral sex, some couples choose to sip from hot water or suck on a cold ice cube before *ahem* pleasuring their lover. The same technique can be applied to those sweet little neck kisses. Have some temperature sensitive aides on hand for your tongue and get ready to test your partner’s response to these exciting kisses!

#6 Change up the pressure. When you are kissing, biting, and sucking your partner’s neck, go ahead and switch up the pressure you’re using. Changing from soft, sensual licks and nips to a more passionate suck or lick is a great way to keep your technique feeling fresh. [Read: 12 super sexy tips for that perfect smooch every time]

#7 Feel free to experiment and play with your kissing style. Can you French-kiss a neck, even though it won’t tongue you back? Sure, you can! Let your tongue come out to play and gently dot it against your lover’s skin. This sensation is made extra steamy when the air hits the wet spot. Get ready for some sensually charged goosebumps!

#8 Read your partner for cues. As with most other sexual trysts, you’ll want to listen to your partner’s verbal and physical reactions to your kisses to gauge whether or not you’re hitting that sweet spot. Good signs include moaning, grinding against you, heavy breathing, and any movements that encourage you to keep going, like holding your head in that area or moving their neck closer to you. Bad signs would be a lack of verbal reaction or any overt attempts to get you to leave the area. [Read: 11 sexiest hot spots to kiss a woman and leave her feeling weak]

Be careful to avoid these neck no-no’s

#1 Biting. While at the onset, we mentioned that vampires may be on to something, that still doesn’t mean you are a fanged undead, so stop all the neck biting! A little nip here and there is totally sexy, but a full-on bite is more likely to get you banished from the neck region than have your partner moaning in ecstasy.

#2 Hickeys. While hickeys may have been the ultimate show of your sexual prowess as a teenager, as an adult, it simply means you haven’t a clue how to use your mouth in the bedroom. Creating a hickey is done by sucking in the same spot for too long, and they’re quite ugly and can hurt. Do your lover a favor and skip this high school faux pas. [Read: 8 ingenious ways to get rid of a hickey really fast]

#3 Too much licking. While licking is usually a highly favored and absolutely tantalizing element of sexual play, try to remember that you are out to seduce your partner, not give them a bath!

Neck kisses are enticing, sensual, and often make for the perfect tease. Giving the perfect neck kiss is also a fantastic way to encourage your partner to beg for more.

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Erogenous zones are always worth the effort and can definitely spice up a boring sex routine. Learn how to give the perfect neck kisses, and we can guarantee your lover is going to be spoiling you rotten for weeks to come.

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