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Sexy Couples On The Beach

We’ve all seen couples on the beach, but what can couples really do on the beach to arouse each other and increase their sexual intimacy? Find out here.

sexy couples beach

Now, these are ten points guaranteed to rekindle each other’s sex appeal and desire. We highly recommend that you read the first five tips for couples to have naughty fun on the beach before reading these next five tips.

Tips for naughty couples on the beach

Now that you’ve read the first five pointers on how couples on the beach can have a lot of sexual fun and reignite their sexual desires, here are five bolder moves that are guaranteed to set those bed sheets on fire.

And hey, you’re going to feel a lot sexier and desirous too!

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#6 Flirt with others in beach parties

This may sound crazy, but it has a logical answer. One of the most important things to keep sexual desires and passion alive is sexual competition. A partner that attracts the attention of the opposite sex is desired a lot more than one who attracts less attention.

As the loving relationship between a couple plateaus over the years, the sexual interest in each other drops down because of the lack of competition and the partners actually start to stray and get attracted to other people in their workplaces who get more attention from the opposite sex.

By flirting and having fun on the beach, not only are both of you feeling more confident, you’re also making yourselves more desirable in front of your partner. Can having fun on the beach get any better? [Read: 10 naughty tips to seduce a man who’s not yours]

#7 Start skinny dipping

A nice cool dip in the nude is a huge turn on for anyone. You could indulge in this with your partner, or both of you could do this with a group of close friends.

The weird fact about our bodies and human psychology is that we spend so many years covering ourselves up, that we don’t understand the sexual excitement of showing ourselves in the nude to others, until we start showing them off and realizing how good looking and sexy we actually are! [Read: Tips to start skinny dipping]

#8 Nipple slips and tiny shorts

Wearing a skimpy bikini in the waters, or a deep neckline at a cocktail party on the beach? A bit of a nipple slip when others least expect it, or a topless cuddle on a beach with your partner with very few people around can do wonders for your libido. The fact that you excite others around you itself can be a huge turn on that can give you years of great sex and confidence.

Even giving a waiter who’s taking orders at a restaurant a small peek can turn on not just you, but your partner too. After all, it’s sexy, makes you desirable and is so much fun! [Read: How to start fantasizing about someone else with your partner]

#9 Take nude or semi nude photos of each other

While you’re out having fun on a beach, take a few very revealing photos of each other when you get the opportunity. If there are people around, it really should make no difference.

If you’re feeling awkward about it, ask a male waiter who comes for room service to take a picture when the girlfriend’s wearing some very revealing nightwear, or get a girl to take a picture when the boyfriend’s wrapped a tiny towel around the waist. Basically, do something that will help you realize and understand how sexy each of you really are, and how you’re attracting the attention of other people of the opposite sex. [Read: Tips to take good looking nude photos]

# 10 Have sex when someone’s watching

Have you ever tried this? You really won’t understand how arousing this can be until you try it.

You could do this with the nightlight on and the curtains wide apart in your beachside villa. Or if you’ve got close friends who are also attractive, you could play sexual truth or dare or some drinking game, and slowly take it to having sex with each other in front of another couple. We’re not telling you that you have to know how to start swinging, we’re just telling you to have a bit of fun with your bodies, and start feeling sexy and rekindle that passion while you’re having fun on the beach.

Now some of these couples on the beach tips may feel like they’re over the top or just a wee bit too bold. But that’s alright, the choices are to each their own.  You can indulge in a few or all of these activities, whatever gets your horny adrenaline pumping.

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Use these tips and have fun, the sexy couples on the beach way, and you’ll see how you can rekindle those lusty desires in no time!

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