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8 Best Sex Positions for Men with Smaller Penises

Are you on the smaller size of average? Never fear! There are lots of positions to try that won’t make either of you feel like something’s missing!

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The media makes a big stink about size: bigger boobs, bigger spending, upsize that combo. And sorry to say, your penis is definitely included in that “big” conversation. With all the talk about big dicks and “size matters,” you may start to feel embarrassed about your sexual prowess – but don’t be!

First of all, most women would rather have someone on the smaller size than risk ripping their uterus for an 11″ rocket, so if you’re worried your girlfriend is looking for Gigantor, put those fears to rest. If you’re below average in the penis department, don’t freak out. It’s all about knowing how to use what you’ve got. [Read: Does size really matter that much to women?]

The best sex positions for men with a smaller package

For those on the smaller side, great sex is all about finding the right positions that are tight and secure. Fun and challenging as they seem, you’re not going to want to be in crazy positions where your penis is prone to slip out or ones that don’t make her vagina feel filled up. We’re looking at 8 positions that’ll have you both banging to your hearts delight, size be damned!

#1 Doggy style. Aside from the oddly socially acceptable name, doggy style is one of the definite fun and naughty sex positions that just makes you feel like a dirty boy getting it on with your equally naughty girlfriend. It’s also one of those magical positions that will make your penis feel bigger than it actually is.

That’s because doggy style allows for fantastically deep penetration and gives you complete control. Use the classic face down doggy position, or have your partner lay flat on her stomach and enter her from behind. A definite win/win! [Read: 9 ways to make the doggy style your new favorite sex position]

#2 Reverse cowgirl. Get your girl on top in this reverse cowgirl position. This position is basically girl on top with her spun in the opposite direction. By having her grind you instead of bouncing up and down, she’ll be able to get some fantastic clitoral stimulation while never having to risk coming too far up and squashing your most prized possession!

For a great variation of reverse cowgirl, enter your girlfriend in the reverse cowgirl position, but then have her extend her arms to your calves, and her legs to your shoulders. This will allow for deeper penetration. P.S. You’ll get a great view of her behind! [Read: 18 ways girl on top can be so much hotter]

#3 Spooning, legs up! So it’s not the most exciting-sounding position, but it is a very romantic position that’s great for those men who edge toward the small side. Start off in the spooning position, and then move both of her legs up, almost like the fetal position. This will narrow the vaginal canal and help prevent slippage.

#4 Doggy mountain. Similar to doggy style, prop your lady love’s torso and arms face down on a sturdy stack of pillows, and enter her from behind. Try to lean forward, touching your front to her back. The pillows act as a great prop to keep the two of you stable, allowing your hands to go wandering to her clit and breasts. To get even tighter penetration, have your girlfriend squeeze her thighs together while you thrust!

#5 Cowgirl slide. Have your girl get on top, and penetrate her. Once you’re securely in, have her lean forward, so her breasts are against your chest, and have her extend her legs downward so she’s completely sprawled out on top of you. This allows for tighter penetration, and great clit stimulation if she rocks up and down as you penetrate her. [Read: Big Vs. Small: Why bigger isn’t always better for women]

#6 The butterfly. This position is flirtatious, adventurous, and feels oh-so-good for both partners. With you standing, have your girlfriend lay on her back on a table or mattress that’s lower than your groin. Grab her bum and tilt her up until she’s high enough for you to penetrate her. This tilted angle allows for great G-spot penetration, and if she squeezes her thighs, you’ll actually get a tighter thrust, and she’ll feel way more filled up than before.

#7 Legs on shoulders. Enter her in missionary position, and put her legs up on your shoulders. This allows you to take total control and thrust in deeper. Many women love this position as well, as you are free to play with her clit or grind your pelvis against it, all while stimulating her G-spot. Plus, if you’re into feet, this a fun and sexy position for a little toe sucking! [Read: 22 easy and effortless ways to have more success with women]

#8 Splitting bamboo. Remember, the closer you can get your pelvises, the better! Conquering the small penis position means allowing for the deepest penetration possible. For this position, have your girlfriend lie on her back with one leg flat on the bed and the other bent upwards. Straddle her thigh and penetrate her, lifting her other leg up over your shoulder. This will allow for extra pressure sensations and deep thrusting.

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Last but not Least – be confident!

Your attitude will have everything to do with how your sexual performance is portrayed to your partner. Alright, so you’re not exactly the “tallest man” – who cares? If you appear confident about your skills, even if you’re just faking it, odds are, your girlfriend isn’t going to think twice about how big or small you are. [Read: What do women really think of your penis?]

Make the saying “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean!” true by educating yourself on what sexual positions will and won’t work for your particular “in-the-pants” circumstances. Show your girl you’re a capable lover, and show her you know exactly what to do to pleasure both you and her.

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