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10 Arousing Movie Sex Scenes to Warm Up for a Night of Sex

Looking to get in the mood for an evening romp? We’ve rounded up 10 sizzling movie sex scenes to get you all hot, bothered and in the mood.

best movie sex scenes

While people like having sex, there is a different and sometimes superior kind of pleasure derived from watching other people engage in the act. You don’t need to go to great lengths, such as attending a live sex show or peeping into a couple’s private moment; cinema will readily provide that kind of entertainment for you.

Sex has been a fixture in cinema for decades and it is here to stay. Just imagine your favorite romantic blockbuster with all the cheesy drama…but without the intimate moments. Evolving public taste and screenwriter creativity has changed how sex is portrayed in the movies. Before, you could expect shock and outrage at the slight baring of skin, but now people easily get bored with the regular Hollywood lovemaking. Good news, though: producers always know how to deliver to their ever-demanding consumers.

Erotic scenes to get you going

Today, we give you a roundup of several interesting sex scenes in cinema. If you and your partner are cinephiles and find yourselves with nothing to do, pop in the DVDs, and get yourself educated with this repertoire of erotically-charged scenes in both mainstream and independent cinema.

#1 First-time sex in White Bird in a Blizzard (2014). Having sex for the first time is memorable for most people. This has been a common theme in most coming-of-age films, and White Bird in a Blizzard gives an interesting portrayal of such sexual awakening. The film is about teenager Kat Connors *portrayed by Shailene Woodley* as she discovers her sexuality and her first taste of a relationship amidst a mystery that surrounds her family.

The scene: Despite the film being a suspense-thriller riddled with flashbacks for the most of its run, the main treat comes when Kat finally has sex with her handsome, yet dimwitted boyfriend, Phil *Shiloh Fernandez* after numerous and wild make-out encounters that culminated inside her bedroom. The scene where they’re laying naked in bed, nearing the point of no return, both pause and the guy asks, “Are you sure about this?” perfectly portrays what first-time sex is like. [Read: First time sex: 7 myths girls should stop believing]

#2 Hover ship sex in Watchmen (2009). Watchmen is a superhero film set during the most tense moments during the Cold War, where a group of retired superheroes find themselves in danger of being eliminated as part of a great conspiracy. Several members of the group decide to leave their civilian life and don their old costumes again as they rediscover old conflicts, rekindle relationships, and deal with the danger ahead of them.

The scene: The scene involves two Watchmen members, Silk Spectre *Malin Akerman* and Nite Owl *Patrick Wilson* inside the latter’s advanced flying ship. The night before they rescue a comrade, they decide to spend an intimate moment involving stripping off their costumes and messing with the ship’s controls as they do it in different positions inside a hovering craft floating above the city. The scene is culminated when Silk Spectre accidentally pushes a button in the console, causing the craft to shoot out a jet of fire, resulting in a euphemistic fireworks display for the onlookers below them.

#3 Pottery foreplay in Ghost (1990). Ghost provides one of the most iconic movie sex scenes of all time. The film is about the earthbound spirit of Sam *Patrick Swayze* as he protects his girlfriend, Molly *Demi Moore* from a conspiracy that got him killed. The film’s romantic theme comes from Sam’s efforts to cope with his ghostly existence and find a way to spend time with Molly.

The scene: The movie is popular for the scene where Patrick Swayze comes in and spoon-ambushes Demi Moore as he interrupts her from her pottery work with tickles, seductive whispering, ear nibbles, and the ultimate sabotage of her work to form a phallic lump of clay. The actual sex happened later, but nobody can argue with the beauty and tenderness of clay-caked foreplay done during a playback of Unchained Melody. [Read: 11 date night movies to get your partner in a naughty mood]

#4 A different first-time sex scene in Blue is the Warmest Color (2013). If you want another form of groping-in-the-dark *pun not intended* kind of first-time sex, you should definitely watch Blue is the Warmest Color. This movie is about the discovery of the sexual identity of a French teenager named Adele *Adele Exarchopoulos* and her relationship with Emma *Lea Seydoux*. The film is known—and criticized—for its portrayal of lesbian sex, with one of three scenes running for more than seven minutes.

The scene: True to the beauty of firsts, the older Emma guides Adele into her first-time experience of girl-on-girl action. Sure, Adele is no virgin, but she is a lesbian virgin. The scene itself is pretty straightforward, and we won’t delve much into the details.

#5 Final threesome in Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001). Y Tu Mama Tambien is a Mexican film about a couple of teenage boys, Julio *Gael Garcia Bernal* and Tenoch *Diego Luna* and their road trip to a fictional beach they invented to seduce newlywed Julia *Maribel Verdu*. The movie itself screams cougar fantasies, with numerous sex scenes between Julia and the two boys.

The scene: While the plot is conducive to erotic encounters, the final part got the two boys into a jealous conflict over their amorous advances toward the older Julia. Julia discovers the deception and refuses to have sex with the two boys. In the final scene, in a hotel room after a night of drinks, the three reconcile and engage in a drunken threesome where the two boys kiss while Julia gives them both oral sex. [Read: The step-by-step guide to inviting someone to join you for a threesome]

#6 “Make me feel good” scene in Monster’s Ball (2001). Monster’s Ball follows the story of a retired prison guard, Hank *Billy Bob Thornton* and Leticia *Halle Berry*, who was widowed after the execution of her husband. The movie narrates how they entered into a relationship, despite their circumstances—one of which is the racism within Hank’s family.

The scene: Leticia, being miserable from the loss of her husband and son, along with her financial problems, goes into an alcohol-infused sexual frenzy with Hank in his living room while moaning “make me feel good.” Hank, who has a thing for her, reciprocates, and they rough up the living room with a raw, graphic sexual display. It is important to note that this is the first film that convinced actress Halle Berry to do a fully-nude sex scene.

#7 Floor defloration in The Dreamers (2003). Threesomes are hot, but the film Dreamers takes it to a new level with a kinky, incestuous twist. The film is about the American student Matthew *Michael Pitt* and his introduction to the hedonistic adventures of free-spirited twins, Theo *Louis Garrell* and Isabelle *Eva Green*. As Matthew continues to live with them, he develops an infatuation with Isabelle, but keeps it to himself, going so far as to keep a photo of her in his underwear.

The scene: The movie itself is rife with erotic scenes and implied sex between the twins *one scene shows Matthew catching the twins sleeping naked together*. The best scene, however, is when Isabelle discovers Matthew’s feelings for her and, after giving chase, he and Isabelle get naked and have sex on the kitchen floor as Theo watches them while cooking breakfast.

#8 Limbless sex scene in Rust and Bone (2012). Rust and Bone follows the story of Ali *Matthias Schoenaerts*, a single dad working as a bouncer and a prize fighter, and Stephanie *Marion Cotillard*, a former Marine Park employee who is recovering from an accident which took both her legs.

The scene: In one scene in the film, Ali and Stephanie engage in casual sex in order for her to adjust to her new body. While that is really one altruistic reason to get some, their relationship evolves into one involving more casual sex. Just don’t pay much attention to the CGI effects, which renders Marion Cotillard’s legs invisible on screen, and enjoy how the actors managed to portray sex with one of them lacking both legs.

#9 Pretty much every scene in 9 Songs (2004). The film’s title comes from the nine live concert tracks recorded in between the scenes featuring Matt *Kieran O’Brien* and Lisa *Margo Stilley*. The film describes the relationship between the two in the course of nine months, and shows mostly unsimulated sex in between song intermissions.

The scene: The whole film has a lot of sex scenes, so it can be difficult to pick one. However, the one that stands out is the partially bondage-themed scene, where Matt blindfolds and restrains Lisa on the bedframe and softly oils her whole body, while asking her to imagine a fantasy scenario he wants her to be in. Lisa is shown to enjoy the foreplay until she couldn’t hold it much longer, and asked Matt to have sex with her. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

#10 Foodie sex in Diet of Sex (2014). This Spanish production is a relative newcomer to our list of erotic films with enticing sex scenes. Diet of Sex is the story of a young married couple, Agata *Raquel Martinez* and Marc *Marc Rodriguez* as they deal with Agata’s non-enjoyment of normal sex. They both consult a specialist, who advises them to use Agata’s fascination with cooking to spice up their sex life.

The scenes: This movie has a lot of good sex scenes, which feature explicit sexual intercourse. The main motif is the use of culinary settings as a means of foreplay. One of the scenes depict the couple literally playing with food and garnishing each other’s bodies like a birthday cake before they engage in hot, steamy sex. After their various experiments with sensuous cooking, Agata overcomes her problem and they celebrate by having raw, unsimulated sex on an abandoned beach.

In the end, it all boils down to this: people love sex, especially in celluloid. While it could be tossed aside as fake sex between paid actors, it is sex where the director has complete control. In other words, it is artistic, beautiful, and ideal. It makes a big difference, because real-life sex is not always pretty; it could end badly, or not happen at all.

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While a hot-bodied naked person in front of you or a sultry caress can turn you on, watching a well-choreographed movie sex scene awakens not only urges, but romantic passion and bedroom creativity that could tip the scales into a more awesome sexual experience.

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