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12 Anal Sex Positions that Make Backdoor Sex Feel So Darn Good!

There’s no need to fear anal sex, if done right it feels absolutely amazing. All you need to do is be in the right position – anal sex positions that is.

anal sex positions

Anal sex, for many people, is a frightening thought. Maybe they had a bad experience or heard horror stories from their friends. And guess what happens after that? They don’t want to have anal sex again. I completely understand. A bad anal sex experience is like that one night where you drank too much tequila. Now just seeing a bottle of it makes you gag. But what if you just needed to change the anal sex positions for a better experience?

Maybe it’s worth a second try with our tips below.

Anal sex positions that’ll rock your world

There’s always the same reaction when it comes to anal sex. If it’s good it’s good, but if it’s bad, it’s really bad. But it’s time to try it again. So, you had one bad experience, maybe you were not prepared or your partner wasn’t experienced. These things all come into play. It’s time you gave the ol’ anal sex another try.

There are some anal sex positions that increases the pleasure for both of you, and you need to know which ones they are. It’s time for a fresh start.

#1 Doggy style. Everyone loves a good doggy-style. However, remember the guy has the most control while in this position. If this is your first time doing it, try another position.

But, if you’re in the moment and happen to end up doing doggy-style, make sure you communicate to your partner, letting them know if they go too fast or too slow. You’ll be on all fours, with your ass in the air. [Read: How to spice up the bedroom: 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

#2 Cowgirl. While you’re straddling your partner cowgirl-style, you slowly let your partner enter you. This is a great first-time position because you hold all the control. Remember, do it at a speed and depth that makes you feel comfortable and stimulated. Anal sex shouldn’t be a painful experience.

#3 Posterior plank. Now you won’t actually plank *that sounds like my nightmare*. However, you’ll be laying down on your stomach with your partner entering you from behind. This position is ideal if you kinda feel lazy because your partner is going to be doing all of the work. [Read: The curious guy’s and girl’s guide to first time anal sex]

#4 Face to face. If you want some intimacy while having anal sex, give this position a try. Sit on your partner’s lap, facing towards them. Then, you slide their penis into you. You control the depth and speed. Plus, this position stimulates the breasts and clitoris, so it’s a three-in-one. [Read: Does anal sex have to be painful? The ass lover’s guide]

#5 Lean on me. Got a chair? A sofa? A table? Anything you can lean on? Though it looks easy, it’s not and shouldn’t be done if this is your first time. Why? Because you have very little control while in this anal sex position. He’ll be the one deciding how deep and fast to go.

What you do is literally lean over a chair while he enters you from behind. So, if you’re having anal sex with someone you trust, I would recommend this one. It feels amazing.

#6 Inversion booty. You’ll need some flexibility for this one. Swing your legs over his shoulders and have him enter you from a slightly upward angle. What’s great about this position is that he has his genitals against your clitoris, so you’ll have double stimulation. [Read: 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try out]

#7 Side anal. While you lay on your side, your partner comes and enters you from behind. You won’t be looking at your partner. However, that doesn’t mean they ignore your front. In fact, they like having something to hold on to. Ask your partner to rub your clitoris or nipples.

#8 Bodyguard. This is another intimate anal sex position which makes you feel closer to your partner. You both stand up with your back facing your partner. Your partner, from behind, enters you. Your partner will have their arms wrapped around you which is what gives it that intimate sensation. [Read: 15 ways to go from ordinary sex to romantic fantasy]

#9 The cross. This isn’t the most comfortable position, but it feels good. I wouldn’t do this for my first time though. You’ll be laying on your stomach on your bed. Your partner then lies over you, however, diagonally, making a cross shape. They’ll be using their hands for support as they enter inside you.

#10 Pearly gates. If you’re looking for another intimate sex position, well, this is one of them. The Pearly Gates is actually really intimate and beautiful. Your partner lays down on their back with their legs slightly spread for stability. You then lie on top of him so he can enter from behind. He uses his hands to stimulate your clitoris or breasts.

#11 The lap dance. Who doesn’t like getting a lap dance? Exactly. You’ll be doing all the work in the position. But your partner’s going to love it. They sit on a chair or sofa with their legs spread open. You sit on him with your back facing him as he enters you. This position really does look like you’re giving a lap dance. [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance he’ll never ever forget]

#12 Tantric yab yum. Okay, ignore the name. This position is yoga-inspired, but it’s pretty sexy. Your partner sits with their legs crossed. You sit on their lap, wrapping your legs around their body as they enter inside you. It’s supposed to be a slower moving position and more intimate.

[Read: How to prepare for anal sex: A beginner’s guidebook]

See? Who said anal sex was supposed to be rough and animalistic? If that’s the only memory you have of it, give these anal sex positions a try. You’ll change your mind about anal sex completely.

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