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What Are Bedroom Eyes? How to Master the Art of Seductive Eyes

We hear about them all the time, but what are bedroom eyes exactly? Is it possible to learn how to master them for yourself for extra seduction power?

What Are Bedroom Eyes

Okay, let’s get to the bottom of some great seduction power by answering, what are bedroom eyes?

What is your go-to seduction technique? Are you all about the words, or do you opt for a little subtle body language? It turns out that seduction isn’t all about the clothes you wear and the things you say, it’s also about how you look at someone with your actual eyes.

Yes, your eyes.

It’s nothing to do with cleavage-bearing tops, short skirts, muscle t-shirts or skinny jeans, although let’s be honest, they sometimes help. No, it’s mostly about the way you present yourself and the body language you show, including your eyes.

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Not only do you see through your eyes *obviously*, but you silently communicate with another person simply with a look.

Yes, the power of your eyes knows no bounds!

If you’ve ever done even a small amount of research into how to actually seduce someone, you will no doubt have come across the term bedroom eyes or come to bed eyes. They are one and the same. What are bedroom eyes exactly, and how can you get them?

The good news is, you already have them. You simply need to use the best parts!

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What are bedroom eyes?

The term refers to an expression, often called ‘heavy lidded’ eyes. This means you’re looking a little like you’re dreaming, or your eyes are half-shut in pleasure, even though nothing is actually happening for you to feel that way. It communicates that you’re thinking about pleasurable situations with them in it, without even being touched.

Bedroom eyes are super-powerful. Learning to master them for yourself will certainly bring plenty of luck your way!

We tend to make bedroom eyes when we’re in the middle of an intimate situation, and we do it without even thinking about it. By learning how to do it outside of those situations, you’re making people think that you’re actually recalling rather dirty thoughts in your own mind! [Read: How to master eye fucking anyone and get them to do it back]

We also tend to use bedroom eyes when we’re looking at someone we really want, someone we have a certain amount of sexual longing towards.

The good news? You can actually master this look with makeup alone!

There are also other body language cues that go alongside bedroom eyes to make up the entire effect. These include:

– Biting your lip

– Licking your lips

– Looking at the other person’s lips

– Looking at the person and then looking away, before turning to meet their gaze

– A coy smile

– Playing with your hair

– A certain amount of pouting

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So, what are bedroom eyes for?

To basically tell the person you’re looking at that you want more than just a conversation! It’s a flirtation and education technique. It can also be a look which can be recreated with makeup in order to make heads turn your way while out and about.

How to recreate bedroom eyes with makeup

What are bedroom eyes if not easy to recreate with a few tricks!

For this, you’ll simply need whatever you normally use to make a smoky eye, such as mascara, eyeliner, and perhaps false lashes. The heavy look to your eyes is often easily helped with falsies, and you should go for the biggest you can manage on your own eyes. However, do be careful that you don’t go over the top and create a look that’s more drag than seductive.

It’s a good idea to avoid lining your bottom lash line as this may give the impression of smaller eyes, when you want to open up the eye but half close the lid. That is why heavy false lashes work a trick!

It’s a good idea to practice ‘winging’ your eyeshadow too. That means going for a slightly darker shade and create a ‘winged’ look on the outer edges.

You should also make sure that you master your eyebrows. There is something about an arched eyebrow that makes you wonder what someone is thinking about, so if you’re asking ‘what are bedroom eyes’, it’s about the brows too! Go for an adequately *but not overly* plucked brow with high definition. Add in the lashes and the darker eyeliner on the top, and you’re smoldering in a big, big way! [Read: All the secrets to be really sexy and desirable all the time]

Bedroom eye body language

Of course, make sure that the rest of your body language isn’t completely going against what your eyes are telling the other person.

If you want to seduce that special someone, make sure you avoid the following:

– Crossing your arms over your body

– Sitting with you legs crossed over one another

– Avoiding eye contact

– Looking bored or uninterested

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Crossing your arms or your legs over one another basically means you’re defensive and closed off. When you’re trying to seduce someone and giving them your best bedroom eyes routine, you’re going to confuse them by creating a barrier between you. Instead, sit or stand with your arms loose.

Avoiding eye contact is usually something we do when we’re nervous. It’s also a way of showing someone that you’re not genuine. Failing to meet someone’s eye is a clear sign of lying. If you’re showing them the bedroom eyes but not quite meeting their eyes at the same time, it’s not only confusing, but it’s showing that you’re not genuine either. [Read: 14 steamy signs of sexual tension to recognize lust when you see it]

The best way to go about the whole bedroom eyes routine is to go with small glances. Then, look away in a coy manner, before repeating the process with a little smile. In that way, the person you’re showing your bedroom eyes will be in no doubt what you’re trying to communicate, albeit silently!

Finally, you might think that looking bored or uninterested is a way to show someone that you’re all cool and funky, but it’s actually confusing to the other person. You see models on runways looking seriously annoyed or not happy with life, and that’s supposed to be the look to go for.

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A coy smile is the best way to go and also quite disarming. It’s tailing down the effect of your bedroom eyes and making you a bit more approachable than you would otherwise be. As a result, if you’re seriously crushing on this person, your slight smile could be all it takes for them to come over.

Of course, we also have to state that it’s not only women who are great at bedroom eyes! Guys can inflict some seriously bedroom eye power on those they have their literal eye on! A smoldering look complete with a slight smirk can be enough to drive the object of your desire crazy and wild. The same advice as above stands for guys too. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

The power of your own bedroom eyes

Do you think your bedroom eyes are powerful? Whether you think you’re good at it or not, they certainly have some power!

Practice in front of the mirror and see how it looks. You might think you look ridiculous, but the chances are that if you did this in front of someone who you really had your eye on, the results would be quite impressive!

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There’s really nothing complicated about the answer to what are bedroom eyes. All you need to do is think of what you would like to be doing with that person. A natural look of longing is likely to make its way across your face.

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