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6 Things to Know Before Stripping for Your Webcam

Turns out, your ex sharing your photos is only one worry you should have when it comes to naked selfies! Here are some other considerations.

things to know before stripping for your webcam

Technology has found a way to make our sex lives naughtier and more dangerous. Not only do girls have to worry about peer pressure to send out nudie pics, but it turns out we also have to worry about our computers being hacked, and our lovely bits being shown to the world.

Don’t take nudes: solid advice for snapping naked selfies and sending them out, but what if you’re doing a sexy Skype show for your boyfriend? You might be surprised to know that more than just your boyfriend might be watching. No, his friends aren’t hiding in his closet giggling through the slatted doors… rather, there may be a stranger in your midst watching from your private computer camera.

It might sound like a bad movie pitch or something out of “Paranoia Monthly,” but the truth is there’s a million and one ways for the government, your significant other, or a random perv to ruin all things fun about sharing scandalous photos or walking around naked in your own bedroom. [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the sexy rush it gives]

All you need to know about sharing nude photos and videos

If you think you’re safe with naked selfies, browsing the Internet in the buff, playing with your Xbox One, or having sexy Skype time with your lover, then you may want to read and educate yourself on 6 reasons to use caution while in the buff.

#1 Nudes last forever. Let’s start with the first and most obvious hesitation you should have before sending off a nudie pic: it lasts forever. Sending a nude photo is kind of like getting a tattoo – it’s really hard to get rid of. Sure, you can delete it out of your phone, e-mail, hard drive, cloud storage and what-have-you, but there’s always a way to back up or restore files.

If your photo is already on the internet, then odds are even if you find a way to delete it, somebody will have taken a print screen and shared it elsewhere. Why put your future job prospects and emotional wellbeing in the hands of someone who doesn’t care about you? [Read: 14 important dos and don’ts about online dating]

#2 People can be very stupid and inconsiderate. The startling second truth is this: people, teenage boys in particular, are extremely immature and inconsiderate, sometimes begging random girls at their school to send nude photos. Even if you think you’re in a loving and secure relationship, nudes should still be avoided at all costs, no matter how much he begs.

He might be your best friend and secret-keeper while you’re together, but post-relationship heartbreak forces people into temporary insanity, and makes them do hurtful and vengeful things. Who’s to say whether your ex will be one of many to join the ever popular “ex-girlfriend nudie pic” fan club and start showing off your carefully crafted scandalous poses not only to his friends, but to the World Wide Web.

Always be wary if someone who claims to love and care about you wants to put you in this uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous position. Sure, you’re hot and he’d love to see your naked bod, but you can go ahead and tell him he can do that in person. Why bother giving him jerking off fodder when he can have the real thing?

If you are going to send scandalous pictures, regardless of your future career, personal embarrassment, and self-respect then why not try sending a sexy picture of you in a bikini, instead? Or better yet, take an artistic photo of you without your clothes on that doesn’t actually show any nip, bum, or vag.

This way he’s still getting an alluring photo of you, and the promise of nudity, all while having a tasteful and non-revealing photo. [Read: 8 ways to make you more confident about your body]

#4 You can be spied on through your webcam and microphone. It might sound like a bad plot from a budget thriller film, but the truth is that both governments and sneaky hackers can spy on you through your webcam and microphone. Hackers can break into your computer and making your private sexy Skype session not so private.

What’s more unsettling is that nearly anyone can do this, if they purchase the right software. Internet forums exist where hackers post pictures and recorded video of their “victims” to show off nudity or other scandalous materials. While there’s no guarantee that your hacker will take and publicize screen grabs from your tryst, it’s still super creepy to think of someone jacking off to your virtual romp with your partner!

The best combatant? Stick a Post-It or a piece of electrical tape over your webcam and computer microphone, and only remove it when you need to. As far as sexy Skype/FaceTime is concerned? Exercise caution.

#5 Xbox Kinect can see you, too. Men are probably already familiar with this one, so ladies: listen up! The Xbox One is connected to a “Kinect,” which tracks your movements for certain video games and exercise programs, so you can better interact with the machine. For example, Kinect will watch you exercise and tell you what you need to work on, or pat you on the back for being a Boot camp pro.

Regardless of the amazing features that come along with having a Kinect, Microsoft received all kinds of flak for this invention, as it is constantly connected to the Internet, and has two cameras on at all times.

In fact, the Xbox Terms of Use specifically states: “You should not expect any level of privacy concerning your use of the live communication features (for example, voice chat, video and communications in live-hosted gameplay sessions) offered through the Xbox Live/Games for Windows-Live service. We may monitor these communications to the extent permitted by law.”

For those who shag regularly and keep their Kinect in the bedroom, you may want to consider using a host of post-it’s to cover up its cameras before inviting Microsoft in for a personal peep-show.

#6 Hidden files are easily found. Remember back in the days of Windows XP, when you could simply “hide” a file in your documents folder and the trial of making it visible again seemed like it took an hour?

With the advances of Windows 8 and above, finding a hidden file is as simple as clicking “View” followed by “View hidden files,” with the whole process taking less than 3 seconds. In short, if you think you can keep a secret nudie pic on a family computer without someone getting snoopy, you’re probably in for a lot of embarrassment.

[Read: How to keep a nude selfie safe]

Sexy photos are fun, but always exercise caution when toying with technology. Remember, your burned exes sending private photos aren’t the only danger when dancing around in front of your webcam with your clothes off! Exercise caution and your right to use Post-Its the next time you’re getting changed in front of your computer.

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