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20 Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl & Read Her Naughty Mind

Want to turn on a special lady in your life but you’re not sure how? A few sexually intimate questions to ask a girl will give you some ideas.  

Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl

If you want to have an exciting and fulfilling sex life, you should know what your partner likes. The problem is that can be hard if you’re at the start of a relationship and you’re just getting to know them. It’s also likely that both of you are a little shy at this point. Coming right out and telling each other what you like is all a bit cringey, but knowing some helpful sexual intimate questions to ask a girl will get the ball rolling.

You see, the best way to get around the cringe is just to ask!

You never know what someone likes unless you ask them in the right situation and in the right way. By doing this, you’ll give them the confidence to open up and be honest with you, therefore bettering the sex you have together. 

There’s really no downside to this. Simply learn the best sexual questions to ask. Don’t come straight out and ask something wild; it is possible to scare someone off you know!

Instead, stick to easy-to-answer questions that will allow your girl to tell you what she wants and needs from you. She might also have the confidence to then explore new things and tell you about her wildest fantasies.

Again, it’s all a win-win!

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The best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl and get her to talk sex

Coming up with the best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl needs to be done carefully. Some girls are quite happy to openly talk about their bedroom preferences, while others are a little shy.

Hopefully, you know her well enough to understand which category she falls into. Then, tailor your approach according to her personality and comfort level.

To give you a few ideas, however, let’s check out these sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, allowing you to find out what she wants and what she’d love to try. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you by arousing her very subtly]

1. Where on your body do you like to get kissed?

This question is best asked in the heat of the moment, and then she can either tell you verbally or show you. That could lead to some pretty fun-filled moments! [Read: How to make out with subtle moves to make it hot]

2. Have you ever tried role play?

Not everyone likes role play, but some people have real fantasies about dressing up or playing different roles in the bedroom. If this is something you’d like to try, you can find out if your girl would be into it by asking this question. 

3. What do you like to be called in bed?

Some people like to be called a certain thing in the bedroom; it turns them on. However, there are some names that are a total turnoff.

It’s a good idea to find out ahead of time what your girl prefers so you don’t put your foot in it right at a very interesting moment. For that reason, it’s one of the best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl! [Read: Sex in a new relationship – How to make the first time less awkward]

4. Does the idea of a threesome turn you on?

Now, be careful with this one and tailor how you ask the girl in question. She might think you’re suggesting that you have one, when perhaps you’re just finding out how she feels about them in general.

For some people, talking about it is a turn-on in itself! [Read: Conversation starters that’ll make both of you horny just by talking about it

5. Have you ever tried anal with anyone in the past?

In terms of sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, this is up there with the most explicit. She might not want to tell you, but you’ll figure that out from her reaction. Again, this might be something you want to explore together, so asking is one way to find out how she feels about it. [Read: Do women like anal sex? What every guy must know before he asks a girl this question]

6. What is your favorite position?

Basic knowledge 101 and always good to know!

If you know what her favorite position is, you can use it regularly when you’re intimate together. Go ahead and ask! You could even take it a step further and ask if there are any new positions she’d like to try. [Read: The 10 basic sex positions for beginners that’ll make you look like an experienced pro!]

7. Do you ever watch porn?

Some couples enjoy watching porn together and maybe this is something you’d like to do too. In that case, this is one of the sexually intimate questions to ask a girl that could really enhance bedroom time for both of you.

If she’s never watched it but shows interest in doing so, ask if she would like to give it a go. But, be sure to select what you watch carefully. [Read: The 15 best female-friendly porn sites that are tinglingly perfect]

8. Where is the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

This one is building up to finding out whether she likes the idea of being caught or being watched, or indeed watching others during sex.

She might come up with a crazy story or she might not have one at all – either way is fine! [Read: Best places to have sex that go beyond your bedroom]

9. Lights on or off?

A less intimate one, but it helps you to understand what makes her feel comfortable in bed. If she says lights off, suggest maybe leaving them on next time and see how she feels about it. But, always go with what makes her comfortable. 

10. What’s your biggest fantasy you’d like to try?

Everyone has a fantasy. It’s just a case of whether they feel comfortable enough to share it! Go on, ask her! However, remember to share yours once she’s told you what she has always wanted to try. It’s only fair! [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that are a must-try in every naughty relationship]

11. Do you like the idea of tying me up or being tied up?

Bondage is something lots of couples enjoy as part of a healthy sex life. Some people like it, others don’t. You won’t know how she feels about it unless you ask her first. If she does, it’s something you can explore slowly together. 

12. Have you ever tried, or wanted to try having, sex with another woman?

This one can be tailored according to your situation. If you’re a same sex couple, you could ask whether she’s ever wanted to try sex with a man, or a bisexual, etc. It’s something to explore.

Do remember to be sensitive here, and if you feel like she won’t respond well or won’t feel comfortable answering, don’t ask. When it comes to sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, you have to know whether it’s okay to ask or not. [Read: How to cuddle with a girl so it leads to sex every single time]

13. Do you like dirty talk?

The plus point in this question is that you get to find out whether she’s comfortable with it before you try. There is nothing more awkward than talking dirty only to get zero response, simply because she doesn’t like it or doesn’t feel comfortable. By asking if she likes it first, you know whether to try it or not! [Read: How to talk dirty during sex and cut out the awkward]

14. When we’re in bed, what do you like the most?

This is one of the best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl if you’ve already slept together. It will give you a few ideas on what she enjoyed, so you can do a lot more of it! 

15. When did you lose your virginity?

She might not want to tell you, but most people will be willing to tell you if you ask carefully. This question helps bond you together because you’re sharing sexual stories, but it also gives you an idea about her experience level in some ways too. 

16. What do you think about when you’re masturbating?

She will probably blush, but it’s a question that will give you a lot of insight into what she really enjoys.

If someone fantasizes about a certain thing when they’re having special alone time, that probably means it’s something they enjoy generally. [Read: Female masturbation – 17 facts about the naughty secret]

17. Do you like the idea of being spanked?

Some people find spanking a serious turn-on. Others, not so much! By asking, you can find out where she is on this subject and whether it’s something she might like to incorporate into your time together.

18. Be honest, what kind of porn turns you on the most?

Not all women watch porn, but many do! Ask her which kind of porn she prefers watching, and maybe that’s an indication that she’d like to try something along the same lines in bed with you as well. It will certainly give you plenty of ideas for follow-up questions! [Read: 25 very common porn myths that many people still believe]

19. Have you ever tried sexting?

Sexting is a great way to build up the sexual tension when you’re not together, so is it something she’d like to try?

Maybe she’s been wanting to send you some sexts but she’s not sure how you’d react. By asking her this question, she’ll know for sure. [Read: How to start sexting – 16 flirty and naughty tips to start texting dirty]

20. What’s your craziest sex story?

What’s the craziest sex she’s ever had? She might stumble over her words and tell you that she hasn’t had one, or she might give you a real story to remember.

Either way, it’s a fun way to talk about sex and it also tells you about how confident she is about sex. [Read: Spontaneous sex – 15 reasons you need it and how to do it right]

It’s time to start asking!

These are some great examples of sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you’re getting to know better.

Remember, you should know your girl a little beforehand to be sure that you’re not going to offend her or scare her by asking something which she may not be comfortable with. Remember that her comfort and security is vitally important, as is yours. 

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Try these sexually intimate questions to ask a girl to understand her better. It allows you to explore your sex life together, within her boundaries and also within yours.

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