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10 Often-Overlooked Sex Moves She’ll Love in Bed

When your sex moves in the bedroom start to become a little routine, it’s time to reassess which of her favorites you may have overlooked.

sex moves for men

A relationship depends as much upon physical involvement as it does any other aspect. There are those who’ll tell you that love can conquer anything and that’s true—to an extent. But the lack of a healthy sex life can start to chip away at even the most dedicated of couples.

Why? Because sex brings people closer together. It relieves stress, develops trust, and chemically puts you in a better, stronger frame of mind. In effect, it takes the edge off the ordeals of daily life and allows you to face it together, as partners. Even if sex is taking place, a poor sex life—one where certain, possibly essential, moves are overlooked—can be just as detrimental as not having it at all.

Obviously, this issue can affect either side of the gender divide, but it does tend more to be men who are guilty of neglecting a woman’s needs than the other way around. Quite simply, this is due to the fact that most guys are after what has been crudely termed “an empty,” rather than any lingering sensuality.

Sex moves women will love in bed

Women can be the same, but usually aren’t. A woman’s body doesn’t begin and end with a cavity, and she often requires a lot more warming up before the main event. If you’re wondering which sex moves most often achieve this warming up, or which moves are most often overlooked, read on to keep your sex life sexy.

#1 Oral matters. It really does. If you’re not willing to put the time in down there, then not only are you going to struggle to get her properly in the mood, but the pleasure is also unlikely to be reciprocated. There are cultures/sub-cultures in the world where performing oral sex upon a woman is seen, bizarrely, as effeminate, weak—or even gay! If you’re one of these, then it’s time to get over yourself and your culture. Oral sex is one move that should never be overlooked. [Read: 8 sexy tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

#2 The tried and tested. Strangely, the one move that you wouldn’t expect to be overlooked is the tried and tested missionary position. Because everyone is so aware of so many different positions and sexual variations nowadays, missionary often gets neglected. It provides a real level of intimacy that no other position can.

Facing each other, you are able to maintain contact, to kiss whenever the mood takes you, and the added bonus of providing significant clitoral stimulation. Time to re-add it to your repertoire, perhaps? [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you need to know + the importance of missionary sex]

#3 Let your fingers do the walking. Good old-fashioned masturbation—it’s amazing how often the man moves past it and tries to jump to fourth base, in one enormous stride. But masturbation is often the best way of moving between the kissing and petting stages, maintaining the flow of escalation, without jumping straight into the intercourse stage when she’s not quite ready for it. Overlook this move at your own peril.

#4 Best buds. It is not only a move that is overlooked in this point, but a whole part of the body. And we are, of course, talking about nipples. Not every woman is turned on by nipple play, but many are, and to an amazing extent. In such cases, the beauty of nipple play is that it provides a direct line to her more intimate parts, without it seeming like you are making an untimely leap toward the end game. [Read: 11 spots to kiss a woman that’ll arouse her instantly]

#5 Get handy. If you’re struggling to work out how to move on from the kissing and petting stage, onto more rewarding matters, massage provides the perfect way in. Women’s skin responds to touch incredibly well, and massage has the added bonus of relaxing her in preparation, should her mental and emotional state not quite be where you want it.

Get the oil out, also, and you’ll have her squirming in your palms. Seems like a lot of effort, but guys… making an effort to avoid overlooking this move will provide its own dividends.

#6 Paying lip service. Men, overlook the humble kiss at your own risk. It’s such an important part of lovemaking for most women, as it provides a strong element of intimacy, and is the perfect warm-up or signal to indicate where you want to be heading next.

Plus, completely omitting any kissing from the act will, in all probability, make her feel like a prostitute—and you’re really not going to get the best out of her *if anything at all* in that case. [Read: 10 moves that’ll make every kiss of yours feel passionate and romantic]

#7 The short, sharp shock treatment. Lots of women really like rough treatment—not too rough, of course—and spanking is no exception. A move that can play an equal part in the earlier and later stages of lovemaking, don’t overlook its ability to have her legs turn to jelly and her pulse race. Just ask Mr. Gray!

#8 Play fighting. A lovely, light-hearted, and intimate way of setting the scene, this is a move that should not be overlooked. It brings you into close physical proximity and allows you to show off your masculinity—which, ultimately, is what women find attractive in men. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the roughest sex ever]

#9 Lower leg lollipops. Many women go absolutely crazy over some well-administered toe sucking, and this is one move that should definitely be given a try. However, don’t mistake being turned on with being ticklish, or you may be denied a burning hot sex session and end up with a broken nose, instead.

#10 The tradesman’s entrance. The words “anal sex” are ones that you’d normally associate with male proclivities rather than female. However, non-penetrative anal sex, using touch, tongue, and kiss, can have a mind-blowing effect. This is a very sensitive part of the body and, as long as all parties are willing, one that should not be overlooked.

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With the ball in your court now, it’s time to start taking care of your woman a little better and have her leaving the bedroom feeling like a million dollars. Using the sex moves mentioned above, broaden your sexual repertoire and show your partner exactly what you’re capable of.

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