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20 Sex God Moves to Attract and Seduce Women in Style

No one wants a reputation as a sexual sack of potatoes. Read on to learn these 20 sex tips for men to become the sex god of every woman’s dreams.

sex god how to seduce women

Sexual relationships between men and women are just as complicated as normal, day-to-day kinds of relationships. There are a whole bunch of misunderstandings between the two genders regarding sexuality and what each expects from it, leading to all kinds of issues—issues that are, ultimately, avoidable.

In the case of guys, all you have to do is be confident and pay attention. Honestly… it really is that simple. If in doubt, read from the list below to implement some fairly basic tips on how to become the man that makes women melt. These are split into two categories: the initial approach *the moves that will make her want to get sexual with you to begin with* and the moves you put on her between the sheets.

First moves

#1 Sleep easy. If you know there’s a chance you could be doing something a little more physical than having a glass of wine and a civilized conversation the next evening, prepare appropriately in advance. The first step in preparing for a sexual conquest is to get a good night’s sleep. Nothing is more guaranteed to scupper your chances than bags under your eyes, constant yawning, and the possibility of falling asleep mid-act!

#2 Eat well. The next step in the preparation stage, eating well has a whole host of benefits. If done properly, it can sweeten your body odor, raise your libido, and even make your fluids taste nicer. Try to start the evening before, if possible. If you cannot start the evening before, make sure you are careful about your food consumption from the morning, on. Foods for success: nuts, oily fish, and pineapple. Foods for failure: coffee, alcohol, fatty meats, dairy products, and anything spicy. [Read: 16 ways to get a girl to give you head and love it + why what you eat matters so much]

#3 Look sharp. It gets to date night and the oldest rule in the dating book is as relevant as ever: dress to impress. She just isn’t going to feel the mood if you can’t be bothered to make an effort at this early stage.

#4 Drink wisely. In ancient Rome, the role of pouring the drinks was a respected and skilled one. The individuals involved had to mix the wine with water to get just the right level of conversation. Too much water, and the talk would be stilted and uninspired. Too little, and it would become a little too animated—to the point of nonsensical or even argumentative conversation.

Learn from the Romans. They conquered the western world for a reason, and if you want a similar reputation as a conqueror—albeit of a different kind—then don’t drink too much when you’re out on the prowl.

#5 Body talk. Body language is a huge part of making a good impression when it comes to sexual conquests. Women are turned on by alpha males at a biological level, and having full control of your body language shows her you are the protector she secretly yearns for. So, be smooth, keep your moves to a minimum, keep them slow and relaxed, and don’t be afraid to mark your territory with a languid sprawl. [Read: 15 body language moves that reveal if a girl likes you]

#6 The voice. Along the same lines as #5, a masculine voice is really attractive to women. Talk deeply, clearly, and in a relaxed manner. Nothing is more likely to make her think you’re a sexual pretender to the throne than high-pitched, squeaky, bullet-rapid chatter.

#7 Flirting fast and furious. Don’t be afraid to flirt. It shows how confident you are and sets the standard for the evening—namely, a big, flashing neon arrow pointing directly at the bedroom. [Read: 12 essential flirting tips all guys need to know]

#8 Close the deal. When the time comes and you feel everything is in place to make the move, don’t hesitate. Close the deal, make the invitation to move on somewhere more intimate—perhaps either of your bedrooms—and make it happen. Lead her likes she wants to be led.

#9 Do it in style. Whatever it is: your choice of clothes, choice of bar, the drinks and food you buy for her, or your choice of transport—make sure it’s all timelessly classic stuff. She wants caviar, Cristal, and Cadillac—not burger, beer, and bus! [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and leave her feeling weak]

#10 Getting carried away. Her, that is, not you. Closing the deal happens twice in a sexual conquest. Once at the “let’s go home stage,” and another at the “let’s go to bed” stage. You’ll know when the signs are right, so don’t dither. Pick her up in true “Officer and a Gentleman” style and show her how a true alpha male operates. [Read: 7 signs a girl gives away if she wants to sleep with you]

The moves that seal the deal

#11 Take your time. The classic male mistake is to hurry toward destination “orgasm.” Lay back, see where the mood takes you both, and keep it natural and relaxed.

#12 On the button. Make sure you know where her clitoris is—find it, and use it. Don’t be too firm or too gentle. Get it right and you’ll have her aflame. [Read: How to make out with a girl on the very first date]

#13 Oral delivery. Oral sex is not an option, gents. In most cases, it is a necessity. Of course, there are always those women who are uncomfortable with oral, and you’ll have to try and pick up on this, but generally speaking, no oral = no interest… and definitely no sex god status.

#14 Use those thumbs. Not what you at first might think, #14 refers to the humble art of massage. A humongous chore for most guys, but the sexiest first step a woman can ever have, and guaranteed to get you exactly what you want.

#15 The undiscovered land. We are, of course, referring to the g-spot. The g-spot is such a neglected part of a woman’s body, but one that is guaranteed to produce a volcano of unabated lust. Find out about, find it, and use it to earn that sex god reputation. [Read: How to tingle a girl’s g-spot without using a flashlight to find it]

#16 The tantric arts. We don’t have space to give you an in-depth explanation of what tantra is here, but rest assured, it is a real mind blower. Introduce your girl to it between the sheets, and start earning that reputation as the sex god you want to be. [Read: The beginner’s guide to tantra and tantric sex]

#17 The hold-off. Males just can’t produce the same quality of performance post ejaculation as pre-ejaculation. Hold off for as long as you can to produce the best sex god impression. No more “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” episodes.

#18 Feel the mood. Male sexual needs are fairly consistent, but women change moods all the time, even during sex. Be sensitive to her needs and make sure you adapt when and where the occasion requires.

#19 Keep busy. Don’t rest on your laurels. A true sex god is doing ten things at once during lovemaking—a real multitasker. You have lips, fingers, a tongue, and hands, as well as your penis—use them in tandem.

#20 Leave her smiling. Don’t ruin a great performance by running off in the middle of the night, or coldly making your excuses in the morning. Wake her up to a light breakfast, as well as a passionate kiss, and start the whole thing again—you sex god, you!

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Now that you know the secrets of how to fulfill the role of super-stud in any woman’s life, go ahead and use them. If it doesn’t work the first time, it almost certainly will the second or third. Practice makes perfect, so get out there, and get perfect.

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