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Seductive Tease: 20 Tantalizing Ways to Blow Your Lover’s Mind

It’s easy for sex to become a little mundane occasionally. Learn how to spice things up with a well-timed seductive tease. They’ll be thirsty for more!

seductive tease

Has your sex life become a little samey? Do you tend to go for the same moves all the time? Perhaps it feels safe and enjoyable but could it be taken to another level? If you’re keen to put the sizzle back into your sex life, it’s time to learn how to weave in a seductive tease, completely out of the blue.

There’s just something super erotic and sexy about your partner slowly taking off their clothes specifically for you to watch. People get entranced by it.

How do you think strip clubs gained so much popularity? It wasn’t because of the food or drinks. Of course, it’s just about stripping, it can be about giving a little and then taking it away, or maybe throwing in a little unexpected dirty talk.

Learn the art of the seductive tease and your sex life will never be boring again!

This feature is all about teasing a guy with your sexual wiles and naughtiness. But if you’re looking for innocent and flirty ways to tease a guy, use this guide on how to tease a guy and make him realize he likes you.

What is a seductive tease exactly?

We know what you’re thinking, all these sex-related terms and it’s hard to know what they mean sometimes. Basically a seductive tease is exactly what it says on the tin.

You’re teasing your partner in a seductive way. You’re seducing them with your body and your actions, or even your words, but you’re not going the whole way – you’re teasing what is to come.

A few examples of a seductive tease include:

1. Starting to pleasure them and then stopping, teasing them a little and keeping them on the edge

2. A sexy dance for just your partner, e.g. a lap dance [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance he’ll never ever forget]

3. A striptease

4. Whispering in their ear what you’re going to do to them later

5. Or, whispering in their ear how horny you are and what you want them to do to you

6. Playing with your food in a way that is overtly sexual, whilst maintaining eye contact with them

7. Sending them a text with a naked or semi-naked photo of you, waiting for them [Read: How to take good nudes – 36 hot tips to take the sexiest naked photos ever!]

Now you get the general idea of what a seductive tease is and for the most part, it’s a super-sexy striptease. Perhaps you’ve tried it before, or maybe you’ve wanted to try but never had the confidence. The key here is exactly that – confidence. If you don’t feel it, fake it. As you see their reaction to what you’re doing, you’ll feed off it and start to feel strong and more than capable of showing your partner the very best time they’ve ever had.

You should always make an effort to turn on your partner

Life can get in the way a lot and before you know it, it’s been two weeks and you haven’t so much as made out with your partner. It happens. But just like anything else in your relationship, your sex life needs to be nurtured. It won’t just carry on naturally after a while.

You need to be making the effort to arouse your partner and turn them on. Of course, they also need to show the same attention to you – it’s give and take.

Show them that you still want to be sexy for them. Without doing this, you’ll end up having less and less sex and you’ll end up resenting each other more and more because of the lack of sex. [Read: 15 tips for turning on your boyfriend and making him hard and horny]

Sometimes, it’s also about learning how to be seductive. Remember, seduction is a way of life and an art. Here’s a full guide on how to be seductive in everything you do and turn anyone on just by your mere presence.

How to perform a seductive tease that’ll leave your partner drooling

There really isn’t a single way that’s better than another when it comes to seducing your partner. You know them better than anyone.

That being said, there are certain things you should keep in mind the next time you want to perform a seductive tease for your lover and leave them begging for more. Think about what they like, and weave that into your routine.

1. Know what they like

As we just mentioned, you know your partner better than anyone else and that means you know what they like in bed.

In order to give them a really sexy strip tease or another type of seductive tease, you’ll need to think about those things. You need to be able to play to their desires so it can be the most effective effort possible. [Read: How to strip for your man like a pro]

2. Play up to their fantasies

We all have them and your significant other definitely has them. If you aren’t sure what they are, just ask them. A lot of people get embarrassed about their fantasies for some reason, so you may have to work for a little while before you get a straight answer from them.

Never push them however, they’ll tell you when they’re ready – you just need to sow the seed in their mind first. [Read: The top 50 kinky sex fantasies that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

3. Slip into something sexier to slip out of

We realize how contradicting this sounds, but just trust us. If you try to do a seductive tease while shimmying off really tight jeans, it won’t have the same effect.

For that reason, it’ll be way easier and hotter if you simply throw on something a little sexier. This can be anything from a sundress to some naughty lingerie. Anything that makes you partner’s eyes pop will do the trick.

Of course, it also has to be something you’re comfortable in too. It needs to make you feel sexy to help you appear confident and oozing with sex appeal. It’s not easy to try and be sexy when you’re wearing something that you can’t breathe in. [Read: How to give a guy a huge boner – 20 quick moves for instant erections!]

4. Make it a surprise

Can you imagine how amazing it would be for your significant other to walk in after a long day to you standing there ready for a seductive tease? They’ll be overjoyed!

So, make it a surprise. Don’t give them any clue about what they’ll receive when they get home. [Read: How to shock and awe your lover with surprise sex]

5. Or, sext them a preview

If you want to get the anticipation rolling earlier in the day, send them a naughty sext with a preview of what they’ll get later. Show them a little sneak peek of what’s under your lingerie. That’s the very definition of a seductive tease and doing this will immediately get them excited.

They’ll be thinking about what you’re going to do all day and they’ll look forward to that seductive tease when they walk through the door. [Read: 16 sexy tips to take a mouth-watering pussy selfie on the first try]

6. Dim the lights

There’s nothing better than mood lighting. You can change the entire purpose of a room if you have the right lighting. That means you’ll want to light some candles and turn the lights down.

Not only does this immediately suggest something sexy, it’s also very flattering and you’ll feel super-confident in your seductive tease. [Read: Why bedroom lighting for sex is important]

7. Turn up the tunes

Music is sometimes even more important than lighting. If you have the wrong music playing, it can be really distracting and your tease won’t be as effective. Put together a really naughty playlist with some great striptease music and make sure it’s playing while you go about your business.

This might also help you to feel more confident because you can focus on the rhythm and the beat, therefore taking your attention away from what you’re doing.

8. Sit them down

It’s hard to do a seductive tease if your partner is standing in the middle of the room. Get a chair and force them to sit down. Not only is this demanding behavior really hot, but the entire thing will be a lot easier for you. Y

ou can walk around them, sit on their lap, and even whisper naughty things in their ears from behind. All of that is a lot harder if they’re standing.

If you really want to turn things up a notch, you could gently tie their wrists to the back of the chair. The fact that they’re dying to touch you and can’t will drive them crazy with lust. [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance they’ll never forget]

9. Slowly strut toward them while undoing some buttons

This shows you mean business, if you have buttons, that is. There’s something really hot about someone slowly inching closer to you as they undo their clothes.

In order to make this even sexier, wear your partner’s button up shirt. But, for maximum impact, wear something sexy yet comfortable to you.

10. Don’t let them touch you for a long time

Have a “hands off” rule. They’re not allowed to do anything but admire you with their eyes. This will not only drive them nuts, but they’ll be itching to get their hands all over you when they’re finally allowed to.

I mentioned tying their hands to the chair and you could opt for this, or simply say you’re going to if they don’t behave and see how they react. [Read: 20 naughty ways to tease your lover in bed]

11. Give them views you know they love

If you’re a woman and you know your man is a booty guy, turn around and show him what you’ve got. He loves it and wants to see it. If your man is a boob guy, wear something that accentuates your breasts to his liking and get really close to his face. It’ll be enough to tip him over the edge.

12. Use your hands generously – on yourself

Don’t even touch your partner at first. Instead, use your hands on yourself. This is a fantastic way to make your partner jealous. They’ll see just how much you’re turning yourself on and this will make them ridiculously horny for you, too. [Read: 22 things men love and want more of in bed]

13. Walk around them

As they’re sitting in the chair, get really close and just walk around them. The great part about this is that you can be really unpredictable. They don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re moving behind them. It’ll heighten that anticipation and make the seductive tease all the more attractive.

14. Whisper in their ear

While you’re behind them, lean forward and very gently whisper in their ear. Let your lips linger on it for a second before moving away. This is a really great way to tease them and use some dirty talk at the same time. [Read: 10 sexy sweet nothings to whisper during sex]

15. Strip off a piece of clothing with each distinctive move

If you’re walking forward, slowly roll off those tights. As you move to sit on their lap, take off your top. Each distinct movement should be accompanied with you taking off a piece of clothing. This will slow things down and really allow that anticipation to burn.

16. Wear a scent that reminds him of you

Be sure to wear your signature scent because that way you’ll be all around him in terms of his senses. He’s seeing you, he’s feeling you, he’s smelling you, you’re totally flooding his system and sending him into overload!

17. Tell him what you want to do

As you’re teasing him, tell him what you want him to do to you, or what you want to do to him. Say it quietly, in almost a whisper, but make sure you maintain eye contact as you do so. It shows him that you’re totally turned on and can’t wait for the real fun to start. [Read: How to dirty talk and turn your lover on like no one else can]

If you’re not experienced in dirty talk, practice in the mirror on your own first.

Have a short speech or fantasy that you can move in and out of, without it sounding too overly practiced. The more turned on you get, the breathier your voice will become which is extra sexy too.

18. Or stay strong and silent

If you’re not into dirty talk or you don’t think your partner will respond in the right way, you can simply stay silent. That’s just as sexy as being vocal. The key to a silent seductive tease is to maintain eye contact the entire time and be expressive in your face.

Touch yourself and gasp, closing your eyes and letting him see the way you feel. This can be just as effective, if not even more so, when it comes to turning him on. [Read: Sex sounds – How to moan and gasp and sound really sexy in bed]

19. Know when to get down to business

At some point, you need to stop the teasing and actually do what you’ve been building up to. The key to a successful seductive tease is to know when the point of seduction has ended and when it’s time to get on with it.

Watch your partner and judge the right moment. Of course, make sure you get to the end of your striptease or whatever else you’re working on, but if things start to move a little faster than you’d planned just go with it! [Read: Eye contact during sex will take your orgasm to the next level]

20. Mix up your seductive teases occasionally

It’s a great idea to seduce your partner regularly but not too regularly! If you do the same thing all the time, it’s not going to be as impactful.

Of course, they’ll be turned on, but not as much as if you surprise them with something new. Also, don’t feel that you always need to be the one doing the seducing, they have a role to play too! [Read: How to have great sex with your lover]

Mix up your seduction technique occasionally. Try a lap dance, sexting, dirty talk, and then keep going back to your striptease occasionally, but mixing things up to add in new flavors. [Read: How to talk dirty and say all the right things to turn a guy on in seconds]

The occasional seductive tease can take a dull sex life and transform it into something extraordinary. Not only that, but you’ll have a sexy little secret that’s only for the two of you. This will make you feel closer and will enhance your intimacy beyond measure.

 [Read: How to seduce your lover and leave them wanting so much more]

There are so many reasons to give your lover a seductive tease. The next time you want to hypnotize them with your body, follow these tips and you’ll be irresistible!

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