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Girl on Top Sex: How to Ride a Man & 30 Secrets to Look Sexy Doing It

Girl on top sex can be super-empowering and give you both a major thrill. But you first need to know how to ride a man to hit the high notes of pleasure.

how to ride a man girl on top position

Making love with a special guy feels like sinking into a soft pillow. It’s sweet and romantic, and it’s so full of love. But every now and then, you need to take a break from the romantic kisses and slow penetration and do something more exciting. For a girl, there’s nothing more exciting and empowering than girl on top sex. But, learning how to ride a man requires a little knowledge and practice.

So, if you’re keen to mix things up a little and give your guy the ride of his life, you’ve come to the right place!

Girl on top sex is easy, but not always glamorous

Riding a man is easy. All you need to do is get on top of him, and go with the motions. At least, that’s what it looks like.

But, for a first-timer or someone who hasn’t really been riding a man often enough, there are many things you need to know to make a ride feel sexy and look even sexier.

Riding a man can be messy at times. If you’re feeling all sweaty while riding a man for the first time, that’s the least of your problems really. The reality is that your hair will be flying all over the place and sticking all over you, you’ll get cramps in your knees, your thighs will hurt, and you’ll feel more tired than a round of the Insanity workout.

But, riding a man doesn’t always have to be this bad. If you know the right way to ride a man, you can actually make him hornier than ever, and look so sexy he’d want to cum right away! [Read: 22 honest secrets to look way better naked]

Why girl on top sex is so great

For sure, a few tips on how to ride a man will serve you well and cut out the aches and sweat, but it’s good to know why you should learn all of this in the first place.

Without getting into positions and tips just yet, here are a couple of good things about riding a man in bed.

1. It keeps your sex life exciting

When both lovers take turns to be on top, it keeps the relationship exciting and fresh. It gives both of you equal control in bed while having sex and no partner feels dominated. Trying something new also stops you from falling into sex boredom ruts. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]

2. Your guy will appreciate it

Your man will actually think you’re a sexy, wild thing when you push him down and get on top of him. You’ll appear more confident, more powerful, and wilder.

And for a guy who’s used to being on top, he’ll be happy to just sit back and watch you take control while getting naughty. [Read: 12 foreplay moves for men that get a guy mad honey and drip precum]

3. You’ll feel super-confident and sexy

The confidence you’ll gain from trying something new and seeing the reaction from your guy will make you feel like a goddess.

It will help you to feel more body confidence and, of course, more sex confident too. None of these are bad things!

Remember to switch things up and share the workload

You should know that riding a man is a very dominant and confident position. While this may come easy for many girls, most girls still find the thought of shedding their inhibitions while watching their breasts gallop in midair over a man intimidating.

Girl on top sex is super-empowering, but there are some things you need to know first.

For a few girls, they need to be in a relationship long enough to actually get on top and feel secure about it. [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

If you want to know how to ride a man, make sure you’re not the only one doing all the riding. The one on top is always the one who controls the sex and orgasms. So switch places a couple of times so both of you can feel in control of the sexual escapade.

On one hand, getting on top takes the control away from your man, but your sexual confidence will end up turning him on a lot more. Push him onto the bed, let him know just how horny you are, and sit on top of him.

He’ll understand that you want to take the lead, and he’ll definitely be excited to see that he’s turning you on so much that you want to control the sexual act. [Read: 28 desirable ways to make your boyfriend want you more than ever!]

And as long as both of you share equal time on top, he’d even enjoy just lying down and watching the sexy show while you sway and grind circles over his member.

How to ride a man – Tips to make the girl on top position easier and more enjoyable

Girl on top sex is fantastic but it can burn the thigh muscles a little! If you want to enjoy the experience without worrying about walking strangely the next day, these tips should help you learn how to ride a man and love every second of it all – both of you.

1. Focus on pleasuring yourself first

Many women end up in these awkward or straining positions because they please only the guy. But honestly, he gets pleasure just by seeing you on top of him.

Focus on yourself first. Find a position for your legs which are the most comfortable. This allows you to ride him with more ease. Learning how to ride a man isn’t all about him, it’s about you too. [Read: How to pleasure yourself and guide your fingers to a powerful orgasm]

2. Switch the speed up

If you ride him like you’re in a horse race, of course, you get tired. But switch up the speed to help relieve your legs. So, start off slow, increase speed, then decrease it again once you feel yourself getting tired.

Go with a speed that you feel comfortable with. Of course, for both of you, it would be best if you mix it up a bit to give yourself and your partner different stimulation.

3. Let him do some of the work too

Just because you’re on top doesn’t mean you have to be the one riding him. There are positions that require him to do the work.

For example, lay on him while he moves his hips, or squat above him while he does the work. The point is, going on top doesn’t mean it’s all about you doing the work. [Read: 15 sexy moves to get on top and rock his world]

4. Try reverse cowgirl

This position seems to give your legs a bit of a break, even though it’s your standard cowgirl position. However, the only difference is you ride them with your chest facing their feet.

So, essentially, all they see is your back—which they love by the way so don’t worry. [Read: Reverse cowgirl sex position – What it is and how to ride him in sexy style]

5. Mix things up by bouncing

When grinding you use the most leg power, so instead of grinding, mix it up a bit by bouncing. Okay, don’t bounce too hard, unless he likes it.

You don’t want to cause bruising but bouncing not only gives them a different sensation, but it’s also a great visual for them while relieving your legs. [Read: 10 different sex positions to spice it up and add a bang in bed]

6. Switch positions

While on top, you don’t have to stay on top. Of course, if you’re doing your thing and you’re not tired then continue on. But if you feel like you need a break, you don’t have to tell your partner that.

Instead, casually move into another position. You can go on your side, go into doggy. Really go into any position which is comfortable for you, he’ll follow.

7. Workout to build leg strength

We know this sounds cliche, but really, working out is a great way to exercise your cardiovascular system and build endurance.

If you focus on your legs, you’ll also build stronger leg muscles. If you have sex for an hour, naturally, you’re going to be tired. But if you had sex for a minute and you’re already out of breath, start working on getting fitter.

This doesn’t mean you need an ass like JLo. It just means you build up your stamina and endurance. Part of learning how to ride a man is about preparation too. [Read: Couple workouts – The best ways to get fitter and feel closer]

8. Stretch before sex

That is, if you can. Stretching before any physical activity helps warm up your muscles and makes you limber. Yes, sex is a physical activity, don’t kid yourself.

The point is, you may be getting tired because your muscles aren’t warmed up. So, if you’re able to, stretch your body.

9. Keep your eyes on him

If you’re concerned about how you look while riding him, don’t. Every guy loves seeing a woman on top of him. Plus, we all have tummies, so what’s the big deal?

But if you look down at yourself instead of him, you change the position, making it more uncomfortable for you. Instead, look at him while riding him as it straightens your spine and aligns your hips. [Read: Eye contact during sex will take your orgasm to the next level]

10. Fuel up before sex

Now, we’re starting to sound like your mother, right? Well, she has a point. It’s important to have a healthy and balanced diet. If you eat fast food, then you won’t have the proper nutrition to sustain yourself while having sex.

You’ll be surprised at how much food influences your sex life. So, if you haven’t seen a veggie in a couple of months, start chewing on a carrot. When learning how to ride a man, make sure you focus on strength too because that will make you feel confident.

11. Tell him you’re feeling tired

This may sound like a buzzkill, but if you feel like you’re about to have a heart attack, then tell him you need to switch the position.

Sometimes, they’re so into the act, they don’t pay attention to your reaction. If this is the case, just nicely tell them you need to switch positions or just switch the position on your own. You can always go back to girl on top sex later on.

12. Make peace with the tiredness

Sitting on your guy and pounding on him or grinding circles around his member isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s really tiring. You’re not lying down doing the missionary here.

You’re jumping on and off all the time, and that involves a lot of your biggest muscles like the ones in your legs. [Read: How to make sex better – 20 mind tricks to enjoy it like never before]

Every now and then, rest your hands on the sides of your man or place them over his chest so you can take the pressure off your legs. You’ll feel stronger and enjoy the girl on top position better. By knowing it’s going to be tiring, you’re not in for any nasty surprises.

13. Tie your hair up

In the movies, watching a girl riding her boyfriend looks sexy, especially when she flicks her hair from one side to another with her hands.

But it’s not so easy in real life. When you’re sweating in bed, your hair will stick to your face and annoy you.

Untied hair can be distracting to your boyfriend too. Every time you bend towards him to kiss him, he’ll have to deal with your big mane of hair that strikes his face and tickles him.

Avoid all of that, just tie your hair and focus on the sex instead. Learning how to ride a man doesn’t always look like it does in the movies, we need to stay in reality here! [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

14. Don’t go too fast

It may seem exciting to bounce off him really fast, but you’ll get tired really fast. And most importantly, you’ll ruin the sex. Girl on top sex doesn’t need to be super-energetic, so take your time.

Think about it, great sex is all about the rhythm and the motion. Both of you have to feel in sync with each other to actually enjoy sex.

If you move too aggressively, your man who’s lying down would never be able to keep up with you and he’ll end up feeling left out of the game because he won’t feel involved.

15. Remember that his penis isn’t that strong

Really, your man’s member is really, really sensitive. It doesn’t have a bone even if he has a boner. When you’re on top of him, a lot of your weight rests around his member. Move around in new motions or adjust your position now and then.

But don’t sit on him hard or move in quick, opposite directions all of a sudden, without any warning. You may end up fracturing him down there if you don’t take it easy! [Read: 9 sex positions that could leave you with a broken penis]

16. Read his signs and reactions

As you ride a man, you need to always remember that the person on top has the important task of gauging the sex and working towards making it better. They control the way the sex goes and how it ends.

So when you’re riding the guy and using the girl on top position, you can have fun controlling your man. But at the same time, you need to read his signs so both of you can orgasm together.

If he seems to be distracted or in pain, slow down and see if it’s something you’re doing. Perhaps, you’re moving too aggressively and giving him a burn on his inner thighs. Or if he suddenly grabs you, stop moving your pelvis for a second to find out if he’s unable to hold on anymore.

And most importantly, if his member starts throbbing inside you when you’re on top, he’s probably having a hard time holding himself back from blowing out, so slow down and help him get back his control or build yourself up to orgasm together. [Read: The 9 big issues on a man’s mind when having sex]

17. Switch up your movements

You can move vertically up and down when you’re on top. You can go fast and quick or slow and deeper, or you can move around his member in slow circles. Indulge in any motions as long as it feels good.

But don’t jump between motions too quickly. Give enough time for your partner to relate to your moves and he can move in the opposite direction and connect better with you, which will ensure that the sex is better.

18. Involve your breasts

All guys love watching a girl play with her breasts when you ride him. As you bounce off him, cup your breasts with your hands and move them against the sides of your body.

Additionally, you can take his hands and place them on your breasts as you grind around him. It’ll drive him crazy and you’ll enjoy it too! [Read: Why do guy like feeling breasts? The reason why guys love boobs]

19. Add in some oral

As you ride a man, stop now and then and slide downwards to his knees. And bend down and lick his member. It’ll turn your guy on a lot just watching you lick him up when he’s so wet around his member.

You can also take his member out while having sex and move your hip closer towards his face so he can give you some action too. This is a great way to save your legs and get some extra action! You can also turn around and do a 69 so you can blow him while he eats you. Oh, all the wonderful options!

20. Enjoy the feeling of dominating him

If you’re on top, you know you’re in control. But don’t just think it, do something about it. Treat him like you’re in control of him, order him to do something, or yell at him.

It’ll make you feel more powerful and sexy. And your man will feel more aroused getting dominated by you at the same time. [Read: How to dominate a man in bed]

21. Throw in some dirty talk

Don’t just bounce up and down the whole way. You’ll tire yourself off or the constant thwacking will end up boring both of you.

Get close to him and gasp something sexy in his ears. Whisper something dirty that’ll turn both of you on more. And in the heat of the moment, let your imagination run wild and dirty. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and arouse him with the sexiest words]

22. Get a little rough

When you’re having wild, passionate sex, it’s obvious that you’ll feel hornier too. Use your nails against his chest and watch him moan in painful delight.

Bite him and leave a few traces of love bites around his body or just cover his eyes with a blindfold and let him grope around your body as you get rough with him from on top. [Read: How to have rough sex and 15 dirty moves to have the sexiest time ever]

23. Show yourself off

Getting on top is all about losing your inhibition and feeling more confident about yourself. As you grind your pelvis against his, lean back and stretch your body.

You’ll be able to reveal all, and you’d look a lot sexier too. And your man will definitely have a hard time keeping his hands off your body as you show yourself off.

24. Let him hold you

Staying on top and moving aggressively against him for more than a few minutes can leave you exhausted. To avoid feeling weak with fatigue and ruining the mood, give your man some control now and then.

Grab both his hands and place them against your waist as you move up and down on him. And press his hands firmly against your body so he gets the hint to lift you up and down along with your own momentum.

It’ll help ease your sex workout and make him feel involved too. And by doing that, both of you can actually last longer and enjoy the girl on top position for much longer. [Read: The surprising benefits of cuddling and how it makes your life better]

The best positions for girl on top sex

This is pretty simple. When you’re on top of him and letting him penetrate you, just sit in a manner that feels good. It’ll come naturally, and you don’t really have to memorize any names for it. After all, there’s a new sex position with a fancy name getting added to the list every single day!

Here are three easy positions you can use while riding a man for some girl on top sex fun. [Read: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romps]

1. Facing each other

Make him lie down on his back. Sit on top of him and place your hands on his chest or on his knees. This way you’re facing him while sitting down.

You’d look really sexy and your man will love the view he’s getting. You can either keep your knees down on the bed and move that way, or you can lift up onto your feet *frog style* and bounce your bum.

2. Facing away from him *reverse cowgirl*

In this position, you sit down on your man who’s lying down but face away from him so your butt faces him while you look towards his feet.

If your guy’s a butt guy who loves a sexy butt more than an eyeful of boobs, then he’d love this position. [Read: 34 sexual things that turn a guy on and arouse him when he sees a girl]

The only negative with this position is that both of you can’t really kiss or do much with each other’s faces because you’re both not facing each other. But, this is one of the most visually stimulating girl on top sex positions around.

3. Cuddling up

You can start off by sitting down on your man with your feet on either side of your man’s chest. But after he penetrates you, bend both his knees up so you can lean your back against his thighs. And get your boyfriend to sit up so it feels like both of you are actually sitting down and cuddling each other, while penetrating at the same time.

If you feel uncomfortable about showing off too much of your body while sitting on him, the cuddle can be a great sex position. It’ll cover your body up so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable, and at the same time, it’ll make the whole position feel more intimate.

[Read: Sex sounds – How to moan and look and sound sexy AF while making out]

Now that you know the basic positions and tips on how to ride a man, it’s time to enjoy some girl on top sex-related fun!

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