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How to Please a Man Sexually and Make Him Crave Your Body Daily

Knowing how to please a man sexually will only increase his desire for you. Here’s how you can do just that and leave him wanting you every day.

how to please a man sexually

Women like sex just the same as men. However, the difference lies in the way we communicate our feelings to one another. Men tend to be very expressive physically while women are expressive verbally. That being said, if you want to communicate how you feel for your lover, knowing how to please a man sexually will certainly help.

Because men can read sexual signs far more than they can understand what you’re telling them. Yes, it seems a bit backward, but that’s just how it is in most cases. Therefore, learning certain ways to make your man feel pleased in bed can help you get your point across.

Sex is a really important part of your relationship

When your sex life is lacking, other aspects of your life usually fall apart, too. You’ll feel disconnected, you might not feel as loved, and you may start to get into arguments that can later harbor resentment. Of course, sex isn’t everything in a relationship but it is a major part of intimacy.

Without a healthy sex life and without both partners feeling fully satisfied, it can lead to some problems. Your level of communication can be cut off and you’ll both feel a little frustrated. So making sure you’re meeting your partner’s needs is very important. [Read: Why is sex so important in a relationship?]

How to please a man sexually make him desire you daily

It’s really not all that hard to please a man sexually, as much as people like to think it is. Following these tips will help you get to know what your man wants more so you can give him exactly what he wants in bed.

#1 Figure out his fantasies. Most guys, just like women, have fantasies they’d love to try in the bedroom. You can usually just ask your man what he thinks about, but some guys can be sensitive about it. Meaning, you may have to weasel your way into his fantasies by trying things and seeing what he likes best. [Read: The black book of top male fantasies]

#2 Ask him what he likes best – and why. Or you can just ask him what he likes the most. Have him tell you what his favorite positions are and why he likes them the most. This usually gives you clues about what his fantasies are too. You can also ask him what his favorite time having sex with you was and that’ll tell you an awful lot.

#3 Notice what he reacts to most in bed. You can easily tell what a guy likes most in bed. He’ll basically show you with his reactions. If it was a particularly short day in the bedroom, figure out what you were doing that he must’ve liked so much.

Just pay attention. You don’t have to dig deep or ask a ton of questions to be able to tell what he likes. Once you know what your man likes, start doing those things.

#4 Give head. This is something that, for some reason, a lot of women don’t prefer to do. However, men really, really enjoy receiving oral sex. You’ll know this if you go down on him and do it. Just make sure you’re being enthusiastic about it. He’ll be super pleased if you actually want to make him feel good. [Read: 15 blowjob moves that’ll blow his mind]

#5 Take the lead sometimes. Don’t be afraid to get a little bossy. Take the lead and have your way with him. Since guys usually like to be seen as the dominant person in everyday life, allowing him to kick back and give up control can be really sexy. Just start this out slow and don’t do too much too soon. Get a feel for it first.

#6 Be vocal. If you like something in bed, let him know. Make some noise. Talk dirty to him. Many men love hearing about how much they’re pleasing you. It makes them feel great to know they’re doing things right. However, be careful with this so you don’t come across as faking it.

#7 Let him take charge. Now it’s time for you to let go of some control. Let him do what he wants to you in bed, so long as you’re okay with it, of course. If he wants to feel like he’s dominant, let him be. It’ll please him a lot to know how much you trust him and want him to lead your sexcapades. [Read: 15 moves to turn a guy on and make him want you]

#8 Have sex out of the bedroom. Bedroom sex is great, but it’s not the only place you need to get it on. Take the sex elsewhere and have some fun. You’ll often find new, potentially better positions while getting it on somewhere other than your bed.

#9 Slow things down. You don’t just have to rush right through sex. Guys like to have it slow sometimes, too. Not only will this make him last longer, but the sensation of slowing down can be very, very pleasurable. So mix up your speeds but remember that slow and steady can feel better.

#10 Experiment a little. Try new things together! If you really want to know how to please a man sexually, be willing to experiment. Open yourself up to new positions, toys, or sexual acts. If he wants to try something and you’re not sure if you’ll like it, give it a try. Even if you’re not into it, he’ll be really pleased that you at least tried. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#11 Dress to impress. If your guy is a fan of lingerie, invest in a few pieces he’ll love. This is something that’s purely for him so the fact that you’re spending so much time and money on making him happy will not go unnoticed.

#12 Increase the anticipation. When it comes to knowing how to please a man sexually, anticipation is one of the best weapons you can have in your sex arsenal. And the best part? You don’t even need to be around your man in order to do this.

Send a naughty, flirty sext while he’s at work. Knowing you’re thinking dirty thoughts about him will get him all riled up. Just remember to back up your sexting claims in person. [Read: 35 texts that’ll make him hard and crave your sultry touch]

#13 Go out of your comfort zone. By showing a guy you’re willing to go above and beyond for him, you’re showing him how special he is to you. This will make him more turned on that you’d think.

Obviously, you don’t need to do anything that makes you really uncomfortable but trying new things you’re not sure about will definitely keep him coming back for more.

#14 Let your kinky side out. We basically all have one. Yours is there somewhere, even if it’s buried deep. Let it out! Don’t be afraid to show your man you can get a little freaky. If anything, he’ll just appreciate that side of you. [Read: 10 tips to help you open up about your kinky side]

#15 Remember that not all guys will be pleased with the same stuff. The guy you’re with now will not like all the same things the guy before you did. Make sure you’re getting to know what this guy likes in bed if you want to make sure you’re pleasing him the best you can.

[Read: How to please your man in bed and every other place]

The secret to knowing how to please a man sexually is just paying attention. Focus on their reactions and what they say when you’re getting it on.

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