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How to Make Him Cum Harder: And Explode Like a Super Volcano

Give him the hardest orgasm of his life by taking charge of the bedroom and milking him dry with this guide on how to make him cum harder.

how to make him cum harder

If guys were honest about sex, nothing makes them happier than a girl who knows how to make him cum harder like it’s nobody’s business. After all, the orgasm is the thing they look forward to during sex. Well, not just the ordinary orgasm like the one that he gets from masturbating, but the kind that a really enthusiastic partner gives.

What are the things that make a guy cum hard and fast?

To address the elephant in the room, making a guy cum fast is pretty easy. Hell, it can happen to anyone at any time during foreplay that it has become a health problem called “premature ejaculation.”

The real challenge lies in making your man cum hard. You see ladies, male orgasms can be achieved in different levels. And the best one that a man has can only be given by a girl who knows the intricacies of her man’s sexual appetite. [Read: How to make him cum faster and blow his load in minutes]

#1 When he has to do absolutely nothing during sex. If guys were honest, the best sex they could ever have is from a girl who does all the work. If you think about it, they go to lengths to make themselves last longer during sexual intercourse in order to “perform” for their partner.

So, ladies, if you want to give your man an orgasm he’ll never forget, give him a treat by letting him lie down and relax as you take charge. [Read: How to be on top: 15 sexy moves to master it and rock his world]

#2 When a girl feeds into his sexual ego. Another way to give your man a hard orgasm is by tapping into his ego during sex. So what is this exactly? Aside from the physical pleasure that he gets from sex, there is also a kind of psychological pleasure based on his perceived sexual prowess.

In layman’s term, it is about his self-confidence making his partner feel good. Once a guy sees his partner equally enjoying what he is doing to her, you bet that he’ll be able to cum harder. [Read: How to arouse a man when he’s not even in the mood]

#3 When a girl is really into him. In reality, this goes both ways. If girls want their man to make love to them like they’re the sexiest woman on earth, so do the guys.

Enthusiasm, ladies, is the other ingredient in making him come really hard. So once the clothes are off and you get down to business, do it with extra gusto like you’re devouring him alive.

#4 When his partner plays into his fantasies. All men have sexual fantasies that range from the typical to stuff so bizarre that he’ll keep it a secret to the grave.

Now just imagine what his reaction would be if he realizes his partner is actually game to make his fantasy a reality. The trick is getting to know what his fantasies are. Now pick your brain and do a little detective work. You could get hints from bedroom conversations, from the porn or erotica he loves to watch, or you could ask him directly. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

#5 When a girl knows his anatomy. Like a good machine, pressing his buttons right provides good results. While the penis is pretty straightforward when it comes to stimulation, every man has a different “area of interest” that you can exploit to lead him to a mind-blowing orgasm. Knowing where these are give you hints where to touch or what sex positions to stimulate his personal erogenous zones. [Read: How to find and stimulate the male g-spot]

How to make him cum harder

Now that you know the general idea on how to give him one hell of an orgasm, we go to the practical tips.

#1 Act sexier than normal. You know how men are quite pushy and enthusiastic when they’re horny? Try doing that to him for a change. Be the horny girlfriend that rips off his clothes and give him surprise blowjobs at opportune moments. [Read: How to get horny fast: 13 quick tips for instant horniness]

#2 Beg for it and moan like crazy. Even if you’re doing the regular missionary position, goad him into an eruptive orgasm if you encourage him by moans and sexy vocalizations.

Men absolutely love it and often use it as a cue to know whether their partner is enjoying the sex or not. So think of it as a sexy “cheer” during lovemaking. Just make sure to make it sound genuine or he’ll call you off. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse your partner]

#3 Take contraceptive pills. It may sound so simple and off-topic, but if you realize it, men would appreciate a seamless sex where he doesn’t have to interrupt the session by fumbling around looking for his condoms or worry if he wore it correctly as not to break it.

In all honesty, the fact that he doesn’t need to pause to do all that stuff plus the fact that he can cum inside safely while doing it is a big help to getting a good orgasm. But just a word of caution, try this only if you’re in an exclusive relationship.

#4 Woman on top position. Four times out of five, this is the best position to make a man cum really hard. Why? Well, 1) he just lies down and relaxes while the girl rides him, 2) he has a perfect view of your body while you’re about it, 3) he can see your sex face while hearing your moans in real time. Think of it as the sexy equivalent to a 4D movie. [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it]

#5 Multitask. Earlier, we mentioned how men have those personal erogenous zones and how they help to make him feel better during sex.

If you do something that has your hands free, get busy and use those hands to stimulate other areas. Fondle his balls while you blow him, suck on his nipples while giving him a hand job, or use toys. [Read: Erogenous zones for men: 8 secret zones to touch your guy]

#6 Use restraints. When a man nears his climax, he has a tendency to break away from the action to give way for the release. This is called controlled ejaculation. Men do this as a delaying tactic or as courtesy to put you away from the line of fire when it comes out. Using restraints on him during sex makes him turn over control of his ejaculation to you giving way to a more raw, animalistic, and natural release when he comes.

#7 Let him cum inside. Mouth or vagina, it doesn’t matter. For guys, it is a real treat. First, he doesn’t have to pull out or to give warning, and second it just feels great and natural. [Read: The many tastes of cum: Straight from women’s mouths]

#8 Talk really dirty. By dirty, we mean the kind that would get you in trouble if your family hears you say that dirty stuff. We are sure that your man and his penis would be delightfully shocked.

[Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

Normally, men are trained to hold their orgasm in order to make sex last longer. But when you use these tips on how to make make him cum harder, you can give him the wild pleasure of getting to come when he naturally feels like it.

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