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18 Secrets to Feel Sexy, and Look & Be Seductive Without Really Trying

You want to be sexy and look sexy. But you obviously don’t want to appear like you’re trying too hard. Find out how to balance it right and ooze sexiness!

how to be sexy

All of us want to look sexy and attractive, but it’s not something that everyone can own and brag about. But there are ways to catch everyone’s eye and take the breath out of a room when you walk into it, without even trying!

While walking across a street, have you ever taken a second glance at someone because they look so sexy, radiant and perfect like they just stepped out of the pages of a magazine? All of us have.

So what do some people have that makes them look so attractive, even if they’re not really symmetrical in the face? You know, that thing we ask ourselves as soon as we see an attractive person… is that person a movie star?!

You can say that some people have the oomph and the sexiness naturally, while some others just don’t. But that’s not entirely true. You can learn how to be sexy and feel sexy without even trying, and make a difference in your life in no time!

Don’t believe it? Well, change your boring life into a sexy life and see the difference yourself as you read this along.

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First things first – What do you like about yourself?

Ah, now let’s not go saying there’s absolutely nothing attractive about yourself. It may have been cute to say that when you were a child, but not anymore. If you want to be sexy, grow up and own up to your sexiness!

We all have our own little things that make us sexy and attractive. Someone that’s not conventionally hot to the majority of people might be the sexiest person someone else has ever seen. It’s all about finding what makes you unique and learning how to be sexy in your own way.

You can’t try to be sexy the way someone else is because you can’t. If you try emulating a celebrity you say is sexy, you could end up suppressing the parts of you that are truly enticing. [Read: 25 things all guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

You can’t please everyone, so don’t bother trying!

Sexy can mean different things to different people, and it’s not always the same thing. Certain people could say confidence is sexy while others might indicate shyness and being bashful as sexy. No two people have the exact same opinion on what makes someone sexy.

For that reason, you have to know that you can’t please everyone. Trying to be everyone’s kind of sexy will result in you becoming a hot mess – and that’s not a good thing. Finding what’s unique about you and bringing that forward in an enticing way is how you’ll be sexier than ever.

How to be sexy, look sexy and feel sexy in a way that can change your life

There are a lot of things that make someone look sexy and attractive. And it’s not all about the outer appearance. Some of the sexiest people on earth aren’t really the prettiest, but they’re still sexy. And you can figure out how to look sexy by just following these steps and walk into a new and improved sexy life. Let’s hot you up!

1. What do you like about yourself?

This might sound weird, but think back to all the people you’ve been with. What’s a commonality they all thought was cute or sexy about you?

There has to be something everyone has mentioned that you may not have even thought about. Your laugh could be the sexiest thing about you if everyone has always said so. Think about what it is so you can focus on it. [Read: 20 dos and don’ts for real attractiveness that play a very big part]

2. A great physique

Yup, we’re talking about this politically incorrect statement, and yes, it’s a shallow attribute. But it helps a lot when it comes to knowing how to look sexy. A great body involuntarily attracts attention and impresses everyone, even before they can see your face! So hit the gym and stay in shape if you want to get the “physical” advantage.

Getting a well shaped body is one of the first steps in trying to look sexy. It’ll make you look good from the outside, but more than anything else, feeling healthier and great from within will make you feel really sexy from the inside. Clothes will look a lot better on you than it does on other people, and you’ll get a huge boost in confidence. If you want to know how to look sexy, this is one of those aspects that can play a big part.

Being active and working out is a perfect way to feel sexy if you’re not too happy with your confidence right now. Hit the gym and you’ll feel a major difference. [Read: 25 inspirational tips to get motivated to work out]

3. Dress in a way that makes you feel hot

Most people think they know how to dress well, but honestly, they really don’t. Do your friends always look at you in awe or compliment you for your great taste in clothes?

No? Then you’re obviously not the best dressed person in your social circle. So you definitely need help. You really don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like it. So spend wisely, look great and learn how to look sexy. [Read: How to dress sexy by throwing away the frumpy and going for sexy boom]

But here’s something you need to remember, dressing in a way that makes you feel hot doesn’t mean dressing in something sexy or slinky. If you dress in something that makes you feel great and comfortable, your sex appeal will be evident.

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. And that’s what we’re going for here – outfits that make you feel like a million bucks! Allowing that confidence to come through will do more for you than a tight-fitting dress – unless that’s something that makes you feel good. You can dress in jeans and a t-shirt and be just as sexy. [Read: How to be a total seductress without trying to seduce anyone!]

4. Work on your confidence

Confidence isn’t something can be seen. But in order to figure out what’s best about you, you’ll need to work on this. Confidence isn’t just about thinking you’re the hottest and best looking.

In fact, it’s more about loving yourself fiercely despite many flaws. When you gain confidence, you’ll understand what it is that’s special about you and it can help you own your own newfound sex appeal!

If you don’t ever believe you’re sexy from within, you’ll always feel like a fake. And that’ll always make you appear like someone who’s just trying too hard. [Read: The imposter syndrome and 20 ways and signs to stop feeling like a fake]

5. Groom yourself

If you’ve got a sexy body and have started to dress better, you’re probably noticing a lot of second glances already. But the devil is in the details. Don’t just stop with clothes and a good physique, it’s a start but it’s not good enough.

Get a flattering haircut, perfumes with great silage and complex notes that smell great on your skin, and accessorize. Perfumes and accessories may not do much to make you sexier. But sexiness comes from the inside, and if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy. It may sound patronizing to repeat this on and on, but it’s completely true.

6. Buy sexy underwear

There’s nothing that can make you feel sexier than sexy underwear. You don’t have to reveal it for all the world to see. But just knowing that you’re wearing something so sexy and beautiful inside your regular attire can make you feel sexy about yourself. Call it “inner confidence” if you will!

7. Pamper yourself

Ever felt like buying that luxurious grooming product? Go ahead and pick it up *as long as you can comfortably afford it !*. Sexy people love themselves and pamper themselves all the time. Come on, you’re so sexy you deserve the best of stuff.

If you don’t believe you deserve a good splurge now and then, either on your cosmetics or on your accessories, then you’re not really feeling sexy about yourself. Love yourself, and indulge yourself now and then. [Read: How to stop self-destructive behavior and change your life for good]

8. Highlight your best traits

If you have big ears and don’t like them, it’s fine to wear your hair down to shield them. However, you should also highlight some of your best traits.

If you have great skin and sexy collarbones but don’t like your ears, throw that hair up. Don’t hide the great things just because they might expose the stuff you dislike. People will pay far more attention to that glowing skin and décolletage than they will your ears. [Read: 30 sassy traits that make a feisty girl dangerous and sexy]

9. Don’t be insecure about your less attractive traits

We’ve all got something we don’t like about ourselves. Don’t hide these if it means you’re also covering up great qualities. Just because you’re not that happy with certain things doesn’t mean someone else won’t like them.

10. Respect yourself and be respected

If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t be confident. And if you aren’t confident, you’ll never really know how to look sexy, at least to the best of your potential.

Learn to respect yourself and consider yourself worthy of being respected by others, be it your friends or your own partner. Don’t let your friends take you for granted or throw you around like you’re not important. When you’re around people who love you and respect you, your own self worth will grow and you’ll learn to be more confident.

And always remember this, respecting yourself is not a sign of being egoistic. It shows that you know your own worth. [Read: How your self-respect affects you and all the relationships in your life]

11. Let out your goofy side

Being goofy and having a fun personality is incredibly sexy. If you’re a naturally silly person, then be silly around the people you like. Not everyone has this quality and it can be extremely attractive to the right people.

12. Love your life

If you want to know how to be sexy without even trying, learn to love yourself and your life. Be happy and have fun every day. Being fun and exuberant is sexy. Have you ever seen gloomy people who are always pessimistic or negative in life? They’re not very good company and they don’t attract any flirty attention even if they’re rather good looking.

Be the life of the party, laugh and be cheerful and look at the bright side of everything. Happy people always look attractive and they make everything around them come alive like a burst of fresh air. Be that happy attractive person and you’ll have potential mates lining up for your affection. [Read: 14 steps to unfake your life and love being you!]

13. Be yourself 

Yes, it’s cheesy. However, there are too many people trying to be sexy in ways that just aren’t them. You ARE sexy already. You’re your own type of sexy and you can’t try to cover that up by trying to be something else.

That only makes you awkward and seem like a fake person. Let your own light shine. Don’t snuff it out in order to use someone else’s. It’ll appear duller and much less attractive.

14. Work your expressions

There’s nothing cuter and sexier than a good looking person who knows how to be expressive in a confident and sexy manner. [Read more in how to flirt with a guy]

15. Learn to flirt

Knowing how to flirt can open a doorway of good times with the opposite sex. And if you club that art with figuring out how to look sexy, you’ve got a potent mix that would be irresistible to anyone. [Read: How to flirt with a guy if you think you don’t know how to flirt at all]

When you look sexy, you can also come across as being intimidating and make other people nervous. But by being cheerful and happy, you’d also portray a warm and welcoming persona about yourself. You don’t really need to flirt outrageously or try to let someone know you’re interested in them. At times, all it takes is your happy personality, your flirty expressions and a perfect balance of sexiness and teases.

Of course, everyone flirts in a different way. You’re never going to flirt the same way another person does. So don’t try to be someone else. It comes across as not genuine and that’s often annoying. Just flirt the way that makes you feel sexiest and it’ll do you a lot of favors. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and very sexy flirting tips for girls]

16. Laugh often

You’ll never believe how incredibly attractive laughter is. Even if you have a ridiculous laugh, do it a lot and do it loud. Allowing other people to hear your joy can be a lot sexier than you think. You never know who might fall in love with that laugh. [Read: How to smile and laugh more often to change your life for the better]

17. Have fun no matter what you’re doing

There’s something irresistible about someone who is always having fun. No matter what someone prefers in a person attraction-wise, they can’t deny this.

They’ll want to know why you’re having so much fun and they’ll want to be a part of that. So enjoy life. Being free and happy is one of the sexiest things there is.

18. Feel like a sex goddess / god

To understand how to look sexy, you need to feel sexy and truly understand what sex appeal is all about. Don’t be prudish, instead dive into our Sensual Tease section and familiarize yourself with the good positions and the art of seduction. To feel sexy on the inside, you need to feel confident about your sexual prowess.

When you know you’re good in bed, you can’t help but feel confident about it. You may be happy with the missionary bang bang, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what could turn on someone better and what positions could be more exciting. Understand sex and what’s sexy, and you’ll really know how to look sexy, without even trying, of course!

Knowing how to be sexy is all about figuring out what makes you uniquely attractive and owning it. Learn what your sexiest trait is and work to highlight that and attract those who find you enticing.

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Implement these easy steps on how to be sexy and you’ll start to feel more and more sexier, one day at a time. Soon enough, you’d notice many more second glances, flirty stares, and many hearts around you skipping a beat!

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