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8 Crucial Moves You Need to Do to Turn Your Girl On

Though it takes more to arouse a woman, exerting the extra effort can be more than worth it. Here’s how to master the fine art of female arousal.

turn your girl on

Turning a woman on isn’t rocket science. The key to arousing your partner lies in your knowledge of the female anatomy, your empathy towards your partner’s needs, and a keen sense of timing. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of not knowing how to arouse your girlfriend or wife. Once you learn how to do it right, you can both enjoy the pleasures of turning each other on.

Women believe that men are simple creatures that need only a flick of the wrist to get them going. Men, however, are practically terrified of acknowledging that they have to perform certain things to get a girl going.

That’s why when two strangers sleep together, it’s doesn’t always turn out the way they want it to. First, there’s the awkward stage where you discover each other’s naked bodies. After that, you realize that you need to get intimate without knowing how to provide the specific needs of your partner.

It happens for couples in relationships as well. It’s usually because it’s too embarrassing to admit that they have no idea what they’re doing, or they’re too cocky to acknowledge that what they’re doing is wrong. [Read: 12 things guys do that turn women off from sleeping with them]

Why is it important to turn your girlfriend on?

The purpose of turning a woman on can be broken down into a few simple reasons:

#1 You want her to sleep with you.

#2 You want her to like sleeping with you.

#3 You want her to sleep with you again.

The problem is that you may not know how to arouse your girlfriend enough to accomplish any of those things. When a woman doesn’t want to fool around or sleep with you, she will definitely tell you so.

It could be due to a number of reasons like her period, she’s tired, she doesn’t have time or it could be something else that you can’t argue against. If the reason is because she’s not in the mood, it’s your job to get her in the mood.

Don’t just rely on nature to do it for you. Yes, women do feel hornier when they’re ovulating and when they’re in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait every month for the perfect moment or start a family to get your partner all riled up.

When two people are in a relationship and they plan on sleeping together, both people should make an effort to know what they like to do in bed. For men, it’s usually easy because they rely more on visual cues and touch.

Turning a woman on requires a bit more forethought. It’s not just about where you touch a woman. It’s about how you touch her. It’s about watching her reaction and looking to see if you did it right. It’s about being connected enough emotionally and physically to generate waves of pleasure without even having sex yet. [Read: 11 moves to get a girl to hop into bed with you]

How do you arouse a girl in bed?

The next step is finding out how you can arouse your partner enough to want to sleep with you. If that’s your problem area, these tips should be your guide.

#1 Set the stage. It’s all about location. Bear in mind that you can arouse a woman wherever she is. Just make sure it’s in an appropriate location. Don’t attempt this at a funeral, an emergency room, a children’s playground or anywhere else you can get arrested.

You can do this while eating dinner, while watching a movie or even while you’re shopping for clothes. Just make sure that she’s not so distracted that she’ll end up ignoring your advances.

#2 Set the mood. Now that you know where to do the job, you have to make sure that it’s conducive to your plans to arouse your date. Take her to a romantic restaurant with dim lighting. If you’re doing this at home, put some music on and light some candles.

Wherever it is, make sure that the timing allows you to make a move. You can start turning her on while you’re out so you can finish the job when you’re at home. [Read: 8 ways to turn her on just by sitting next to her]

#3 Use her brain. You don’t need to ask her for ideas, but you can use her brain’s normal functions and reactions to make your job easier.  Try to use red sheets in the bedroom because this color is known to increase arousal. The yellow light from the candles helps as well because it works the same way. [Read: 9 ways to set the bedroom for a steamy encounter]

#4 Smell good. Some scents are also known to increase a person’s libido. According to a study by Dr Alan Hirsch, MD, the most effective scents to increase arousal are cucumber and licorice. Try to use cucumber shampoo and soap before your date and light up some licorice-scented candles when you get home.

#5 Use your eyes. One of the best ways to turn a woman on is to make her feel that she’s wanted. Look at her and take it all in. Make sure she knows it. Always start from top to bottom. Look at her eyes, linger for a few moments and slowly make your way down.

Linger on the spots she knows you like, like her breasts, her butt and her legs. Be obvious about it and let her absorb the fact that you’re thinking very naughty things while you’re admiring her.

#6 Tell her. One of the most unutilized tools for flattery and arousal is words. A lot of people are reluctant to talk dirty to their partner because they don’t know how it will be received. Start with a few innocent and moderately sexy phrases like, “You look amazing in that dress.”

If the timing is right, you can progress to whispering how much you want to take it off and do perfectly imaginable things to your partner. Take note of the tone of your voice. Make sure it’s sultry and denotes your intentions without having to say so. [Read: 6 dirty talk tips to get her horny]

#7 Touch her. There are certain places on a woman’s body that can trigger a burst of hormones that can help you in your quest to bed her. These are called the erogenous zones. Many men believe that there are only a few erogenous zones in a woman’s body like the neck, breasts, clitoris and the G-spot. The truth is there are hundreds *and maybe thousands!*

The whole surface area of a woman’s body is one huge erogenous zone that you can use to pleasure her. Don’t just grab anything you can find. Start from top to bottom, like with your eyes, and use fleeting and light touches to stimulate her nerve endings. This concept can beat any other form of arousal methods you can think of. [Read: 11 ways to master the perfect sensual massage]

Apart from the erogenous zones mentioned above, don’t forget to focus on her shoulders, the sides of her stomach, her spine, her inner thighs, the backs of her knees, and her inner ankles. Some women have sensitive toes as well, so you can decide whether you want to focus on those as well.

#8 Watch her. Not only is this sexy, but it can help you determine whether you’re doing everything right. Is your touch making her gasp and moan? Is she obviously faking it? Do you think you should kiss her faster or slower? It all depends on how she reacts. You can ask her about it, but try to do it in a sexy voice so you can cover it up as dirty talk. Remember that confidence can also turn a woman on.

Once you’ve done all you can to get her hot and bothered, you can rest knowing what the next step is. We can’t teach you that in this article, but at least you are now one step closer to your goal.

Arousing a woman in bed benefits both of you. When a woman is turned on enough before you have sex, her orgasms will reach a peak that is higher than what she would have experienced, had there been no mental and physical foreplay. The best thing about being able to do that is that they are more likely to reciprocate and reward you handsomely for your efforts.

[Read: Foreplay moves to really get your girl all hot and bothered]

Learning how to turn your partner on is essential because it can make or break your sexual relationship. If these things are not included in your relationship, you might end up with a boring sex life or possibly none at all.

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