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The 7 Most Common Sex Positions and Easy Ways to Spice Them Up

Common sex positions are used a lot for a reason; they feel great! But if you don’t make an effort to keep them fun, your sex life will feel boring.

Common Sex Positions

Nobody wants a boring sex life. It takes away from the joys in life and it can also hurt your relationship. But if you just can’t get away from using simple and common sex positions because you like them so much, you can run into issues.

Because even though they definitely do feel great and can get you off, it’ll still feel unexciting after a while. You need new, fresh moves that’ll get you excited to have sex time and time again. Otherwise, you’ll just be bored with your partner and might slack off during sex altogether. And nobody likes that.

Sex is linked to the quality of your relationship

If you have a shitty sex life, it’s going to come across in your relationship. You’ll be impatient more, you’ll feel unfulfilled, and you’ll also start to imagine life without that person. Obviously, you don’t want that. Not if you really care about them.

For that reason, it’s crucial to keep your sex life in great shape. And although you might have some go-to common sex positions you love, those also still need to be kept fresh and exciting. [Read: How to improve your relationship and better your love life]

How to spice up the typical common sex positions

There’s no need to completely give up those positions we all love so much. You can still get frisky in them but you’ll also want to try to spice them up while you’re doing it. Make them new even though you’ve been doing them for a long time. Here’s how to take your common sex positions and make them fun again.

#1 Missionary. This is probably the most common sex position and it’s liked by pretty much by everyone. It feels great and his the woman’s g-spot just right while also giving the guy a solid view of all her lady bits. However, it can get a little boring if done over and over again.

Spice it up: In order to spice up this position, try having the woman close her legs and draw her knees to her chest. It might block some of the guy’s amazing view, but it tilts her pelvis up, making it tighter for the guy while also giving him an even better angle to hit that g-spot. [Read: 8 ways to make missionary sex magical]

#2 Doggy style. Who doesn’t love a good doggy style? Many people out there even vote this as their favorite position due to how it feels and how it looks. Women love it for the g-spot action and men, particularly booty-loving men, love it for the views. But it can get a little repetitive if you do it all the time.

Spice it up: Take this sex position up a notch by having the woman close her legs and put them inside the man’s so his legs are spread. This is just a variation of doggy style that’ll make it tighter for the guy while also making it feel just as good, if not better for the ladies.

You can take it a step further by having the woman lay mostly on her stomach while keeping her booty high in the air with her legs together. Men, you’ll love this one in particular. [Read: 16 mind-blowing ways to have really hot sex from behind]

#3 Cowgirl. A girl riding the guy while he lays back and enjoys it is by far one of the most-liked positions by men. For women, however, it can be a little boring and even tiresome if she’s doing all the work for too long.

Spice it up: In order to spice this one up and make it way more exciting, the women can just turn around. Obviously, this is a reverse cowgirl but it’s a great way to mix things up if you’re both used to doing the regular cowgirl. Another way to make it more fun is for the woman to move her legs to the same side so she’s riding him with her lower half twisted. [Read: 12 must-know tips and tricks for mastering reverse cowgirl]

#4 Standing up. Sex standing up is amazing if you’re in a rush or having shower sex. It’s also a great go-to if you’re mostly dressed and just want to whip out a quickie. The unfortunate thing is that it can get pretty boring quickly.

Spice it up: Make it a lot more fun by turning the woman around and having her from the front. Ladies, hike up a leg and wrap it around him. Bend over a little further if you can and make it like a standing doggy-style. Man, grab her hair and tilt her head back. Take a vibrator and give her some pleasure from the front – especially if you’re going for a quickie.

#5 69. Who doesn’t love some great 69-ing. It feels amazing, it’s a great form of foreplay, and it’s just fun to pleasure your partner while they’re pleasuring you. But doing so for a decent length of time can get super boring, super fast. So you may want to try some alternatives if this is your usual go-to foreplay move.

Spice it up: There’s really only so much you can do to make this position more exciting, but you definitely can. Instead of having the girl on top, roll onto your sides. Not only is this more relaxing, it’ll offer more pleasure when you’re both rested. If you really want to get a little crazy, have the man pick the woman up so she’s upside down. Obviously, this will only last for a short time but it’ll surely make it more fun. [Read: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romps]

#6 Legs over shoulders. This position, in case you’re not sure what it is by the name, is basically missionary with the woman’s legs up over the guy’s shoulders. It’s a fantastic way to get the g-spot stimulated and is widely popular. But again, too much of anything can get boring.

Spice it up: To spice this one up and making it a little more fun, have the woman put both legs over a single shoulder. This tightens her up and gives it a little variation. You can also use a vibrator on her clit at the same time.

#7 Spooning. This has got to be the most popular of the common sex positions, particularly for those who are a little bit lazier. It’s relaxing, it hits that g-spot well, and it’s overall great. But this is also the easiest sex position to get sick of.

Spice it up: Thankfully, you can spice up spooning pretty simply. You can have the woman bend forward at her hips so it’s like a relaxed doggy style. This creates a much better angle for g-spot stimulation while also making it a bit more exciting at the same time.

[Read: 10 different sex positions to spice it up and add a bang in bed]

It can be a little intimidating to expand your sexual horizons by spicing up the common sex positions you know and love. But if it makes the sex and your relationship better, it’s worth it.

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