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10 Seductive Bad Girl Sex Tricks to Try in Bed Tonight

Want to send your man on a ride he’ll never forget? Here are 10 bad girl sex tricks for oral, hand-jobs, intercourse, and everything in between!

bad girl sex tricks

Have you ever heard the term “cold fish”? This sexual term usually refers to girls who lay still during sex and barely participate.

At LovePanky, we want to make sure this slanderous term never enters your sexual resume! We’re looking at how you can release your inner bad girl and show off some majorly sexy sex tricks in bed tonight!

#1 Foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom. Sex tricks don’t start in the bedroom. If only it were that easy! Girls tend to think of men as carnal beings on perma-viagra, but this simply isn’t the case *With most men, anyway. We’re sure there’s at least one horny-boy with a perma-boner, but for the rest…* They need mental stimulation, too!

Therefore, let your first sex trick be some foreplay. Tease your man outside the bedroom with sexy texts: “Can’t even say what I’m going to do to you later… It’ll make me blush just typing it.” Opposite the sweet and coy route, feel free to get dirty in your texts: “I can’t wait for you to come all over my face tonight.” [Read: 10 sexy conversation starters to get you both horny]

#2 Dirty pictures. Another way you can get him started is by sending a suggestive photo via text. It doesn’t have to be a nudie pic, just so long as it gets him going. For example, send him a picture of some sexy lingerie on your bed and tell him you’re saving it for when you see him.

Jog his mind with thoughts of sex, and we swear he’ll be good and ready for you later!

#3 Confidence. Confidence is sexy, and a woman’s confidence only adds to a man’s perception of how his lady love is between the sheets! That’s right. The more confident you are, the better you’ll seem in the sack. Show your confidence by strutting what you’ve got and not being afraid to try new things.

Don’t act embarrassed of your body, or a particular area of your body, don’t be shy about giving your man a lap-dance, stripping down naughtily, and letting go with some dirty talk. Men love a take-charge woman. [Read: 12 sexy foreplay moves that work incredibly well on men]

#5 Dirty talk sex tricks. This sex trick is wildly fantastic since it can be applied to any time of day or action. Whether you’re sending a text from work or riding him on the couch, no man has ever said no to a little dirty wordy. It can be awkward or difficult to think of something to say, so know a little can stretch a long way.

In fact, if you play your cards right you can get him off hard with just a couple of dirty phrases and a whole lot of moaning. Some great phrases for dirty talk include:

“I want you in my mouth.”

“Your c*ck/dick feels so good inside me.”

“I want your come all over me.”

“My pussy/c*nt is so wet.”

“You’re going to make me come so hard.”

Remember, it’s not what you say, really, but how you say it. Ooze charisma and, the aforementioned, confidence. If you believe it, so will he. [Read: 50 really sexy and dirty things you can say to a guy]

#6 Hand-job sex tricks. Hand-jobs are a notorious start to any sexual rendezvous. They can also be a bit tricky. We don’t mean it’s hard *no pun intended* to give one. Up and down, up and down, done. Rather, men have been giving themselves, dare we say, the *perfect* hand-job since they were teenagers, making it more difficult for them to enjoy one of the same caliber from you.

Whether they’re a prelude to vaginal or oral sex, or just a little treat on its own, you’re going to want a couple of sex tricks to make sure he isn’t bored. Here are some excellent HJ tricks just for you.

Use lube. Circumcised men have lost that natural sheath of self-lubrication that makes a hand-job a thing of ease. Therefore, if you’re with a guy who’s cut, you’re going to want to keep the lube handy when giving digital pleasure.

Make sure you don’t use too much lube, or it may just numb his pleasure. Also feel free to experiment with heating or cooling lubricants to really get him excited.

Change positions. Hand-jobs don’t require you sit directly in front of your man, jerking him off. Instead, spice it up and play with different positions. Lay on your side, lay directly next to his penis as you tug him off, keeping your mouth close to the head of his penis to tease him.

Another great position is to have your man come and sit on your stomach while you do the deed. This leaves his hands free to wander to your clit or breasts, and leaves you free to let him come all over your face, mouth, or breasts, if it pleases you. You may also assume the 69 position and give him a great view while you jerk him up and down.

Mix up your strokes. Get versatile with your hand-jobs by using both hands, changing up the rhythm and grip, interlocking your fingers as you masturbate him, using a pepper-grinder motion (use plenty of lube for this. Also note that this *doesn’t* work for uncircumcised penises at all!) [Read: 12 sexy, smutty moves to give a guy the best hand-job ever]

#7 Blowjob sex tricks.

Build up anticipation. With your sexiest moves possible, you’re going to want to make him beg for it *figuratively, of course*. Grind against his penis with your bum or vagina, run your hand across the bulge on his pants, and only lick the shaft of the penis, never taking in or stroking the head to give him the ultimate tease before popping that gorgeous thing in your warm mouth.

Use your hand AND your mouth. Life isn’t a porno, people. While it may *look* good to a camera to have a woman use nothing but her mouth on a man, it certainly isn’t going to be the most pleasurable route you can take. Use your hand in tandem with your mouth on your man for a fantastic orgasm he’s going to love.

Play with his balls. Many men enjoy having their balls played with, and giving his testicles a long lick or gentle cupping while you’re performing with your other hand and mouth will give him an extra sexy sensation. [Read: 9 blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

Do a taste-test. For whatever reason, men like it when a woman is willing to taste herself. Give him a thrill by stopping mid-BJ and hopping on for a ride. Once you’ve been satisfied, hop back off and get back to your blowjob. If he doesn’t blow his load watching you taste your cum off of his penis… we don’t know if he ever will!

For those feeling squeamish about tasting their own vajay, don’t worry about it, simply make like you’re going to start the BJ by nearing your mouth and using your hand on him. Make sure you get any potential wetness and leavings off his member before you put it in your mouth. [Read: 8 naughty little things every guy wishes you’d do in bed]

#8 Intercourse sex tips.

Grab it. Just because his member is inside you doesn’t mean you can’t still give it a grab. Reaching down and allowing your hand to stroke him as he comes in and out of you is totally hot, and it acts almost like an extended vagina. The mix of texture and sensation will feel amazing on his dick.

Watch yourself. A definitive sex trick your man will love is expressing interest in watching. Either do the dirty in front of a large mirror, or insist you want to see and lean up while he’s entering you, missionary style. Watching the show is totally hot, and he’ll be as equally turned on when you insist, in your dirtiest tone, that you want to see him f*cking you.

Take control. Even if you’re not a “cold fish” in the sack, there is still way more work for a man to do during intercourse than a woman. So, give him a sexy break and take exactly what you want. When it comes to being intimate: confidence is sexy, and so is taking control!

Feel free to man-handle your man during sex and take the lead. If he’s on top, maneuver him to lay down and start riding him to your heart’s delight. If you want doggy, put him in position, and you do all of the thrusting. [Read: The art of riding a man and looking really sexy doing it]

Scratch him good. Nothing says you’re more into his sexy rhythm than throwing in a little back-scratch play. *Not too hard, though!* Men love this sex trick and will keep your light scratches as a reminder of your tantalizing night together.

Play with yourself. This sex trick is something men definitely enjoy watching. While you’re in the throes of passion, start touching yourself. Whether you’re rubbing your clit or licking your fingers and playing with your backside, he’ll get that much harder knowing you’re in for even more dirty pleasures.

#9 Don’t forget the balls! Plenty of men love having their balls copped during the dirty, but so little get to experience it! Stimulate his testicles, GENTLY, by cupping them in your hands and doing a light “roll” of them, licking them, or squeezing them softly. Do this as you blow, masturbate, or ride him, and he’ll be in for a wild ride.

#10 Bum play. Alright, so you may want to check with your man before you jump straight into it, but the truth is *whether they like to admit it or not!* a lot of men love a little bum action… on themselves!

No matter what vessel you use, tongue, lubed finger, or vibrator, simply stimulate around the hole, on the perineum, or go the full Monty and penetrate *gently!* Men may just find they love the extra nerve stimulation. Just make sure you clear this with your man before trying to cop a feel!

If you get the go ahead, feel free to stimulate him from behind. While it may not be a dirty girl sex trick he brags to his friends about, it’s certainly one he’ll never forget!

[Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas you should try on your man at least once]

Still don’t think you have what it takes? Girl, please. You’ve got him where you want him and you know exactly what you’re gonna do about it. Wake up that inner vixen and keep showing your man the ride of his life with these 10 bad girl sex tricks.

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