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Six Bad-Boy Sex Tricks You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

Are you looking to be a bad boy in the bedroom but aren’t sure how? Trying out these sex tricks is a surefire way to keep her coming back for more!

bad boy sex tricks

Have you ever heard about men having “moves” in the sack? For a lot of people, this term can get a little confusing. After all, what possible moves could you have besides “penis goes in vagina,” or “mouth goes on clit?” Well… you’d be surprised!

If you’re bad in bed, girls talk. If you’re great in bed? They RAVE. That’s right, Sex and the City wasn’t joking around. Women really do gather up their trusted girlfriends and reveal the innermost workings of their sex lives, for better or worse. Learning how to properly touch a woman will add some much needed, much sought-after sex tricks into your repertoire that’ll definitely have her coming back for more.

If you want to give your lover something electrifying to talk about on her next girls’ night, we highly suggest you check out these bad-boy sex tricks to add to your arsenal.

Bad-boy sex tricks you need to know about

Your sexual prowess can be an absolute dream to women, and there are literally only three things you have to do: find out what she likes, listen/watch for her mental and physical reactions, and take your time. Here are some absolute must-have sex tricks you need to know about.

#1 The build-up

They say that one of a woman’s top erogenous zones is her mind. Sex is just as mental as it is physical, so start her off early in the day by teasing her for your body with dirty texts. Tell her what you want to do to her later *in detail*, tell her she gets to pick one sexual treat for later, tell her how much you love the taste of her, or even tell her how hard you are when you’re thinking about her body.

Sending her sexy teases throughout the day is a foolproof way to have her begging for it later. [Read: 20 subtle-but-dirty questions to ask a girl and make her really wet]

#2 Get a sexy rhythm

Women love rhythm and consistency, so if your aim is so make her cum, be sure to use a rhythm she likes. Many women enjoy having their clit rubbed in circular motions during foreplay or intercourse. Avoid porn-inspired, light-speed rubbing back and forth of the clit, unless you want to give her giant welts on her privates!

As for oral sex, definitely use the “alphabet” sex trick. This means you’ll be drawing the alphabet *or even just a couple of letters* in consistent rotation on your girl’s clit. This keeps your tongue moving, feels amazing for her, and gives you something to do. [Read: 8 tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

#3 The magic of the clit

Yes, she knows you are an absolute master with your cock, but she’s probably much more into clit-play than dick-play, to be honest. It’s not that she doesn’t love feeling you fill her up deeply, but make sure you’re rubbing her clit in a consistent rhythm while you’re doing it!

Furthermore, don’t pull the clitoral hood up when you’re pleasuring Miss C. It can be extremely painful to have direct contact. Instead, take advantage of that hood and use it to rub overtop of the clit until it swells up. When the clit has swollen up in ecstasy, that’s the time to touch it directly! [Read: The guy’s guide to finding and tingling her g-spot effortlessly]

#4 How to touch a woman’s breasts

Boobs are fun, fantastic, and oh-so-exciting, but there’s a certain way to touch them to really get a woman going. Whether or not she is going to respond sexually to your boob-related sex tricks depends entirely on the woman, since nipple sensitivity strongly varies from lady to lady.

However, one great sex trick to get a woman hot and bothered is to take her entire nipple into your mouth and gently swirl your tongue around it. Women respond strongly to consistent rhythms, so don’t go crazy with your movements. Then, once she’s started moaning and writhing against your mouth, move your lips away and let the cold air hit her wet nipple. Her nipples getting hard against the air can be a total turn-on for both of you!

Some not-so-sexy tips to avoid? The “push and swirl.” Some men have taken it upon themselves to press breasts down and swirl them in circles. Major ouch. They’re not steering wheels, fellas! [Read: 8 types of nipples women have, and you probably haven’t seen them all]

#5 Taking advantage of female erogenous zones

Female erogenous zones are nothing to scoff at, and one of your biggest bad-boy sex tricks will be knowing exactly how to pleasure these sensitive areas of her body. Some common female erogenous zones include:

Her neck. Neck kisses are a wonderful thing when done right. Gently licking, breathing on, and kissing the neck during foreplay or intercourse will throw your girlfriend into absolute ecstasy. [Read: Neck kisses – How to kiss her in a way that’ll leave her wet]

Her ears. The earlobe is incredibly sensitive and is sure to give your lover some major goosebumps when caressed just right. Next time you’re getting busy, try licking or gently sucking her earlobes. Just watch out for her earrings—ouch!

Her mouth. Kissing is an art form, and when done right, you can have your lover wet and ready in minutes. Use a delicate blend of soft, passionate kissing, biting, sucking, and teases from your tongue to get her going.

Her inner thighs. The inner thighs are an absolute erogenous zone for women and using this to your advantage is an intense way to build up anticipation. During foreplay, touch her inner thighs. Gently rub them, tickle them with your fingertips, and be sure to touch everywhere except for her hot spot. Kiss your way down her body until you’re in between her legs, and lick the inner thighs, kiss them, and gently bite her skin. Feeling your breath touching everywhere except for her vagina will drive her crazy with desire. [Read: 11 sexy hot spots to kiss a woman on her body and drive her wild]

Her wrists. Believe it or not, women love having their wrists looked after in the bedroom! Use this to your advantage by kissing or breathing upon her wrists and using a gentle grip to pin her down by the wrists.

#6 Dirty birdy – The art of dirty talk

Dirty talk is a huge sex trick for men, especially because it can be difficult to do. While many women don’t like *or feel awkward* participating in dirty talk, plenty still love to hear it from you. Some women find dirty talk wholly off-putting, so make sure you’re familiar with your partner before you give it a try. [Read: The right way to talk dirty to a girl without turning her off in bed]

And if your girl is shy, make sure you give her the option to just listen, rather than participate herself. The trick is to find a fine line between disgusting dirty talk *calling her a bitch, a dirty slut, or a little whore*, and sexy dirty talk *I love making you wet, you feel so tight, you’re a dirty girl*. Find that sweet spot, and this option will be one of your best sex tricks yet.

[Read: 18 amazing sex tips for men to make any woman crave for more!]

Sex moves don’t have to be a mystery for the everyman. These tips are a surefire way to get your woman off and give you all the glory! If your goal is to be the ultimate pleasure-giver, we’re certain that these bad-boy sex tricks are the perfect way to start you off.

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