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11 Sexy Ways for Men to Get Way Better in Bed!

Do you want to get into a woman’s mind and understand everything she desires and wants in bed? Read these 11 sexy ways to get there right now!

how to get way better in bed

Do you want to understand a woman’s needs and desires better?

For starters, what you need to know is that women can get turned on by the strangest of things.

And at times, by the most contrasting of ideas!

No style or sex move is a one-fits-all scenario, and only experience and communication can help you understand just what arouses a woman.

Some ladies like it when men are dominant and assertive in bed.

Other women are turned on when their guy likes to play the more submissive role.

But regardless of those preferences and the confusions, there are a few things that almost always work, and she simply won’t be able to resist these moves!

11 sexy ways to get way better in bed

Whether you’re just casually dating a girl or you’ve been in a long-term relationship with the same girl for a while, you can do things to her to turn her on even more than you already do.

And if you’re currently not dating anyone, keeping these turn-ons in mind can greatly help you maintain a sexually fulfilling relationship with the ladies in the future! [Read: Sex in a relationship – What it really means to a woman]

#1 Compliments. Women can be suckers for compliments, especially when you say them during a particularly vulnerable moment *i.e. when she’s wearing her birthday suit in front of you*.

As you’re about to have sex with her, you obviously already find her attractive. Don’t keep it all in your mind, and let her know. Be specific and express your thoughts as your eyes wander all over her body. Not only would this turn her on, but it can also boost her confidence enough to be more adventurous with your lovemaking.

#2 Making sure she’s comfortable. It can, at times, be a bit tough to tell if a woman is really comfortable with you or if she’s just playing the part so you don’t get discouraged. Oftentimes, the lack of resistance may feel like acceptance to men. But just because she doesn’t say no, doesn’t automatically means she likes what you’re doing to her.

Just ask the right questions like, “Is this okay?” or “Can I do this?” or “Am I being too rough/soft/fast/slow/awkward?” By asking this, you can then make her realize you’re open to suggestions and that you’re willing to be guided along. [Read: 18 sex tips for men to make her crave for a lot more!]

#3 A willingness to learn. You’re probably not a sexual code breaker who can unlock all the secrets of the female body. That’s fine, and we won’t hold it against you. What women CAN hold against you is if you’re too rigid with what you’ve learned from past experiences that you refuse to tailor your moves to please the woman you’re with.

No two women are exactly alike, sexually. Each one has their own unique turn ons. You need to learn what they are through practice and experience. Allow her to show you the way, to guide you, to pleasure you in her own unique way. Each sexual encounter is a learning experience built to make your lovemaking even more ecstatic! [Read: 22 really common reasons why women want to fake it in bed]

#4 Getting fit together. The way you look when you’re working out is almost the same as you do when you’re making hot steamy love. You’re all hot, sweaty and bothered, and you’re glistening with the effort of each weight you lift. You’ll notice how much she’s enjoying the show if she stops mid-lift and would rather watch you do your routine.

In addition to the way you look, it also shows her that you want to keep your body healthy. And what better way to do this than by using your gym time as a bonding experience with her? When all those pheromones are out in the open, she won’t be able to resist suggesting a tryst in the shower room. [Read: 9 wild ways to have sex in the shower without hurting yourself!]

#5 A full arsenal of positions. Let’s face it, men who are fit and strong are capable of more strenuous sexual positions than those who are out of shape. You can lift her up, you can indulge in acrobatic positions, and most of all, you’ve got the endurance to top it all off.

However, you don’t necessarily need to have a superhero-esque body to be able to pull off a wide range of positions. Just know more than the basic missionary, doggy style, spooning and woman on top. That way, when you’ve tried all those positions more than ten times with your partner, you have more options to try out like the wheelbarrow and the thigh high!

#6 Various kissing techniques. You know that one kiss that got you your title as a good kisser back in high school? Well, that’s not going to cut it, buddy. You need more than just one signature kiss to woo your girl.

You can’t always whip out the tongue when you’re just giving her a kiss at the end of the date, and you can’t just continuously spell the alphabet with your tongue when you’re doing some foreplay.

There are tons of different techniques that you can learn when it comes to kissing. Try playfully biting or sucking on her lower lip when you’re getting started with foreplay. Practice leaving a trail of butterfly kisses on her skin as you work your way south. We’re sure she’ll be more than happy to practice with you. [Read: 15 ways to turn a girl’s mind on and excite her]

#7 Pay attention to her erogenous zones. Lots of men are like this: kiss mouth, kiss breasts, penetration. That’s simply not how you do it! The best way to get her ready for the main event is by sensually touching sensitive areas that aren’t her breasts and vagina.

The most common erogenous zones for women are the neck, the back of the ears, her inner thighs and her butt. Try to go from a barely-there caress of the fingers to a more ardent and passionate knead. Don’t be afraid to use your lips, your tongue or even your nose to get her erogenous zones fully stimulated so she’ll be ready to receive you. [Read: The art of giving a woman a sensual massage that’ll drive her crazy!]

#8 Asking her what her sexual fantasy is. All women have a sexual fantasy, though some are more creative than others. Ask her what hers is and you’ll accomplish two very important things. First, you’ll make her visualize her fantasy in order to tell you about it. That can already be a turn on in itself.

Second, it shows that you’re interested and that you just might be up for it. She’ll be glad you asked, and if your sexual fantasies happen to match, then bingo! You’ve got yourself a winner! [Read: The 10 wildest sexual fantasies for women]

#9 Knowing where everything is. Sometimes we wish you had paid way more attention in Sex Ed class. It’s such a shame that there are still some men out there who have no idea where the clitoris is. Somehow, they assume that if their hand or penis is down there, they’ll eventually hit it if they thrust hard enough.

Now the g-spot and clitoris are two of the most valuable keys to unlocking a woman’s orgasm. If you have absolutely no idea where these two are or how to find them, learn how you can find them using your fingers. Afterwards, apologize to your girl for wasting her time and promise her that you know what you’re doing from now on!

#10 Her pleasure is a priority. Sex isn’t a man’s game. It doesn’t end when the man finishes. Imagine if, during sex, your orgasm were to become optional. We know some men are fine with this, and lots of women have gotten used to this over the years. But it really shouldn’t be that way!

One of the greatest turn ons for women is knowing that the man she’s with also cares that she’s feeling the pleasure of foreplay and sex. Trust us when we say that she’ll be begging for more if you make love to her like your orgasm depends on her pleasure! [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips that’ll always end with huge orgasms]

#11 Impeccable hygiene. This kind of goes without saying. Take a shower regularly, trim your nails, wear some deodorant and take care of the shrubbery down there. This should actually be labeled as a requirement than as a turn on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip into the mind of the woman. Since you now know what pushes her sexual buttons, we hope both of you end up with a more fulfilling and orgasmic sex life.

[Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny]

Now keep these 11 sexy ways for you to get better in bed in your thoughts, and get out there and start practicing your moves!

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