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What are the Five Senses of Sexy Lovemaking?

You know your five senses but do you know how they affect your sex life? What are the five senses of sex that can make sex sexy or boring? Find out here.

five senses of lovemaking

We’re well accustomed with the five senses we use in our daily lives.

But how well do you use it when it comes to a relationship, and especially in bed?

At the start of an intimate romantic relationship, you can’t help but use all of your senses because you can never get enough of your sexy lover.

But as time goes by, the experiences of the five senses may slowly diminish while making love.

And what starts off as a pleasurable activity involving the five senses ends up with just one sense, the sense of touch, which is the mere act of penetration.

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The five senses of lovemaking

We have five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

And to actually enjoy anything in life, we need to look for ways to stimulate all of these senses, be it when it comes to eating dessert or making love.

Has your sex life been heading towards a boring standstill in recent months or years? Perhaps, you’ve stopped stimulating all your five senses while having sex. [Read: 10 sexy ways to get over a sexual dry spell]

When you don’t really experience the pleasure of sex through all your senses, sex can start to get more frustrating, especially when having sex involves weak orgasms and limp members. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up for as long as you need]

And chances are, one or both of you may start getting attracted to other people who can excite all your senses better.

How to use your five senses to make sex feel sexier

There are many positions you can use while having sex. But reignite your five senses while having sex and you’ll see just how exciting making love can get, all over again.

#1 The sense of sight. Can you recollect the last time you had sex? Can you recollect the things that visually excited you? Almost always, couples ignore the sense of sight and don’t bother trying to excite each other visually.

To excite your partner visually, your first goal should be to look your best. Work out every day and do your best to get the dream physique you’ve always wanted. When you look like a perfect 10, your partner can’t help but be awed by your naked beauty. Dress up in your good looking and well fitting underwear that accentuate your curves and avoid wearing baggy clothes that make you appear unattractive. [Read: Sexy tips to dress for sex]

Use candles or lampshades that illuminate your bedroom with a soft, yellow glow. It’ll make your naked body look more radiant and beautiful. Play with the lights while making love and rearrange your bedroom so it feels more cozy and yet sexy. [Read: Love decor tips for a sex bedroom]

And if you want it heighten the pleasure even more, watch porn while having sex or place a full length mirror horizontally a few inches away from your bed. By involving mirrors or porn, it’ll feel like there’s more than just the two of you having sex which can be a much bigger turn on.

#2 The sense of hearing. The sense of hearing is one of the stronger stimulants that can bring sexy back into bed. Whisper in a soft husky voice and talk dirty with each other. Talk about each other’s fantasies or just create a few sexual scenarios like having sex at a beach or at a party. And if that doesn’t help, involve other couples or singles in your fantasies while having sex. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

Listen to mood music or create a playlist of songs that make you feel more sexy, especially if you’ve heard them often while grinding each other at a club. As long as the sounds you hear turn you on, it’ll always make sex a lot sexier. [Read: How to sound really sexy in bed]

#3 The sense of touch. When you were first dating your partner, even a light sensual graze of skin would turn you on. But now that you’ve been accustomed to your lover’s touch, it’ll be more difficult to enjoy the sense of touch while having sex. Make the sense of touch feel more adventurous by making out at clubs, or by touching each other discreetly in public.

And when you’re in bed, extend foreplay by at least ten minutes. Extending foreplay gives stronger erections and better orgasms. Touch each other’s erogenous zones before penetrating and wear soft cotton or sheer fabrics so your body feels better to touch even with the clothes on.

Nibble your lover’s ear lobes or bite and spank each other if that helps you experience better sex. And to heighten the sense of touch to an all new high, have sex in different places so it can give you a whole new sexual experience. [Read: 7 sexiest places and circumstances to have sex in]

#4 The sense of smell. Fragrances and perfumes can heighten the pleasure of sex by a large extent. Use scented candles and body perfume before you have sex.

And try to have a shower and freshen up before having sex. While the natural body fragrances can be a turn on for your partner, an overdose of body odor never is. Have good hygiene habits and smell good down there. At times, use fragrant massage oils to massage each other for a few minutes before having sex to smell great and turn your partner on. [Read: 30 ways to spice up your sex life]

#5 The sense of taste. Use aphrodisiacs while having sex. They can delay penetration and increase sexual foreplay at the same time.  Additionally, you can also use flavored condoms, lip gloss and lubes to make everything about you feel more “tasteful.” This is especially important when you go down or let your partner go down on you. You wouldn’t want any bad experiences down under to ruin your senses while making love. [Read: 12 steps to make him go down on you without a push]

Drinking a few glasses of wine while having sex can numb you and yet heighten the pleasure, making sex feel more enjoyable.

Experiencing sex through your senses

As relationships grow, we need to constantly look for new ways to heighten the pleasure. Use your five senses to make sex more enjoyable and fun.

And if you really want to go all out and lose yourself in passionate lovemaking, try tantric sex. It’ll heighten all your five senses and connect both of you emotionally too. And let’s not forget the mind blowing out of the world orgasms tantric sex can give you!

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Now that you know what are the five senses of sex and understand how to use them effectively, go on and use these tips while making love with your partner. It’ll surely heighten the pleasure and bring back the sizzle into sex.

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