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Pull Out Method: Everything You Need to Know to Make Up Your Mind

If you don’t have a condom when you need one, what do you do? Should you resort to the pull out method? And, how effective is the pull out method anyway?

pull out method

When you’re caught in the heat of the moment and you suddenly remember that you don’t have a condom, you might freeze in panic. Should you carry on regardless? Should you stop? Or, should you attempt the pull out method and hope for the best?

In all honesty, the very best advice is to stop and go and find a condom, but perhaps that’s not an option for you. Many people wonder how effective is the pull out method and while it’s not as bad as going for it without protection at all, it’s still heavy with risk. But, if you want to learn more about it, being informed can help you to minimize those risks at least a little. [Read: 12 amazing facts you didn’t know about semen]

What is the pull out method?

If you’ve been on birth control or have always used condoms, then you may not be familiar with the pull out method. Before we go any further, Iet’s explain. The pull out method is when the male pulls out prior to ejaculating, thus preventing semen from getting inside the vagina. It sounds all technical, but, let’s be honest, most of us have done this at least once.

There are many issues with the pull out method, not least the fact that remembering to do it before that big moment can be hard when you’re caught up in the sensations. Other than that, you might not be aware that pre-ejaculatory fluids can also cause pregnancy. The bad news is that they make their way out of the penis before orgasm. Basically, it’s full of risks. So, if you want to know how effective is the pull out method, it’s bordering on a 50/50 situation. Of course, that’s not based on any particular study, but the risk is very real and it’s there. [Read: Why to never trust his pull out game – no matter how strong]

Should that stop you from attempting the pull out method? It’s up to you. Many people do it, far more than you might think. While it’s always better to opt for a reliable form of contraception, if you’re caught in the moment, it may be something you resort to.

How common is it to pull out?

Sometimes you don’t expect to get all hot and bothered and then what are you going to do? For sure you can say no and zip your pants back up, but how many of us have actually done that?

It’s not as easy as it sounds, we’re animals. And by animals, I mean, we have tunnel vision it when it comes to being in the moment. So, if you’re thinking about trying the pull out method, there are some things you should know. [Read: Withdrawal method – How reliable is this birth control method?]

If you’ve taken a sex-ed class or watched any romantic comedies, there’s usually talk about wearing a condom. And you know, it’s a good idea. Condoms prevent the spread of STIs and reduce the odds of pregnancy from occurring.

But in reality, many people try the pull out method. In fact, 60% of the couples in the US have used the pull out method during intercourse. Much more than you thought, eh? [Read: Sex tutorial 101 – 15 things they don’t teach you in sex ed]

How effective is the pull out method?

Listen, no contraceptive is 100% effective. However, using a condom or birth control is better at preventing pregnancy than the pull out method. It’s not that the pull out method doesn’t work, it does – sometimes. The problem is the guy pulling out.

The challenge for men is pulling out the penis before ejaculation. Because, well, it feels really good. So, it’s basically about timing. If your partner is always late to move, well, maybe use a condom. [Read: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

There’s a lot of confusion about pre-cum, that pre-ejaculatory fluid we talked about earlier. But, after some research, it’s been discovered that pre-cum does contain active sperm. However, pre-cum is made up of one-third of active sperm, so though there is sperm in pre-cum, it’s a smaller amount than during ejaculation.

This doesn’t mean the female can’t get pregnant, because she still can. So even if you do pull out in time, there’s still a chance for pregnancy. [Read: Unprotected sex – The dangers most people don’t even think about]

Why do people risk it?

We’re going to be 100% honest here and tell you why you have men who pressure women into having sex without a condom. No, it’s not because they want to bond with you and have a ‘connection.’ It’s very simple. It feels better.

Some men are unable to maintain a full erection while wearing a condom because it numbs the sensation. Now, that doesn’t mean as a woman should have sex without a condom. Trust us, they can handle wearing a condom for fifteen minutes. [Read: Are you falling for the just the tip excuse?]

It’s more about being caught in the moment and not having a condom to hand. If that happens, you’re more likely to try the pull out method rather than stop, if you’re enjoying what’s going on.

The pros and cons of the pull out method

Though the pull out method gets a bad rap, there are some pros to it. It just depends on your situation.

Pros of pulling out

1. The pull out method doesn’t cost you anything

2. You don’t have to take hormones and no need for a doctor’s prescription [Read: The best birth control pill – How to choose the right one]

3. It can be used in the moment, and you don’t need to prepare in advance

4. The guy might prefer it because of how good it feels to not wear a condom (but no excuse, remember)

5. The girl might prefer it because of the feeling of bare skin

Cons of pullng out

1. Of course, the number one problem is the risk involved, and it can’t be ignored [Read: The step-by-step guide to calmly handling a pregnancy scare]

2. The man has to be very aware of ejaculation becoming closer, and pull out on time – even a second late is too late

3. The problem of pre-cum. You can get pregnant from pre-cum and if your guy is late pulling out, that risk is increased

4. Pulling out doesn’t protect you against contracting an STI. Because you’re not wearing a condom, you increase your chances of contracting one, especially if you’re using this method during a one night stand. [Read: How to survive an STD scare in a relationship]

5. The mess. Sorry, but its pretty messy.

Have a back up plan

If you’re going to use the pull out method, then you should always be prepared for the possibility of it going wrong. For example, if he forgets to pull out. So, make sure you have access to emergency contraception and a condom, in case you have some suspicions. However, if you’re suspicious, perhaps don’t have sex with him in the first place!

If you’re a woman, and you prefer the pull out method, then you need to know your body. Download an app to help you track your cycles. These apps usually have alerts to tell you when you’re at peak ovulation. So, during those high fertility days, make sure you use a condom. [Read: Condoms types and how they improve your sex life]

If you’re having sex using the pull out method and you’re not in a committed relationship, make sure you have regular STI tests. Actually, even if you’re in a committed relationship, you should be getting tested. Not all STIs show up right away, so if you’re in a new relationship, you may not see the symptoms until later on.

We know it seems like it’s putting distrust in the relationship, but it’s your body and you should know what’s going on in it. [Read: Why men hate using condoms and why you need one]

Don’t do it because everyone else is

You may be thinking of trying the pull out method because it seems to be the “in” thing right now. Listen, you do what you feel is right. If you’re not comfortable trying it, you don’t have to. If anything, it should only ever be a last resort anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with using a condom – it’s far safer. If you’re a woman, since you’re at risk for pregnancy, you make the decision of the contraception used during sex. It’s your body. [Read: 23 remarks that will kill the mood for sex]

But, if you want to try it, make sure you listen to our advice and at least try to make it slightly safer and more effective for you.

[Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible to]

What can we say, having sex is fun and though wearing a condom is a good idea, sometimes it doesn’t happen. If you’re not prepared at least you now know some facts about the pull out method.

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