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16 Really Sexy New Year’s Resolutions for the Ladies

Why stick to boring resolutions when you can go with some sexier ones? Here’s how to make sure you’ll have hotter, better sex in the upcoming year!

sexy new year resolution

While there are plenty of great reasons to take care of your health and body in the New Year, why leave out your sex life? Grab your pad of paper and create your sexual bucket list for the next 12 months. Create your erotic checklist by yourself or with your mate. If done with a mate, this could be a great way to open up to each other about your fantasies, wants, and needs.

You don’t have to go crazy having threesomes or sleeping with strangers, just to feel you’ve made sexual headway. Set reasonable sex goals. While you want to push your boundaries, you wouldn’t want to purposely make yourself uncomfortable just to make yourself feel like a rejuvenated sex-kitten.

Sensual New Year’s goals to try this year

Curious what you should put on your list? Check out these sexual goals you’re sure to enjoy this year.

#1 Experiment with toys. If you’ve never tried a sex toy before, you owe it to yourself to try start experimenting immediately. There are tons of different toys out there for men and women that can be used for a shared experience or for solo fun.

Go to your local sex shop and get the attendant there to show you around. If you ask, they will usually take the toys out of their respective boxes, insert batteries when needed, and let you hold them for yourself to see how it works. For many women, sex toys will lead to some of the best orgasms they’ve ever had – so get shopping! [Read: 10 tips to help you explore your kinky side]

#2 Kiss more. Have you gotten so into the routine of diving straight into sex that your lips have been forgotten? If that’s the case, your new year definitely needs more kisses. Have make out sessions with your lover as if you were both teenagers again and practice long, passionate kisses.

#3 More foreplay. If you’ve stopped kissing before sex, then your foreplay has probably taken a nosedive, too. Work foreplay back into your sexual buffer and discover new ways to please your each other. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay moves to use this year]

#4 Keep a sex diary. Nothing is more fascinating at the end of the year than doing a “Year-In” review of all the fabulous sex you’ve been having. Even if you’ve been with the same partner for years, start making diary entries of the standout love-making sessions in full detail, and then read them to your man like an erotic story at the end of the year.

#5 Be protected – always. If you’ve been in the bad habit of skipping out on protection, here’s your year to start practicing safe sex. Keep a personal, varied stash of condoms in your naughty bedside table, and get yourself a prescription for the birth control pill.

#6 Accept your body. Sexual goals don’t always have to be about your vagina. If you have an on-off/love-hate relationship with your body, make it your goal to accept your sexy self by the end of the year. This could mean making personal mantras about why you should be lovin’ all that bass and booty, or it could mean diet and exercise. Whatever your route for doing so, make it your mission to love your body by the end of the year. [Read: 8 steps to become more confident with your body in the bedroom]

#7 Make your fantasies a reality. Ever thought about getting frisky in a cab, elevator, or restaurant bathroom? Ever wanted to make your own homemade video? Ever fantasized about getting it on with a stranger? Even if you’re in a relationship, you can still make these fantasies a reality by the use of role-play. Whatever means you have to get them done, make it your goal to fulfill at least one of your sexual fantasies this year.

#8 Find your G-spot. Ever wonder what this elusive G-spot thrill zone is all about? Does it even exist? This year, find out if you fancy G-spot stimulation by experimenting with your fingers, G-spot stimulator sex toys or find it the old fashioned way with your partner’s penis. They say you find it by inserting two fingers into the vagina and performing a “come hither” motion. Do you believe in the G-spot myth? Find out this year!

#9 Explore your vagina. Think trying to find your G-spot was exploration enough? Well, for some women, looking at their own vagina is simply a “no-no.” Many women worry that their V is unattractive, so they avoid checking it out for themselves. Using a handheld mirror, explore your vagina and get to know her a little better.

#10 Make your bedroom a sex-haven. Dirty sheets and your 10-year-old clothes hamper not exactly putting you in the mood? This year, splurge for those red, satin bed sheets and that fabulous headboard and make your bedroom a place you actually desire to have sex in. [Read: How to spice up your bedroom for sex]

#11 Have more sex. Have you been with your partner for some time now, and find your sex is dwindling? Are your busy schedules keeping you and your mate’s sex life at a stale mate? Up the ante this year by setting sex goals for having love sessions X many times a week. Remember to make your goals attainable. You can’t expect nightly love sessions when you both work more than 40 hours a week with different shifts!

#12 Start doing Kegels. Kegel exercises are not only great for keeping your vagina tight and fabulous, but they also strengthen your control over your bladder and bowels. Simply clench the inside of your vagina, hold, and release. Continue to do this until you “feel the burn.” You can even try it while your man is inside you to completely blow his mind!

#13 Stop faking it. Make it your absolute goal to have real sex this year – no faking those orgasms! While you may not want to come out and tell your man you’ve been faking all this time, you may instead explain to him that you want to make it your goal to have more fulfilling orgasms.

Take time and let him explore your body. Use toys. Have a ton of foreplay, and really experiment with what feels good. A great tip? When you get on top, grind him instead of bouncing up and down – you’re not in a porno, ladies, you’re trying to have an orgasm.

#14 Have a fashion show. Sick of seeing your lingerie collection collecting dust in the closet? This year, instead of accepting fashion failure, try putting on a sexy fashion show for your guy and have him be your personal photographer.

#15 Dirty talk. Forget about shame and embarrassment – dirty talk is fun. If you find yourself a little on the shy side when it comes to dirty talk, try coaxing yourself out with a glass of wine beforehand. Many women also find it beneficial to have her man blindfolded when she starts her dirty monologue. Once you get past the initial awkwardness, dirty talking can be extremely empowering, not to mention a huge turn-on. [Read: 23 dirty talk tips to turn him on]

#16 Have slow, relaxing, lazy sex. Not all sex has to be a marathon run. This year, try incorporating lazy, Sunday morning sex into your routine. Try this while spooning, as it offers the least amount of effort. You’ll find that it can be just as fulfilling as your usual rough play.

[Read: 20 kinky little ideas to get you and your partner in the mood]

Use the next 12 months to try new things and incorporate fun, scandalous items into your sexual routine. Even if your sex life is perfectly lively, there’s never any harm in making a fabulous bucket list to aspire to!

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