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24 Sex Tips for Men & Secrets that Make Any Woman Wet & Want More

Sex is fun, but how do you know that you are pleasing your woman? Here are 24 sex tips for men so you can leave her weak in the knees and wanting more!

sex tips for men

There’s something about making a girl lose control in bed that makes all guys feel awesome! But no one really teaches men these things, so it’s not surprising that many guys want to know the best sex tips for men that can easily arouse and satisfy women.

If you’re a guy, you’d know that each time a girl moans involuntarily because she can’t hold herself back, it’s a high that just can’t be matched.

Now in all probability, you know how to have sex. And you’ve probably been doing it for a while too.

But do you really drive her crazy and make her want to cry and moan in bed because she’s so overwhelmed by your capabilities to make her orgasm like an explosion in between her thighs?

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Sex tips for men that work every time!

Making love to a woman isn’t just about penetration. Women take time to warm up. And you can’t hurry through the process unless she’s aroused already.

There are several sex positions, tongue twisters, and pelvic thrusts that could make you feel like a superstar in bed. But unfortunately, not all of these moves work very well because every woman is different. And what turns one woman on may put off another woman.

But these sex tips that we’ve mentioned here won’t ever get you in trouble in bed, because they focus on more than just specific details.

If you’re already in a long-term relationship with a woman, you may know what turns her on in bed and what doesn’t, and you can use these tips along with what you know and use them to your advantage. [Read: The sexiest ways to make long term sex feel like a one night stand instantly]

But if you’re making out with a girl for the first time, you’re walking on a minefield because you just don’t know what she likes or totally hates in bed.

So instead of focusing on positions or rough sex, just use these sex tips and you’ll have her moaning and clutching the sheets in no time, even if it’s only your first time with her! [Read: 7 ways to make a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

24 sex tips for men to pleasure a woman

Do you want to make out like a sex god each time you get a woman in bed? Just keep these sex tips for guys in mind and use them.

It doesn’t matter how unique her positions are, or what her preferences in bed are, because you’ll definitely turn her on and be able to work your magic on her, and always leave her wanting more!

1. Stay fresh and clean

Groom yourself down there. You don’t need to shave yourself completely, as long as you keep it neat-looking.

And if you’re having sex after a long and sweaty day at work, take a shower before getting into bed *you can invite her for a quick shower if you want to start the foreplay before getting into bed*. It’s the little things that can make a big difference. [Read: How to have sex in the shower and enjoy it without hurting yourself]

2. Explore her body

Yes, your eyes may be transfixed on her boobs and her mound. But there’s so much more you can do to arouse her. Don’t guide your hands straight to her strategic regions as soon as you get into bed.

Let your hands and lips wander all over her body, and once you’ve tasted and lingered on every part of her, you can get closer to her breasts. The delay and the anticipation would drive her crazy!

3. Foreplay

This is one of the most important sex tips for men. Take time before entering into her. Remember, girls take a while to get completely aroused and ready for sex.

Penetrating her when she’s dry or barely aroused may hurt her, and even if she’s just ready for penetration, she may not enjoy it as much as she would if you take some time indulging in foreplay. [Read: What is foreplay? 17 sexy foreplay moves to get any girl really horny]

4. Pay attention to her erogenous zones

A woman’s erogenous zones are the sensitive spots on her body. Even if she’s feeling awkward or not in the mood, licking or nibbling her erogenous zones can get her all hot and bothered in no time.

Brings your lips to her ear lobes, her neck, her nape, elbows, forearms, underarms, or her pelvis, and you’ll see just how ready she’ll be for sex in minutes. [Read: Where to kiss a girl – 15 sexiest hot spots that make her wet instantly]

5. Take time

Don’t penetrate into her too soon. Touch her down there with your member and tease her by slipping it in now and then, but don’t do the to-and-fro just yet.

Make her want it really badly before you slip all the way into her. Teasing a girl in bed will make her beg you for it in desperation and you’ll drive her crazy in no time. [Read: 22 common reasons why women fake an orgasm so often!]

6. Breathe into her

Bring your face close to her face when you make love to her. And breathe deeply through your nostrils and sink your face into her neck.

Women are easily aroused by a man’s smell and pheromones *as long as she finds him attractive* and you breathing deeply near her ear lobes while having sex creates more intimacy and increases sexual passion in bed.

7. Music

Sex can get rather monotonous if it stretches on in silence for more than a few minutes. Play a seductive song in the background as you make love to her.

It’ll set the mood right, and it’ll also give both of you a good rhythm to work your bodies with.

8. Make eye contact or close your eyes

Look into her eyes when you’re on top of her. She’ll feel more connected to you and fall more in love with you. But if the stares start to feel awkward, just close your eyes and enjoy the pleasurable sensation.

But avoid looking around the room or staring at something other than the girl because it’ll leave her wondering if you’re bored already. [Read: 20 sexual problems in a relationship you can easily avoid]

9. Take her cue

Try to read her mind when you’re having sex with her. Avoid asking too many questions while having sex, because questions and confusing answers are big distractions, and they’ll take the passion straight out of the sex.

If she moans harder, she likes what you’re doing. If she moves her pelvis faster, she wants you to go faster.

As you have sex with her, try to connect with her emotionally and go with the flow. It’ll make her feel more connected to you because she’d feel like you know exactly what she wants!

10. Go down on her

Don’t be selfish in bed – that is one of the most important sex tips for men. If you enjoy going down on a girl, you can bet that she’s going to enjoy having sex with you.

Use the oral action as foreplay, but when you do go down on her, don’t make it seem like it’s always a prelude to sex. [Read: 19 really naughty foreplay sex games for couples to feel horny]

Sometimes, you could even pull out of her and go down on her for a few minutes in the middle of sex. She’s wet already, and your tongue would make a wonderful replacement to your member for a few minutes.

11. Learn to delay your ejaculation

How long can you last in bed? If you can’t last for at least 20 minutes on an average day, you’re probably not at your fittest state right now. [Read: 20 unique ways to last longer in bed without any difficulty]

12. Stay harder for longer

Work out and build your stamina. Exercise improves your blood circulation which gives you harder erections and better stamina, and it also gives you a great body.

You’ll feel more confident when you get undressed, she’ll love you more for looking so smoking hot, and you’ll stay hard a lot longer. And that’s good news any way you look at it. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up and hard and last a lot longer]

13. Don’t stress over the little guy

Don’t think too much about your erection, or you’ll just end up losing it even before you penetrate her. Just focus on pleasuring your girlfriend or wife *or your hookup* and when your little guy has to perform, he’ll stand right up.

If you have a hard time getting the little guy to stand, especially during extended foreplay sessions, you need to remember that it’s your mind stressing you out and playing tricks on you.

Just relax, and he’ll be up for the job when his time comes. [Read: Why does losing an erection bother all men so much?]

14. Talk dirty and fantasize

Don’t let the to-and-fro motion get too monotonous when you’re in bed with your woman. Talk to her now and then, compliment her body or the way she feels against your body.

And if you want to push the boundaries further, dirty talk with her about a sexual fantasy. If she likes what you say, she’ll definitely be wetting the bed in no time! [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl without turning her off]

15. Mix it up

Go fast now and then, and get back to the slow and passionate grind. Mix up your motions in bed, and the sudden unpredicted change in pace will arouse her a lot more.

Don’t ever make sex seem monotonous because there’s nothing worse you can do in bed.

Change your pace now and then, or talk about something else. The more innovative you are in bed, the more she’ll love you for it.

16. Use your hands

Don’t let your hands stay idle in bed. Move your hands over her body even after penetrating her. Don’t just place your hand behind her back to support yourself and keep it still the whole while.

Move your hands over her breasts, or slide it over her back and grab her butt. Use your hands often while having sex because she’ll definitely like it. [Read: How to arouse a girl and make her wet with a sensual massage]

17. Try something new

If you’ve been having sex a particular way for a while, try something new just to see if both of you like it. Your silent missionary position may seem perfect right now, but it’ll get boring very soon if both of you don’t try something new every now and then.

Have angry sex, role play in bed, talk dirty, or indulge in a sexy kinky idea or two. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once in your life!]

18, Ask her what she likes

If you’re in a new relationship *and even if you’re not* it’s always good to ask her what she likes in bed. Some women love their boobs touched, others don’t. Some can orgasm only on top, and others don’t orgasm at all.

When you ask her what feels good and what she wants you to do to her, she will really appreciate it. Most guys don’t even bother to ask.

Instead, they are selfish and only think about their own pleasure. So, you’ll really stand out above the rest when you show how much you want to please her – which is why this is also on the top of the list for sex tips for men.

19. Set the mood

We mentioned above how music sets the mood for sex, but you don’t need to stop there. You can light candles, make up a bubble bath, or get some silk sheets to help make the mood more romantic. [Read: How to please a woman in bed – 19 subtle things every woman craves in bed]

You see, women like a romantic mood and setting. Because they are more emotional than men, they really desire a loving and affectionate atmosphere when they are having sex with a man. It shows that he values her enough to put effort into making the sexual activity more romantic.

20. Try sex toys

Now, you don’t have to get too wild and crazy with these, unless you both really want to! You can start simple, like playing with a vibrator. She might even already have one, and if you ask to use it during sex, you will probably be her hero… because a lot of women can’t orgasm without one.

There are lot of other options besides vibrators. You could even take a trip to an X-rated store or shop online together to see what you both would like to try.

There are endless options, from tame to really outrageous. Either way, it adds something new if your routine has gotten too boring. [Read: 15 types of sex toys all guys must know about to please a woman]

21. Role play

Role play can be helpful when two people have been together a long time. Sometimes you just desire to “be with someone else.” So, you can be with your partner while you both are playing a part.

It could be anything from a cop/prisoner play to teacher/student. Or, you could go out to a bar and sit at opposite ends.

Pretend like you don’t know each other, and improvise when you “pretend” meet. Act like you are two strangers who meet and then go home and have wild sex with your “new” partner.

22. Occasional quickies

Yes, women like long, romantic sex with the mood set with candles and music. However, in real life, sometimes you just don’t have time for all of that. Work, kids, and any other mundane things prevent a lot of people from spending hours on end having sex. [Read: 15 sexy ways to have the best quickie every single time]

So, don’t be afraid to have quickies! Women like them too. In fact, quickies can be quite passionate and animalistic. You feel like you just HAVE to have the person – right here, right now.

23. Change locations

Many people get into the routine where they only have sex in their beds. Sure, it’s comfortable, but it’s not always that exciting. So, mix up your locations.

Try the couch, the kitchen table, the shower, or on the bathroom floor.

You can also try to do it somewhere “forbidden” outside of your homes. You could do it in a field under the stars, in an empty movie theater, or join the mile high club. Just be careful that you don’t get caught…or arrested! [Read: The best places to have sex – 41 wild and naughty ideas beyond the bed]

24. Every woman is different

This is very important. Every girl is unique and not all of them have the same preferences in bed. If dirty talking has worked wonders, or if music arouses one girl, it doesn’t mean the same thing would work with everyone else. [Read: How to make love to a woman – 21 tips to leave her moaning for more]

Watch how she responds to the things you do while having sex with her, and try to learn what she likes and dislikes by keeping an eye on the way she moves in bed.

It’s the easiest way to find out what works better, and what doesn’t make a difference.

[Read: 30 sexy ways to try something new and spice up your sex life]

Sex tips don’t always have to revolve around positions or sex tricks. Sometimes, as long as you keep the basics in mind and remember these sex tips for men, you’ll always perform well in bed, and you’ll definitely leave her craving for more!

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