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Romantic Sex: 15 Ways to Go from Ordinary Sex to Romantic Fantasy

We all agree that sex is good. But if there’s anything better than regular sex, it can only be passionate, romantic sex! Guys, up the romance.

Romantic Sex

Adding romance in the bedroom strengthens a couple’s relationship, deepens their bond, and adds that often-sought intimacy compared to the lackluster physical pleasure that ordinary sex provides. However, romantic sex doesn’t happen automatically every time a couple does it. It’s something that requires effort and attention from both partners in the relationship.

Like any kind of activity, doing it the same way every time makes it boring and mechanical. Sex is no exception. To make your lovemaking romantic every time, the couple must pay attention to what they do, be open to change some lovemaking practices, and put in effort to connect with their partner in ways deeper than the physical.

What you can do to turn ordinary sex to romantic sex

As we all know, communication is a key to a good relationship. While some couples have no problem communicating normal stuff to each other, some find it awkward to communicate their thoughts and feelings about sex.

If this is the case, know that saying what you like and don’t like when you have sex won’t make your partner upset. You may not even realize it, but it is possible that your partner may be dying to hear your thoughts about your sex life.

#1 Say what you like and don’t like about. Be open and honest. If there is something that you’re not feeling comfortable doing or something you would like to do more during sex, it should be known to both partners.

Communicating evens the ground and gives both partners an idea of their partner’s preferences. It will be your reference and how you’ll be able to take your sex life to the next level. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

#2 Share your fantasies. Even if you find it embarrassing. Your partner not only appreciates your honesty and the trust you give with the information, but you also provide insight about yourself. Sharing fantasies itself is a good form of foreplay. If you’re lucky, they may be open to the idea. Better yet, your partner may be having the same sexual fantasy.

#3 Talk dirty and naughty. At first it seems talking dirty does not have a place in romantic sex, but you’ll be surprised how good it feels to see the naughty side of your partner in the bedroom. Talking dirty relaxes the boundaries you both have daily, thus making you closer and more honest with your partner.

And if you’ve read an erotic novel, you see how using the appropriate words to match the mood makes your sex go places. Start off by telling your partner in detail what you “intend” to do to them tonight. [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl and not turn her off]

#4 Compliment your partner and tell them how good they make you feel. A compliment does a lot of things. As a soft “thank you,” an indirect “I love you,” as well as encouragement during sex. It takes little effort to genuinely tell your partner how sexy they are during the act.

#5 Forget about supressing your moans and vocalizations. Don’t worry if your neighbours hear you. If sex feels great, and you can’t help uttering an incomprehensible mixture of moans, curses, and other sounds, then go ahead. We’re pretty sure your partner will be turned on by it. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse your partner]

#6 Take it slow. For sex to be more romantic, you need to take the scenic route. There is a saying that normal sex begins at skin contact, while romantic sex begins when partners first set eyes on each other. Taking it slow means focusing on foreplay and other mating rituals even before you set your hands on each other.

#7 Give your partner a massage. Massages on their own are not only relaxing and pleasurable, but they can be romantic coming from the hands of your significant other. It is the perfect appetizer to an evening of romantic sex. One partner lays vulnerable at the mercy of the curious hands of the other.

#8 Focus on kissing. During normal sex, kissing gets neglected to give way to “other” activities. But if you want to make sex more romantic, pay attention to kissing even before you grope each other’s bodies.

Focusing on kissing surprises you with the different ways you make it better, as well as building up tension that gives you energy for “later” activities. Be creative in your kisses. Kiss your partner all over. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#9 Keep eye contact during intercourse. We bet that all guys agree that watching your partner’s facial expression with every thrust gets you even harder. And girls probably report a similar effect. Having eye contact is not only romantic; it shows your full attention is towards your partner.

#10 Explore each other’s bodies with more than your hands. The lips and tongue, for example, registers a different feeling for every body part it touches. Using your lips and tongue to touch different parts of your partner’s body often leads to surprises that both of you would not have imagined.

#11 Avoid their sweet spots at first. There are a lot of reading materials that teach you to go for your partner’s erogenous areas. But romantic sex calls for the contrary. Stimulating your partner while deliberately avoiding the erogenous zones sets them on edge and builds that tension for vigorous lovemaking later on. [Read: 10 intimate sex positions to feel the romance in bed]

#12 Afterplay. After all has been done, don’t let yourself collapse into sleep. Have time for some post-coital snuggles and pillow talk to cap the night.

Getting creative and thinking out of the box when it comes to sex works wonders for romance. All the possibilities for making sex better are endless. You can incorporate toys, have sex at an exciting location, or try fulfilling your shared fantasies. [Read: A clueless guy’s guide to cuddling after sex]

#13 Make your bedroom match the mood. You know how this goes: from fresh 900 thread count sheets to mood lights and music, transform your bedroom into an actual love nest where both of you will not have a problem messing up later on.

#14 Have a sexy “staycation.” Book a hotel and spend the night in a romantic place of your choosing. Boutique hotels cost a little more but provide you with a laid-back and secluded location that really set the mood. Or if you’re the outdoor type, pitch a tent or park a rented RV in the middle of nowhere where you can go wild without watching. [Read: 10 things a sex vacation can do for your love life]

#15 Take couple photos. Commit the sexy night in memory.

[Read: Sexual bucket list – 17 fun sex ideas you HAVE to try]

Romantic sex does more for a relationship compared to conventional sex. That’s why couples should always be on the lookout for ways to make their sex more romantic. Romantic sex is not only better in terms of pleasure, but it creates a stronger bond too.

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