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10 Reasons You Should Have Great Sex Every Single Day

Having sex every day not only gives you great opportunities to explore kinks and get creative, it also has sexcellent health benefits.

great sex

Sex is great for so many reasons, but did you know there are actual benefits to getting down and dirty on the daily that don’t have to do purely with the pleasure of having an orgasm? It’s true. While many may not feel they have the schedule for daily romps between the sheets, the benefits will certainly outweigh you going into work a little late the next morning! If you can’t afford to be having sexy time every single day, at least try to aim for a couple of romps within a week.

Rest assured, many of these benefits come from orgasm alone, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not having a partner will affect your chances of reaping these sex benefits.

Why you should have daily sex

In reality, there shouldn’t be any reason to have to convince you to start getting your freak on every day other than the simple fact that it’s fun, but for those who need a little more convincing, here are some great physical and emotional excuses to start orgasming on the daily.

#1 It connects you as a couple. Partners tend to get frustrated with one another, when they aren’t having enough sex. Think that’s just your selfish partner missing their orgasm? Think again. There’s a reason we feel an exaggerated form of love after sex, and it’s more than just the oxytocin affect.

Sex connects us as partners. It creates a bond of intimacy that stretches beyond simply having an orgasm *but hey, that’s good, too!* and strengthens your connection as a couple. Getting this boost of affection every day will do wonders for your relationship in the long run. [Read: 8 little habits that bring couples closer]

#2 It’s good for your heart. While this sounds like a great line to use on your significant other, it’s actually true! One study showed that men who had sex two times a week or more were less likely to die of heart disease. Sex is good for your heart rate and overall cardiovascular health.

#3 It’s great exercise. While facts have become clearer regarding the elusive “sexercise” regime not exactly burning 1000 calories a week, sex is still a great form of exercise, if done every day. To really boost calories burned during the dirty, try challenging new positions such as The Kneel *sitting on front of one another on your knees*, standing up, or The Shoulder *putting your legs straight into the air over his shoulders while he holds up your butt. Hot and a definite workout!*

Sure, you can always just hit the gym and go for a jog every morning, but wouldn’t it be so much better for both of you if you can engage in mutual exercise and bond at the same time?

#4 Say goodbye to prostate cancer! A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that men who had orgasms regularly were less likely to develop prostate cancer. The best part? You don’t even need a partner! As long as you’re coming, it doesn’t really matter how you go about getting the job done.

#5 A cure for the common cold? Well, maybe not. But studies have shown that regular intercourse will help improve your immune system by boosting the immunoglobulin A antibody, which helps protect your sexy body from fever and common colds!

#6 Perfect for period cramps. “I’ve got my period” is a fantastic excuse not to get your groove on with your man. When you’re cramped, bloated, and bleeding, odds are you aren’t feeling too sexy, but consider this: many women are also super horny during this time of the month, and having an orgasm can actually reduce period cramps.

This can be due to the muscle contractions involved with climaxing, or sheer mental distractions due to all those pleasurable feelings. Either way, seems like a win-win for you and him during that time of the month! [Read: Lovepanky’s guide to period sex]

#7 Feeling stressed? Get it on! Sex resulting in orgasm, along with touching and cuddling have been proven to be perfect stress relievers. Orgasm also releases that feel-good oxytocin, aka the love drug, which acts as a stress reliever and all around awesome sedative against bad feelings.

So the next time you’re overwhelmed with stress because of work, the bills, your kids or whatever else you have going on in your life, give yourself and your partner a break by having a little fun between the sheets. You’ll emerge from the bedroom refreshed and ready to take on the world! [Read: 14 quick stress busters to recharge the mind]

#8 You’ll sleep like a baby. For men in particular, something about reaching the big O really tires them out – resulting in an amazing, deep sleep. Having great sex notoriously results in having  great, relaxed sleep, due to the release of the prolactin hormone in your body. If you want the assurance of great ZZZs every night before bed, make sure you set aside some pre-bedtime lovin’.

#9 Improves bladder control in women. Because your pelvic floor is being exercised and strengthened during intercourse, you’ll have improved bladder control over time, which helps prevent incontinence and the “sneeze/squirt” so common among women post-childbirth. Attractive, no? Combat this common problem by exercising your pelvic floor with orgasmic contractions.

#10 Sex makes you look 10x younger. Or something like that. According to the book “Secrets of the Superyoung” by clinical neuropsychologist David Weeks, sex can make you appear younger. Sex that results in an orgasm release hormones and balances out testosterone and estrogen levels, making your skin shine with a supple, youthful glow. Goodbye wrinkle creams, hello great sex! [Read: 10 naughty ways to get over a sexual dry spell]

While not all benefits listed are scientifically proven, they sure are a fun addition to your week. However, if you lead a busy life and sex isn’t a plausible part of your daily routine, try to adjust your schedule. I guarantee you’ll be reaping delicious and healthy rewards by making the effort to fill up your sexual calendar.

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