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8 Naughty Little Moves Every Guy Wishes You’d Do

Need a couple of new sexy moves to satisfy your man in the bedroom? These 8 delightfully devious ways to please your man are exactly what you need!

naughty moves guys wish you do

It’s often said that men are easy to please. This is true up to a point, but if you can take him to the next level sexually, he’ll only have eyes for you. It takes a little bravado, but these secrets of the bedroom will kick your sex life into overdrive.

Some of these might seem off-putting, or even terrifying. When you try them, your man needs to understand that you’d be getting out of your comfort zone, so take things very slowly. Remember, you’re going out on a limb for his pleasure, so he owes you the courtesy of keeping you feeling as comfortable as possible.

Also, being giving in the bedroom is a two-way street. You should only do these things with a guy who reciprocates, and who will do anything to please you too. If your man doesn’t even consider reciprocating, then you don’t owe him anything from this list. Actually, if he’s not a giving lover, you should probably find someone else.

But assuming he is unselfish in the bedroom, then you should suck it up and try to tick as many items off this list as you can. He’ll be like putty in your hands afterward.

The top 8 moves to blow your guy’s mind in the bedroom

With these tips, you can be sure your guy would look forward to every single sensual session with you. Use them sparingly to keep him wanting more, or you can use them all in one go for a sexually supercharged bedroom tryst!

#1 Blow him away. The least daring thing on this list – blowjobs – are essential in the bedroom. As long as he’s going down on you, you need to be going down on him. You should occasionally blow him all the way until orgasm, but giving head is great for foreplay, too.

In the run up to sex, you should blow him for a few minutes. You don’t need to go for too long, but unless it’s going to make him come early, you should do it for at least two minutes. Anything less than that will come off as unenthusiastic. It will help his performance during sex too, so there’s something in it for you as well. [Read: 9 hottest blowjob secrets to drive him mad with desire]

#2 Play ball! While you’re down there, there’s something else you can do that guys absolutely love – ball sucking. Start out with your tongue giving long, slow licks with minimal pressure. Then pucker up so your wet inner lips contact his skin. Gently rub your lips over the skin, letting your tongue drag across as well.

Sucking is probably the wrong word to use, as even minimal suction can hurt him. A guy’s balls are extremely sensitive to pain. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from him on what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s only the balls themselves that will hurt, you can grab around the base of his scrotum with a firmer grip while you do it.

#3 Get a facial. If you’ve ever watched porn, you might think that all guys want to do is blow their load on a woman’s face. For most guys, this just isn’t the case. The whole point of the act is to dominate a woman, and to degrade her sexually, and that’s not something a guy should want to do regularly. But, as an occasional thing, facials can be pretty hot.

As long as he respects you otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with letting him completely dominate you for about 20 seconds once in a while. And you can make him reciprocate. There’s another act that’s equivalent to dominating and degrading that a woman can do – face sitting. It’s exactly what it sounds like. He gives you oral sex while you’re in control, and can basically grind on his face. If you take him on your face, he can do the same for you. [Read: 12 ways you can get your guy to go down on you]

#4 Backdoor love. Here’s the one that strikes more fear into women than probably any other sex act – anal sex. But fear not, most of what you think you know about it is misinformation from people not doing it the right way. When done correctly, anal can be quite pleasurable for a woman.

If you’re going to try it, read our Curious Guy’s and Gal’s Guide to First Time Anal Sex together beforehand. Take your time, even if that means a week or two to start getting comfortable with butt play before any penetration happens. Let him do this, and he’ll never forget you.

#5 On camera. This is a pretty dangerous one, and it definitely won’t be up everyone’s alley. Taking pictures or videos in the nude or during sex can be totally hot, but also rather risky. Even if you’re sure you trust him, so were all those girls who later became victims of blackmail or revenge porn.

If you’re going to try it, start by taking the pictures or video, watching it together, then immediately deleting it. This alone is really sexy, and ensures there won’t be any trace left. Use your own phone or camera to be totally sure.

If you’re going to keep pictures or video after, make sure you both have incriminating photos of each other. This gives you both equal footing when push comes to shove and one party is considering blackmailing the other.

#6 Mirror, mirror on the wall. Here’s a really simple one, but one guaranteed to get him going. A strategically placed mirror lets you both watch yourselves having sex. Most guys are really visual, and this will drive him crazy. Surprise him with this one and he won’t believe his luck for finding a girl like you. Let him watch you going at it doggy style and he’ll think he has the world’s best girlfriend.

#7 Dirty talk. There’s a whole world of sexiness waiting when you explore dirty talk together. You can get things started by talking to him. Here are three simple, foolproof things to say to get him going: “I love your cock”, “I love the feeling of your cock inside me”, “you f*ck me so good”. Obviously timing and tone are important here, but you’ll figure it out. There’s plenty more too, but these three are great for beginners because they’ll boost his ego, and sound totally hot. [Read: 50 dirty talk lines your guy will absolutely love]

#8 Play the part. Here’s another good one to surprise him with. Sexy uniforms like the French maid, schoolgirl, and nurse are a turn on for most guys. It’s okay to ask him beforehand what he’d like the most, so don’t worry about ruining the surprise. Let him decide how much or how little of the outfit to take off before you start making love.

You might not be comfortable with it the first time, but at some point, turn the dress-up into role-play. If you’re a nurse, have him be a patient or a doctor. Stay in the scene by referring to yourselves in your character names, for example, call him doctor, and have him call you nurse. There’s probably some fantasy he wants to act out this way, whether he knows it yet or not. You can even take turns in reliving each other’s fantasies. [Read: Everything you need to know about sexy role playing]

Let loose, go crazy! Many, if not all, of these might seem intimidating to you. Remember you can explore them together as a couple. Create a sense of trust between you, take things slowly, and stop worrying about being embarrassed. If it makes sex great for him, he’ll thank every single deity that he’s got a sexy minx for a girlfriend.

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Sex shouldn’t just be wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! There are tons of variations and little tricks you can try to give your usual lovemaking session that jolt of sexiness. Give these tips a go and watch as your sex life improves tenfold!

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