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Massive Orgasm: 13 Moves to Have Unforgettable, Explosive Orgasms

You don’t need to live the rest of your life having mediocre, boring sex, that’s no way to live. It’s time to learn how to have a massive orgasm.

Massive Orgasm

How many of you have had an orgasm? I’m not talking about those “almost there” moments, I mean a full-out orgasm. You’d be surprised by how many people haven’t had one, let alone a really good, massive orgasm. Once you’ve had an orgasm, it’s like you’ve experienced a whole new life. It’s as if the birds came out to sing just for you – it’s a glorious feeling.

That being said, it’s now your duty to yourself to experience an orgasm.

How to have a massive orgasm

Once you’ve had an orgasm, you won’t be able to be satisfied in bed without having one. Trust me, it took me years to figure out how to have an orgasm and now, it’s my sacred treasure. So, it’s time that you worked on having a massive orgasm… it’s time.

Soon you’ll be joining the big O club.

#1 It’s all in your head. Sex is all psychological. Everything I’ll talk about below is highly connected to your psychological mindset when having sex. Sometimes if you’re focusing too much on having an orgasm, sadly, the opposite happens. So, just relax, and you’ll have a massive orgasm, but it just may not come exactly when you want it to. [Read: How to make a woman orgasm – 15 secrets to master the art]

#2 Everyone is different. If you’re watching porn or reading articles on how to have an orgasm, you have to understand first that everyone is different. Not everyone will orgasm through clitoral stimulation or with sex toys. So, don’t feel weird if you don’t orgasm like other people. Everyone gets turned on differently, so it only makes sense that everyone orgasms from different methods.

#3 Workout your pelvic floor. Your PC muscle, which is the muscle of your pelvic floor, isn’t just any muscle. No, no, no, you can’t ignore this one, not if you want a huge orgasm. The PC muscle sends signals to your brain when it’s contracted.

In turn, your genitals become stimulated and you release endorphins. You want to work out that muscle by squeezing it, just as if you were trying to stop peeing. Do this throughout the day, and you’ll be able to control your PC muscle during sex. [Read: Kegel exercises and why both men and women should do it]

#4 Build up arousal. This means you’ll need to have foreplay. Build up the sexual tension within your body and when you’re just about to orgasm, slow it down, and then build the tension back up. This buildup will get you a massive orgasm – think of it like a game.

#5 Communicate with your partner. Communication is key to any successful sex encounter. It doesn’t matter if your partner is a one-night stand or long-term, the point is, if you both want to be satisfied, you need to communicate.

To have a massive orgasm, you need to talk to your partner and let them know what feels good for you and vice versa. That way, both of you will know what turns each other on. [Read: How to push the right buttons to achieve multiple orgasms]

#6 It’s all about the breathing. Who would have thought that breathing is related to orgasming, but it is. You’ll need to experiment with your own breathing patterns, however, many find that if you add variety to your breathing, slow to fast, it can help stimulate a massive orgasm. [Read: How to give yourself an orgasm – 15 sizzling hot tips]

#7 Learn how your body works. If you don’t know how your body works, then you can’t expect someone else to know as well. You need to spend some time masturbating and experimenting on your own. This way you can be completely focused on yourself without any distractions from your partner.

#8 Have more sex. Not bad, right? You need to have more sex. Think of it like this, the more sex you have the higher chance for an orgasm. Orgasm frequency goes hand-in-hand with orgasm intensity. So, the bottom line is: have more sex.

#9 Get your circulation going. You need to get the blood flowing freely through your body, in particular to your genitals. Go for a walk once a day, join the gym, take a dance class. I don’t care what you do, just make sure you get your heart pumping. This way, you’ll be able to have strong and healthy orgasms. [Read: Coregasm – The four-step guide to workout orgasms and its benefits]

#10 Have assistance. If you’re not achieving your goals of having an orgasm without any extra help, well, why not get some assistance. Get yourself a couple sex toys and give them a try. Vibrators, dildos – they can all help discover how to have a massive orgasm.

#11 Have fun while having sex. If you’re laughing and enjoying the company of your partner, you’re much more likely to orgasm. Interesting, no? If you can laugh while having sex this means that you’re comfortable with this person and more relaxed. What does this mean? Orgasm! [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny instantly]

#12 Ease up on the alcohol. I know, it’s the sad truth, but you need to ease up on the alcohol. First, not only does alcohol lower your sexual inhibitions, but it also makes it harder for you to have an orgasm. Now, you can still have an orgasm if you’ve been drinking, however, it’ll be less intense than your usual.

#13 Don’t be shy to try things out. If you haven’t had an orgasm and you’re only trying to have one with clitoral stimulation, maybe it’s time you switched it up. Try using other methods, perhaps a sex toy would help achieve an orgasm. The point is, don’t be shy to try something new to get to the big O.

[Read: Full body orgasm – How to experience the highest level of ecstasy]

Try out some of these tips to get yourself having the ultimate, massive orgasm. It’ll take some practice, but I’m sure you won’t mind.

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