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22 Playful Ways to Make Sex More Interesting When It’s Boring & Lame

Once you have been in a relationship for a while, you want to know how to make sex more interesting. Here are some tips to spice up your life!

how to make sex more interesting

You should never have a bad time with sex. If you’re not truly enjoying yourself, then you’re doing it wrong or you just don’t know how to make sex more interesting. But you deserve a fun sex life and so does your partner.

That’s where we come in. We have what you need to ensure your sex life never gets really boring. But to be honest, you’ll have to work at it. Sex is like a relationship. The more you try, the better it gets.

Without a great sex life, your relationship could get pretty stale

We’re sure you’ve heard all about how important a great sex life is in a relationship. Without being active in the bedroom, your relationship can really suffer for a lot of reasons. You’ll grow to resent your partner or even think they don’t find you attractive.

Plus, you can easily lose the close bond you two have grown.

Sexual intimacy can do a lot for your emotional intimacy, too. The closer you are in the bedroom, the more comfortable you are opening up and talking to each other. [Read: The truth about how important sex is in a relationship finally revealed]

Why does sex get boring in the first place?

Sex can be exciting when it’s new with a certain person, but then after a while, it does change over time. Maybe you’re even married *or getting married* and want to know how you can have sex with the same person for the rest of your life without it getting boring.

One of the reasons sex stops getting interesting and more boring with the same partner is simply the amount of time you spend with each other.

If you’re sitting on the couch with them day in and day out, life becomes routine after a while. People start taking each other for granted, which is sad, but it’s true for many couples.

When you see each other all the time, it’s just not “sexy” anymore. This is a phenomenon that is called “habituation.”

Habituation happens when you stop seeing your partner as someone interesting, exciting, and sexy simply because they have become a “habit.” [Read: Is missionary sex really boring? Spice up this underrated move]

As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And that is true when it comes to knowing how to make sex more interesting as well. People tend to be more interested and attracted to someone when they don’t see them all the time. That is because the anticipation of seeing your partner acts as a type of aphrodisiac.

Also, when there is a distance between the two of you, then your imagination comes back, which leads to more fantasizing. When you’re with them face-to-face 24/7, there is no need to do that.

As you can see, when you are in a long-term relationship, things become “boring.” However, on the good side, you create a sense of stability, security, and reliability in your life. This is very desirable for a lot of people.

However, when that happens, the fire, passion, risk, and newness disappear. And when those things fade, the relationship can get boring and the sex can become less interesting at the same time.

Another reason sex gets less interesting over time is that scientists argue that humans might not be naturally monogamous. Think about it – most animals aren’t monogamous, with the exception of penguins *for some strange reason*. And humans are animals, right? [Read: Non-monogamy and how to know if you and your partner are ready for it]

Even the artist Michaelangelo complained *a long time ago* that he couldn’t keep the same two horses mating after a certain amount of time went by. He couldn’t keep the male horses interested in the same female horses after a while!

So, there is an evolutionary and biological component to why sex gets boring with the same person. Furthermore, males instinctively want to “spread their seed” to as many females as possible so their genetics survive throughout the centuries and millennia. [Read: How to stay excited in a relationship when the world of monogamy is so boring]

How to make sex more interesting so you’ll never get bored

If you’re bored with your sex life or on the verge of getting there and don’t want to, let us help. Here’s how you can make sure you keep things hot and exciting in the bedroom every time.

1. Be vocal about what you want

You’re allowed to tell your partner if you want more of something in bed. You have to tell them, really.

If you want great sex, you need to be vocal and communicate what you want. This can actually be really sexy if you decide to use dirty talk as a means to get the point across. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse your partner with your moans]

2. Talk to your partner

Do this outside of the bedroom. Sit down and just have a serious chat about it. Discuss your wants and needs when it comes to making sex more interesting in the relationship. Tell them you want to try new things and turn things up a notch.

More likely than not, they’ll have some concerns, too. So if you’re worried about upsetting them with this talk, don’t be. You have to be able to talk to your partner if you want to know how to make sex more interesting. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying to rekindle the horny teen in you]

3. Try new things

Just add some new stuff into your normal sex routine. Don’t underestimate the power of a different position neither of you has ever tried before.

Even having sex in a new location can change things enough to make your romps less boring. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed at least once]

4. Designate sexy time

If your life is so busy you just don’t have time to invest in your sexcapades, you should definitely think about designating a time for sex.

It might sound like the most boring thing ever. But once you start making it a priority, you’ll get a lot more into it.

5. Make a sex jar

Basically, just fill up the jar with slips of paper containing different sex acts and have a fun night with it. All you do is write down different things you want to try and do those things when you pull them out of the jar. It’s easy and keeps things fun and exciting. [Read: 19 naughty foreplay sex games for couples to feel horny again]

6. Spend the night in a hotel

Even if there’s no reason to go to a hotel, the fact that you’re away from home can help ignite some sparks that have fizzled out. There’s just something about having sex away from home that can be super exciting and not boring at all.

7. Spend the night in a tent

Or even just in your car. The point is, get out of the house.

We suggest a tent specifically because it’s a little more erotic being out in the open, basically. You’ll have to be quiet and that can be a lot sexier than you think. Resisting letting it all out can be a fun twist you don’t normally experience.

8. Have a sex marathon for a weekend

This is perfect for getting back into the groove of things after a rut. Just schedule a weekend where the two of you stay inside and have sex.

You can even plan out the different sex acts you want to try while you’re at it. It’ll be like a weekend getaway at home. [Read: 15 reasons to have a fun, dirty sex marathon all weekend long]

9. Figure out why it’s lacking in the first place

Sit down and talk about why your sex life isn’t interesting already. Do you just go into the same positions every single time? Knowing the cause of the boring sex is the best way to figure out a sound solution.

10. Get some toys

Nothing spices up your sex life like some naughty toys. If you’re new to toys in the bedroom, start off with something simple like a vibrating cock ring.

It’s great for both people and will help turn up the heat. Just remember that both of you should be comfortable with it before you try it. [Read: 15 of the most common types of sex toys all singles and couples must know about]

11. Venture out of your comfort zone

Moving outside of our comfort zones is awkward for many people. We like what we know. The unknown is rather scary.

However, if your sex life is boring and you want to know how to make sex more interesting, this is a perfect way. Do something you’re unsure but curious about.

12. Go out and pretend you’re strangers hooking up for the first time

This really helps make things interesting. It’s a version of role-playing that isn’t too erotic. All you have to do is go out and pretend to not know each other.

Approach your partner like you’re hitting on them for the first time and proceed to flirt all night until they finally get you back to their place for a “one night stand.”

13. Role-play to the max

Role-playing is easily one of the best ways to make sex more interesting. You get to be someone else.

When having sex with the same partner over and over starts to feel less than exciting, just role-play. Getting to be someone else in bed can be really fun. [Read: The sexual roleplay guide for beginners and how to do it right]

14. Use your voice

Just talk. Tell your significant other what you want and how you want it. Better yet, start talking dirty. This can really make a difference and you never know. Your significant other could really like dirty talk and just not know it. [Read: 20 beginner dirty talking examples to get them in the mood for fun

15. Try new places

When you are with someone for a long time, the most common place you have sex is on the bed in your bedroom. So, if you want to spice it up and make sex more interesting, then try some new places.

It could be the kitchen floor or your outdoor patio. Or, you could get really risky and do it in public places like in your car in a parking lot or underneath the stairs in a building. Just make sure you don’t get arrested! 

16. Try different positions

Many couples have one or two preferred sex positions that they most commonly use. So, you need to mix it up.

As a couple, do some research into the different kinds of positions you can try. Make a list, and every time you have sex, try a different one. [Read: 12 really easy sex positions that look expert-level and feel really good too]

17. Be spontaneous

Everyone’s life is busy, and usually pretty routine too. So, we accidentally make our sex lives routine too. Maybe you have sex when you go to bed at night, or maybe every Saturday morning.

But try to surprise your partner and do it at a time that is unexpected. It will make it more exciting because it’s not predictable.

18. Act out your fantasies

If you haven’t talked about your fantasies with your partner, now is the time to do it. Just talking about them is a turn-on.

If you want to make sex more interesting, you should know that the more you talk about your fantasies, the more hot and bothered you get. So, take turns acting out your fantasies with each other. This is something that will never get boring. [Read: The top 17 female fantasies that arouse almost all women in no time]

19. Create anticipation

When sex gets boring and less interesting, it’s also because it’s predictable, so there is no anticipation on either of your parts.

So, send a sexy text to your partner during the workday telling them what you want to do to them when you get home. Or send them a photo that is a sneak peek of their reward when they see you again.

20. Watch porn together

Not everyone likes porn, but it sure does give you some ideas of what to do with your partner.

Just watching other people have sex and get it on together creates the desire for the people who are watching it. Try the moves that you see on your screen. [Read: Porn on Netflix – the naughtiest borderline porn on Netflix]

21. Make a homemade movie

If you don’t want to watch regular porn together, then why not make your own? Set up your phone and film yourselves in a major hot sex session. Then, watch it together afterward.

But be careful with this. You don’t want to be like all those celebrities and “accidentally” have your sex tape leaked to the whole world! 

22. Remember that it’s okay to have lulls

Going through some sex ruts is completely normal. Every couple goes through it and it’s normal to find sex boring occasionally. You just have to work on getting back to the fun, exciting sex you both love so much.

[Read: How to make sex better – 20 mind tricks to enjoy it like never before]

Knowing how to make sex more interesting is really valuable and will remain that way for your entire life. Don’t let your sex life lag and ruin your relationship. Follow these tips and it’ll stay fun!

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