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Hate Fuck: How It Can Actually Be Beneficial

The idea of a hate fuck might sound pretty toxic, but in reality, it can be pretty useful! Learn the signs so you know whether to take action or not.

Hate Fuck

There are a lot of different ways you can have sex with someone. You can even call it different things depending on how you actually do it. The one type of sex many people engage in but don’t even know they are is called a hate fuck.

If you’re not sure what hate fucking is, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many people don’t actually know what this type of sex is or why they do it.

Regardless of what the name sounds like, it’s not about having sex with someone you hate – because why would you do that? It’s about an emotional outlet that in some cases can be useful and also yields some great sex! [Read: 9 Primal ways to have angry sex and do it right!]

What is a hate fuck?

Let’s break it down so there’s no confusion. The reason people are often mistaken when it comes to hate fucking is that the word ‘hate’ is involved. Again, it’s not about having sex with someone you genuinely hate because no sane person would do that. A hate fuck is basically angry sex, but it’s another word for it.

Essentially, when you hate fuck someone, you’re getting all your rage toward them out via sex. It’s an outlet for your passionate dislike for them or something they did. Maybe your partner really annoyed you and you can’t put into words what it feels like for you. In that case, a good, old hate fuck might get all of that out!

Of course, it’s not a good sign if the only type of sex you tend to have with your partner is the hate fuck type. That will basically tell you that you have some serious issues to sort out. However, from time to time, we’ve all been known to do it, right? [Read: Aggressive sex: 14 Wild ways to do it right if you like it rough]

Different types of sex we tend to have

To shed a bit more light on this complicated and confusing subject, let’s briefly talk about sex types.

There isn’t just a single way to have sex with someone. And we’re not talking about just positions. When you’re in a certain mindset, you have different types of sex. There are different emotions felt during different types and you should know when to recognize them. [Read: Hate sex: The rules to make love with hate and enjoy it]

You could have very emotionally connected sex with someone you love and you’ll call it “making love.” You may also have pity sex with someone or even revenge sex. Having a variety of types of sex can definitely make your sex life more interesting. Of course, you should be mindful of having so-called negative types of sex on a regular basis, e.g. pity sex or angry sex because that may indicate a deeper problem. But, overall, different types of sex can help you to release pent up emotion and even sort out problems.

If nothing else, you get an orgasm out of it – well, hopefully you do! [Read: The hottest types of sex you can ever have]

Signs of a hate fuck

Believe it or not, this kind of sex can actually be very good for you. While you may not think sex of a negative variety could do you any favors, this kind can. Here are all the signs that you definitely engage in the occasional hate fuck and why it’s so great – occasionally.

Let’s check out a few clear signs of hate fucking. [Read: How to have no string attached sex and make it work]

1. You’re emotionally detached

When you hate fuck, there is very little emotion involved besides hate. You don’t feel very emotionally invested in the act or the person. So if you have sex like this, it’s possible that you’re hate fucking.

2. It’s rough

If you hate fuck, it’s not going to be very slow and sensual. In fact, it’s often fast, rough, and rowdy. This type of sex isn’t the kind you can sit back and enjoy calmly. You will be heavily involved in the act and you’ll be working hard. [Read: 12 Ways to take your sex life from vanilla to OMFG!]

3. It’s selfish sex

Hate fucking is extremely selfish. All you’re worried about is getting yourself off. You don’t care if the other person has a good time. It’s all about you and having your needs met. If this is how you have sex, it’s possibly it’s a hate fuck session.

4. There tends to be animalistic behavior

Hate is such a powerful feeling that it often brings out our animalistic side – especially when you add sex to the mix. If you feel very animalistic and just wild during sex with someone you hate, it’s definitely hate fucking. [Read: 12 reasons animalistic sex is so hot]

5. You may act out of character and do things you normally wouldn’t

The difference with this kind of sex over other types is that you’ll end up doing things that aren’t what you normally do. You’ll get a little friskier, you’ll take more risks, you may even engage in something you never thought you would.

6. A hate fuck is ridiculously satisfying

If you lie back after sex and you are just completely satisfied and relieved, it’s possible it was a hate fuck. Sure, this happens with normal sex, but not quite on the same level. Hate fucking gives such a different type of satisfaction and you’ll notice the difference. [Read: How to have satisfying sex every time]

7. You feel exhausted afterward

This is a certain sign that you hate fucked someone. You’ll be completely exhausted. This will be mentally and physically. Having such hatred for someone and then taking it out on them is sure to leave you tired afterward. However, again, it’s not true hate, it’s just a heightened emotion. That’s something to remember.

How exactly can hate fucking be beneficial?

This type of sex is so good for you in moderation. It can be great for all parties involved. Here are the reasons you should just get down with someone you’re annoyed with and bang their brains out – provided they’re down for it too, of course.

1. A hate fuck reduces stress immensely

Hate can wind you up. Having that powerful emotion can make you stressed and tense. The great thing about having a good hate fuck is that you’ll get rid of that easily. You’ll be relieved and stress-free afterward. [Read: Less stress and 13 other benefits of sex]

2. It gets your aggression out

We all have aggressive tendencies from time to time. When you can have a good hate fuck with someone you despise in that moment, it gets rid of all of that. Because you can be quite aggressive during it, you won’t have those aggressive tendencies as often. However, do remember that there’s getting your aggression out and overstepping the mark – thats never cool.

3. It opens you up to new experiences in the bedroom

When you’re getting hot and heavy with someone you’re annoyed with, it’ll bring out a different side of you. You’ll be more open to trying new things and you’ll have a lot more experiences in the bedroom. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed at least once]

4. So, you’ll find new things you like in bed

This is probably the best benefit of hate fucking. You may find new things you like. There’s always something in the bedroom that we’ve never tried before. When you hate fuck, it’ll bring about new opportunities to try things that you may end up loving.

5. You can release your frustrations

Tension and frustration run high. If you have to engage with the person you’re annoyed with often, you may just want to hate fuck them. Get rid of it. It’ll release your frustrations with them so you can get back to your normal self.

6. The pleasure is often heightened

Hate is a powerful emotion. Some say it can be even more powerful than love. If you think having sex with someone you’re in love with is good, add in the animosity of hate and frustration, and you have a recipe for some of the most intense pleasure you’ll ever feel. [Read: 17 ways to make sex more pleasurable]

7. There are no ties

Some may think this isn’t a good thing. However, when you hate fuck, you’re focusing on yourself. You’re more in tune with what you want to feel good and you don’t really think about the other person.

8. It costs less than going to the gym!

All in all, this may not seem like the most important benefit, but it’s definitely on the list. When you hate fuck, you’re putting a lot of effort and intensity into it. This makes your body work harder and you can bet you’ll be sweating and breathing heavily afterward. Let’s be honest, gym memberships are expensive!

So, the next time you’re stressed out, annoyed, and your partner or someone you know has really got to you, why not try and bash it all out with a hate fuck? As long as they’re down for it too, it could be beneficial for both of you.

[Read: The art of make up sex: A Guide to master the romp after the rage]

Some people might say having this type of sex isn’t the best. With all of these benefits of having a good hate fuck session, we have to disagree.

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