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From “Om” to “O”: Best Possible Positions for Yoga Sex

Yoga is a powerful tool, both inside and outside the bedroom. This shortlist offers the best positions for yoga sex—so get down, and get busy!

yoga sex positions

Sex is great for the body for many reasons, and it has many similarities with the ideals of yoga. You connect with your body in ways you can’t with any other activity, you connect with your partner, and you get into positions that challenge your body, too. So why don’t we put sex and yoga together?

Best positions for yoga sex

Here, we have gathered some of the best yoga positions for sizzling sex that you can try with your partner on the yoga mat or in the bedroom.

#1 Wheel pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana). How to do it: From a standing position, with your two feet flat on the even ground, you bend your knees and roll your torso backward until you reach the floor, with your hands evenly flat on the ground. Your heels should be close to your sitting bones, your elbows spread, and your palms on the floor, forming a straight line with your head. With this pose, you form an inverted U shape with your body. [Read: 30 day sex challenge – 30 sex positions for 30 days]

Why it’s great: This pose will wow your partner and will surely make him think you’re a freak in the bedroom. This pose, despite its complicated look, is very versatile. Depending on yours and your partner’s strength and flexibility, either of you can be on the top or bottom, or your partner can stand up between your legs. This position allows your partner to reach you in angles you’ve never thought possible, and effectively rub against your G-spot for maximum pleasure.

#2 Chair pose (Utkatasana). How to do it: This position is great for males, especially those with strong leg and thigh muscles. You will assume a sitting position, with your feet flat and parallel to each other on the ground. Your knees should be slightly apart as well, and your buttocks perpendicular to the floor. Your back should be straight, and your arms straight out. If you can pull this off for a minute, then you’re awe-inspiring, but if you can’t, you can use blocks or a chair for support.

Why it’s great: This is a great position for flexing—and showcasing—your muscles to your girl. She can straddle you over your thighs, giving her full control, so she can achieve the best orgasms. Another variation is your girl can do the chair pose while you sit on a chair or stool and she can bounce over you, like a sitting reverse cowgirl. [Check out: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

#3 Downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). How to do it: Start this pose on all fours, with your hands just a few inches in front of your shoulders. Your knees should be positioned under your hips. Whether on the floor, or on the bed, you can press your palms flat on the surface, and then press your hips upward, toward the ceiling. You know you’re doing it right when your body forms an upside-down “V.”

Why it’s great: this pose is great for improving your core—while having sex—and it’s not as complicated as it seems. Whether for penetration or foreplay, as a woman, you are opening yourself up to your partner, giving him full access. This also allows for maximum stimulation of the sensitive part of your vaginal wall, especially your G-spot. Not only that… it’s also perfect for anal intercourse.

#4 Reclined twist (Jatharaparivartanasana). How to do it: This pose can be done on the bed or on the floor—heck, if you’re creative, you can do this on a counter or table, too! First, you lie down on your back, with your arms spread out straight on either side, forming a straight line with your shoulders. Then, you twist your waist so your hips turn completely on one side, with your legs, knees, ankles, and feet close together. [Read: How to have great sex with your lover]

Why it’s great: A pose for detoxifying the body, the reclined twist is also great for penetration, especially with you positioned on the edge of a bed or table, while your partner kneels or stands to push forward and backward to penetrate you. This is a fairly easy pose that effortlessly doubles as a great sexual position.

#5 Piledriver pose (Karnapadasana). How to do it: Also known as “knee-to-ear pose,” this is quite an advanced yoga pose, but if you can pull it off perfectly, you and your partner will be in for a treat. Starting from a lying position, you gently roll your lower body up so that your knees reach your ears *thus the name*. Your arms must be lying prone on either side, while your knees should be level with your ears and your feet held slightly apart.

Why it’s great: This advanced yoga pose has a potential for neck injury, so you and your partner have to be very careful. As the female doing the pose, you can prop your lower back against the sofa for support as your partner straddles you and positions against your crotch for penetration. [Try: 25 horny ways to increase your sex drive and keep it high]

#6 Plow pose (Halasana). How to do it: If the piledriver pose is too risky for you, you can opt for plow pose, which is an easier alternative. Starting on your back, you lift your lower body up, keeping your feet and knees close together. As you lift your hips up, support them with your hands to steady yourself. Your knees now should be over your face, and they should be parallel to each other.

Why it’s great: This position is great for both vaginal and anal sex, as it opens you up to your partner, allowing for deeper penetration. You can rock back and forth as your partner thrusts in and out, giving you quite a workout in the process.

#7 Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana). How to do it: Start by lying down flat on your back, with your knees bent, and your feet hip-width apart, or a little wider to accommodate your partner. Keep your head and shoulders resting flat on the floor *or bed* as you raise your hips up, forming a diagonal line from your shoulders to your hips, and up to your knees. [Check out: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romps]

Why it’s great: This pose scrunches up your vaginal walls and you can pair it with Kegel exercises as you hold yourself in position. This results in arousal, even when you do this pose by yourself. Meanwhile, with your partner, you can engage in this position while having him kneel right between your legs, and maybe hold your hips for support.

#8 Cobra pose (Bhujangasana). How to do it: You can lie face down with your palms just outside and level with your shoulders, making sure to keep your elbows close to your body. Then, push yourself up, making sure to keep your hips close to the floor *or bed*. Your lower body should still be flat on the surface as you raise your upper body up.

Why it’s great: This is a great upper body and arm stretch. Meanwhile, with your legs slightly apart, your partner can kneel and come at you from behind. Since this position particularly keeps your lower body prone, you will feel a little tighter for your partner, resulting in more friction and maximum pleasure, while at the same time still reaching your G-spot—a win-win pose for both of you. [Try: How to tingle her g-spot without using a flashlight]

#9 Reclining butterfly (Supta Baddha Konasana). How to do it: This is perfect for the bed or the floor, as long as you have plenty of pillows to surround you. On your back, open your legs in a butterfly position, your knees bent out to both sides and the soles of your feet clamped together, forming a diamond shape. You can prop your knees on pillows. Meanwhile, you stretch your arms up over your head and close one hand around your other wrist.

Why it’s great: It’s a lazy position for you, with not much effort, allowing you to focus more on the sensations in your body, whether your partner is giving you oral or penetrating you. You can widen your feet so that your man can assume a missionary position. As you relax and let your partner move over you, you can maintain eye contact for a more intimate feel.

#10 Corpse pose (Savasana). How to do it: This is a simple pose done on your back, wherein you lie completely prone, your feet slightly spread apart, and your arms turned out.

Why it’s great: You literally don’t have to do a thing! You deserve this pose, especially after trying out all the other yoga poses here. Also, if your partner has a creepy fantasy about necrophilia, this can be a hit!

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Yoga poses are great if you want to multi-task in the bedroom with your partner. Connecting with your body and mind, detoxifying your body, stretching your muscles, and enhancing your sexual experiences are all aspects of yoga… and yoga sex. You can try the above-mentioned yoga poses with your partner to add spice to your repertoire.

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