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What Is Jelqing, and Does It Make Your Penis Grow?

Interested in a new and wacky theory on how to make your penis bigger? It’s called jelqing. What is jelqing? Keep reading to find out.

what is jellying

There’s a new addition to the “natural penis growth” family, and it’s called jelqing. There are about a million ways circulating the internet to make your penis grow larger, and the newest sensation to hit men’s bathrooms everywhere is called jelqing. So what is it?
Before we get to the bottom of this new sex trend, we need to point out that, unsurprisingly, men are obsessed with their penises, and we don’t just mean pleasuring them. One study of 200 men found that all participants were unhappy with their penis size! Either this study was performed in the sad land of little dicks, or men are developing a serious complex about their nether regions.
And why shouldn’t they? All facets of society tell them that women love a big dick. What can we say… they’re pretty and they feel amazing. Not gigantic, mind you. Those 7-inchers and beyond may be a bit too much to handle for the average woman. Still, one study used 3D models to find out the average size preference for women’s long-term lovers’ penises. The findings? Most women preferred a penis size of 6.3 inches in length and just shy of 5″ in circumference. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]
Facts about penis size
Just as there are many different methods of making the penis bigger, there are also many different types of penises. The penis comes in all different shapes, colors, lengths, and girths. Curious to learn more about the male sex organ? We’ve calculated some quick penis fun facts to get your party started… or, something.
-According to a 2015 study, the average erect penis size is 5.17″
-Flaccid penises average in at 3.61″
-Smoking can negatively affect sexual functions
-A stretched penis is roughly the same length as it would be erect
-The percentage of the male population that actually uses extra-large condoms? Six!
-79% of men are growers, opposite of showers!
-The largest penis on record is a whopping 13.5″ erect *Jonah Falcon*. Whoa!
-The smallest penis ever on record? 0.39″. [Read: Does size matter to women, or is there more to it?]
Everything you ever wanted to know about jelqing
So you what to know what jelqing is, how it’s done, is it safe, does it work and… oh yeah, how the heck do you pronounce that thing? We’ve got you covered. We’re telling you all there is to know about the pros and cons of jelqing!
#1 How to pronounce jelqing. Think “jerking,” but with a gel at the front. Gel + king = jelqing. You could also slang term it jelq, or jelk.
#2 What is jelqing? Ah, the big question! Jelqing is a form of manual stretching designed to lengthen the penis and make your erections stronger. Jelqing is a technique used on the penis that can be best compared to milking a cow. Hot, right? [Read: Body trends: Plastic surgery for your genitals?]

#3 How is jelquing performed? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to jelq your penis:
-Start by getting your penis nice and warm. You can do this with a heating pad or a warm cloth.
-Next, gently stretch your penis forward, to the right, to the left, and down below.
-Lubricate your hand for easy jerking… Err, jelqing.
-With a half-chubbed penis in hand, arrange your index finger and thumb in an “A-okay” grip around the base of your penis.
-Pull your hand forward toward the head of the penis.
-Avoid jelqing the glans, or head of the penis.
-Repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
Most articles on the art of jelqing tell you to avoid performing the exercise on a fully erect penis. How it could not end up erect after all the lubing and stroking, we have no idea!
Blood plays a pivotal role in jelqing. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds. Jelqing forces blood into your chambers, and ideally, over time, jelquing will expand how much blood your penis can hold. The theory goes that the bigger you expand your chambers, the larger you penis can get in both length and girth once it becomes erect. [Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]
#4 Is jelqing safe? Since we’re talking about the yanking, pulling, and stretching of the base of the penis, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that there are a couple risk factors involved with jelqing. Some side effects of jelqing include permanent tearing of penis tissues, discoloration or scarring, capillary ruptures, and sometimes, this technique may even lessen the effectiveness of your boner!
If you are going to jelq away, do so in a slow manner. Penis exercises can be notoriously risky and dangerous if done improperly. The biggest mistakes men make when performing a penis exercise are:
-Jelqing too quickly
-Doing too many reps before your body is used to the exercise
-Not warming up properly, which can lead to burst capillaries and discoloration
-Jelqing for too long, which can cause swelling in the foreskin
#5 Does jelqing work? The answer to this question is highly debatable. Unfortunately, aside from many men’s internet claims that they’ve achieved great results from consistent jelqing, there really isn’t any scientific evidence available to prove that this penis exercise actually works. Much like other ridiculous penis enlargement techniques *such as the penis pump*, some men say it isn’t worth a try, while other’s swear by their enhanced length and girth! So, does jelqing work? You be the judge. [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis]
So what is jelqing? Well, it’s either the biggest payoff from exercise since the six-pack, or a giant waste of your time. If you’ve tried jelqing and had fantastic or fantastically bad results, let us know in the comments below!

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