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Well Endowed Women: The Biggest Ups and Downs of Jiggling Jugs

If you think well endowed women have been given a good hand in life, you might be surprised to learn about the downsides. Of course, there are upsides too!

well endowed women

Big boobs seem like the pinnacle of success to most prepubescent girls. It seems like something that will bring many benefits and only a few downsides. The reality is quite different! Well endowed women don’t have it as easy as you might think!

Ah, to be one of the well endowed women you grew up around. You laugh with glee and do a private happy dance the day you started going through puberty.

One the one hand, you now deal with mind-numbing cramps and blood stains in your underwear every month. On the other hand, you’re about to get boobs. [Read: Why do guys like feelings breasts? The reasons why guys love boobs]

Having big boobs means luscious curves, great sweater opportunities, and plenty of attention. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be?

As it turns out, wishing for big boobs and actually having them are two completely different stories. Here are the ups and downs that face well endowed women on the daily.

The ups and downs of well endowed women

Most well endowed women absolutely love their big breasts, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t trade them for a smaller size on certain days. What days? Perhaps the days where men won’t stop staring, their backs are on fire from pain, or the day where they popped yet another button on their new favorite shirt.

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If you’re a well endowed women who needs to learn to love her bangers a little more, or you’re simply curious about what it would be like, here are the tops and bottoms of having a huge rack.

1. Going braless is a laughable joke

You see them. The “summer girls”. The girls who wear high waisted shorts and a flouncy summer shirt with their perky titties enjoying the breeze. These girls can go braless. You cannot. Or, at least, it’s not likely to have the same effect.

Sure, you look bangin’ in your top. But your boobs have more weight. Weight = sagging. Sagging breasts = not a cute summer look. [Read: The clothes make the girl: 15 tips to get you looking your best]

2. Under-boob sweat is a thing

You probably assume that you only sweat in the regular places, such as your armpits as one example.

However, for well endowed women, under-boob sweat is a very real thing indeed. Yes, you can sweat under your boobs and yes, it can show to the outside world via a rather unpleasant print on your shirt.

3. Clothes look amazing on you, except for buttons

You can rock any outfit you like and it will look great – except for any clothes with buttons. But besides those little critters, you fill out a sweater like nobody’s business. Your breasts take the most boring little black dress and make it go va-va-voom!

There is nothing sexier than a woman with curves, and you’ve got ’em from here to eternity. [Read: 13 legitimate ways to make your boobs look bigger and perkier]

4. Bikinis aren’t really your friend

Are they ever, really? Hold up. You look like a sexy boss in your bikini. Your breasts look amazing, drool-worthy, and completely feminine. It’s the support that becomes a problem when you shop for a bikini.

Sure, teeny tiny nipple coverings may pass for a bikini for smaller breasted women, but you need support, mama! And support is a little hard to find when it comes to bikinis.

Say goodbye to your days of wearing string bikinis because they are O.V.E.R! Instead, you’ll find thick straps and serious cladding – not that sexy. [Read: Tips to flaunt your plus-size body confidence this summer]

5. Going strapless is a pipe dream

If you’re looking at a beautiful strapless dress for your upcoming prom/dance/wedding, you can pretty much forget about it.

Strapless tops and dresses are not on the cards for well endowed women. Going strapless is a life sentence of pulling your top up every 15 minutes for the rest of the night. Oh, and you can forget about dancing in a strapless top, unless you’re okay with flashing about 20 strangers.

6. Despite the challenges, guys love ’em, and girls too!

Who doesn’t love boobs? Big, small, firm, squishy. All boobs are there to love. Especially the big ones.

They make for some seriously sensual lovemaking. They also provide good pillows for masturbating your man with. [Read: Titty sex – How to make booby sex feel like a blast]

7. Chaffing? It’s real

Having big boobs means having to wear a more supportive bra. During hot weather, that supportive bra is no longer your friend. It chafes and it hurts!

Yes, chaffing under your boobs, in-between your boobs and on the straps is real and it makes the moment you can take your bra off even more of a relief.

8. Cleavage for days!

This is a good thing and a bad thing all rolled up into one. You know your boobs are hot and sexy, but that doesn’t mean you want to feel like a seductress 24/7.

Yet, that appears to be what your boobs want because lo and behold—no matter what type of shirt you throw on over them, they don’t seem to want to stay hidden. [Read: The most fun and fascinating facts about breasts you should know]

9. You can use your boobs for unconventional things

Want to hold money, your jewelry, or a bottle of Pringles without using your hands?

Lucky for you, you are one of the well endowed women who can get away with using your awesome boobs for unconventional uses.

10. Staring. Lots and lots of staring.

This is both a pro and a con. Your breasts give you a lot of attention in your life, like it or not. While it’s flattering to have someone check out your desirable assets and even leads you on a fantastic date or two, it also leads to some pretty sleazy characters following you around.

No matter how much you try and cover those up, they’re going to attract some unwanted attention.

Plus side: Men pay for your coffee and shower you with compliments. Down side: Creepy guy may try and follow you to your car. [Read: How to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy]

11. Sports bras aren’t your friend either

You’re a woman who loves to work out and take care of her body! Unfortunately, you’re going to need about five sports bras strapped to your body to get the job done.

Creator of the workout routine, Fit Body Girl, Anna Victoria even talks about the pitfalls of being larger chested when working out. She has said that she wears a sports bra and a jacket during her workouts to prevent her breasts from bouncing too much at the gym. [Read: Boob talk: Yes, your breasts are completely normal]

12. Bra shopping is a nightmare

Like most larger sizes of things, do you ever feel like the cutest things are never in your size? Many well endowed women find it difficult to find beautiful bras and lingerie that comes in their size without any spillage happening.

As with bikinis, it’s normally all about unnaturally thick straps and high coverage. Not everyone wants that, some women just want a pretty, feminine bra!

13. You boobs become a sex toy

It’s true – your boobs are fantastic for driving your partner wild and you can use them in many different ways.

Hand job? Forget it, try a lubed up boob job instead!

There are lots of ways you can incorporate your breasts into sex and it works fantastically well when you have plenty up top. [Read: Nipple play: How to pleasure a girl by focusing on her breasts]

14. Back ache is real

Boobs might look pretty great but at the end of the day it’s extra weight to carry around. Many well endowed women end up with back ache at some point. Some women even end up having reductions because their large breasts cause them serious back problems and issues with posture.

15. People pay for big boobs, yours came for free

Of course, there is the thought that people out there are paying thousands to get the two things you were blessed with naturally. That’s got to count for something, right? [Read: How to touch a girl’s breasts and feel her up for the first time]

16. Some women just don’t like their big boobs

Not all well endowed women are happy about it. Some women don’t like having large boobs because of the attention that they give to them, and because of many of the negatives on this list.

Don’t assume that the grass is always greener on the other side if you have smaller boobs. [Read: 15 advantages of itty bitty titties and why men absolutely love them]

Shouldn’t we just learn to love what we have?

There’s a huge amount of envy towards well endowed women when it comes to the size of their boobs. This is normally from smaller chested women who wish that their boobs were bigger.

Ladies, let’s stop comparing ourselves and wishing that our bazookas were bigger or smaller, perkier or saggier, the list goes on. [Read: 8 ways to love your body, no matter its size]

There are just as many pros and cons of having smaller boobs as there are larger ones. As I’ve said before, the grass isn’t greener! All boobs are fantastic – ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same.

So, the next time you find yourself wishing away your big boobs or wishing for larger ones, take a moment to appreciate the ones you already have and start loving them!

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Many well endowed women rejoice for their great breasts, until then the button on their shirts flies off, again. Big boobs, you can’t beat ‘em and you can’t get rid of them — so you might as well love ‘em.

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