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Uncontrollable Orgasm: 10 Secrets to Unleash the Power of the O

If there’s one thing all women should strive for in bed, it’s an uncontrollable orgasm. This is how you can unleash your true orgasmic potential.

uncontrollable orgasm

One thing women struggle with often in the bedroom is actually reaching orgasm. This can be due to a number of different reasons and truthfully, those reasons need to be fixed ASAP. If you ever want to learn how to have an uncontrollable orgasm, you have to first learn what’s stopping you.

And that means taking a look at your sex life and your partner. A lot of the time, women can’t get off because of something that’s completely unrelated to sex altogether. It can be because you don’t fully trust your partner or because you’re just distracted with the stresses of life.

How to increase intimacy with your partner and have better orgasms

One of the biggest ways you can increase your odds of orgasming is if you become closer to your partner. You need to bond with them on an intimate level and grow together as a couple. If you’re not 100% comfortable with them, you’ll never get off.

A few ways you can do this is to just open up. Talk about the issues you’re having in bed and tell them you want to spend more time nurturing the romantic side of your relationship. This will help immensely in the bedroom for you. [Read: How to increase intimacy in your relationship]

Learn the secrets that unleash an uncontrollable orgasm

If you’re having trouble orgasming in bed with your partner or if you just want to make your orgasms more powerful, these tips can help. Just remember that everyone is different and requires different things in bed. Be patient and you’ll find the trick that works best for you.

#1 Foreplay all day. I mean this literally. If you want to have an uncontrollable, shaking orgasm, then foreplay all day. You can do this physically by making sure you stimulate your lady bits regular throughout the day. You can also do this by sexting your partner and getting them involved.

The way this works is that it puts your body in a position to orgasm throughout the entire day. By the time you actually get to be physical with your partner, you’re super turned on. That slow build up leads to a massive release. [Read: 9 of the sexiest foreplay tips you’ll ever need]

#2 Be selfish in bed. It’s okay to be selfish as the woman every now and then. Your man gets off a lot easier. You know. He knows it. And guess what? He won’t mind if you crawl on top of him and just focus on yourself.

Hell, he may even find it extremely sexy. The point is, do what you want and what will get you off. There are far too many women who are so concerned about their partner enjoying the sex that they don’t actually enjoy it themselves. That mindset will not get you to an uncontrollable orgasm.

#3 Add a sex toy to the mix. Sex toys are incredible – especially ones that vibrate. If you have trouble getting off, you should definitely get some sex toys. Not only will they add a level of excitement – which can make you more turned on by itself – but it’ll also add extra stimulation.

The combination of internal and external stimulation can add up for one hell of a shaking orgasm. Make sure you work with your partner to find the right sex toy to fit both of your needs. [Read: 13 must-have sex toys for first timers]

#4 Try edging. This new phenomenon in the bedroom is changing the way women orgasm for the better. If you’re unfamiliar with this, I’ll summarize. Basically, this is when a woman gets very, very close to orgasm and then halts all stimulation.

This process is repeated a few times before she’s finally allowed to release and have the orgasm. The way this works is by building up that orgasm bigger and bigger before she can finally finish. It makes for a really strong, nearly uncontrollable orgasm. [Read: 6 sizzling ways to control your orgasms with edging]

#5 Close your eyes and focus on the build up. Who cares about looking into your partner’s eyes? Sometimes orgasms require focus and you can’t do that if you’re worried about looking at them.

Close your eyes and let your mind focus on the sensations. Think about how each movement feels inside of you and how your lover’s hands feel against you. The best way to do this is to simply go through all 5 of your senses. The combination can lead to one hell of a strong orgasm.

#6 Instruct your partner with what to do. Your significant other is just as eager to make you have an uncontrollable orgasm as you are to have it. They want to make you feel good. So tell them what to do. They’ll listen intently and it can even be a little sexy to boss your lover around.

You’ll want to be very specific when you do this too. If you want to do it in a way that also turns your partner on, mention how good it feels when they get it right. Your response will make them even more eager to please you.

#7 Practice often. The more orgasms you have, the better they get. And that means you’ll have to practice and practice in order to have uncontrollable orgasms. Not only will more romps in the bedroom get you closer to that ecstasy, but it can also help you realize what you need more of in order to get off. This can make your entire sex life better. [Read: 10 tips for women who want mind-blowing orgasms]

#8 Work up to it slowly. Like I mentioned before, the build up is everything. If you build up quickly, you’ll have a quick orgasm. If you take your sweet time, it’ll be even more blissful. For that reason, focus on slowing down and just enjoying the sensations. Don’t try to have a shaking orgasm by having a quickie. It won’t work.

#9 Let your body respond naturally. Your body knows what to do and how to get you to finish. If you fight it too much by trying too hard, you’ll fail. The best way to have an uncontrollable orgasm is to let go of control over your body.

Allow the sensations to fill you up and let your body respond naturally. Doing this can help you reach orgasm faster and it’ll be more satisfying overall. [Read: Everything you need to know about hands-free orgasms]

#10 Communicate afterward to make it better the next time. I’m not saying that you have to immediately roll off your partner and start discussing the intricacies of your orgasm. But you need to communicate what you liked and what can be done differently.

You can even talk about the great things you partner did so they’re more likely to repeat them the next time. The bottom line is that in order to have those amazing orgasms, your significant other needs to know what made it happen for you that time.

[Read: How to achieve the highest level of ecstasy through a full body orgasm]

Learning how to have an uncontrollable orgasm is a process. But it’s definitely a process worth practicing and mastering. You’ll be having shaking orgasms every time once you put these tips into full effect.

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