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How to Read the Signs He Wants to Make Love to You and Not Use You

It’s easy to accuse all men of wanting meaningless sex. But many men want meaningful intimacy. These are the signs he wants to make love to you.

signs he wants to make love to you

It’s so easy to assume that all men want just sex. Unfortunately, it is what popular culture shows us. But in reality, not every guy fits the stereotype. Of course, some men aren’t looking for anything serious, but then other men want meaningful intimacy with someone they like. There are signs he wants to make love to you, that show you his true intentions.

I know the term ‘making love’ sounds a bit corny and a little cheesy, but actually, it’s very beautiful. Making love isn’t just sex; it’s more than that. It’s two people connecting both physically and emotionally.

And if he wants to make love with you, that’s a sign he has some serious feelings towards you. Now, you need to decide if you share those feelings towards him as well. If so, that’s when you can start to develop something real.

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The clearest signs he wants to make love to you

Maybe you’ve been seeing a guy for a while and have noticed the intimacy has changed between you. In other words, things have developed, and the connection is stronger. For him, it’s more than just sex.

#1 The sex has changed. It’s difficult to describe, but something in the way you have sex has changed. It’s become more romantic, more intimate, and intense. Everything seems more passionate than before. And it may have been a gradual change or very sudden, but you can say for sure the sex you’re having is deeper and more connected. [Read: Sweet and intimate signs that show you care]

#2 There’s a lot of eye contact during sex. When you two are having sex, there’s not a moment that goes by where you aren’t looking into each other’s eyes. Eye contact is a great way to tell how someone feels about you. If a guy is having sex with someone and avoiding eye contact, something isn’t right.

#3 How’s the foreplay? This is crucial. Foreplay is usually put on the side *even though it shouldn’t be*. And if it’s just sex, men will usually rush through this part of intercourse. But if he’s making love with you, he’ll take the extra time to engage in foreplay and learn your body while pleasuring you. It’ll be slow and very hot. [Read: Slow sex and the steamy reasons why it’s the best sex ever]

#4 It’ll be about you. Of course, some men like to spend more time pleasing their partner, and that doesn’t mean they’re making love. But then, there are other men who aren’t so used to giving, but when there’s a deep connection, they’ll make sure to make their partner moan with joy.

#5 There’s a lot of kissing. While he’s having sex, it’s all about the kissing. Casual sex may include kissing, but not a lot of it. Kissing is actually pretty intimate and builds a connection between people. If a man wants to make love with you, he’ll want to kiss you and explore your body with his lips.

#6 He picks the right positions. Who would have thought positions show whether a man is making love with you, but it’s true. Of course, you can make love with your partner and be in doggy style, but is he showing you affection while you’re in that position?

Usually, when a man wants to make love with you, he’ll pick positions where you two can share eye contact, these positions include missionary and cowgirl.

#7 There’s only honesty. When you’re having sex with him, you feel like you can be yourself. Many times when we have sex with people, we’re not completely relaxed. But with him, you feel you can let go during sex. When it comes to making love, it’s about being open and honest with yourself and him.

#8 He’ll stay the night. Now, many guys stay the night out of convenience, but most with go home after having sex. If this man just made love with you, he’s not going anywhere. There’s more to the relationship than just sex, and he wants you to know that. He’ll hang out with you, cuddle, and get to know you. [Read: The surprising benefits of cuddling and how it can make your life better]

#9 He doesn’t rush. He’s not trying to get through sex and finish as fast as he can. If he wants to make love with you, he wants to make every second count. He’ll take his time during foreplay and intercourse, and go slow until the end. For him, he wants to focus on passion rather than instant gratification.

#10 He doesn’t need to have sex with you. Here we go! Sure, he may want to have sex with you, but if a man is in love with you, he won’t need you to have sex all night long. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen, he’ll be just as happy cuddling with you that night. Sex isn’t the only thing on his mind anymore.

#11 There’s less dirty talk. You can still use dirty talk with someone you love, but if he’s making love with you, he’ll ease up on the dirty talk and use more romance in his words. His words will be sweeter and gentler, as will his entire demeanor. [Read: 15 ways to go from ordinary sex to romantic sex fantasy]

#12 There’s an emotional connection. Between you, there’s more than just sex. You feel that there’s a real emotional connection, and now it’s translating into the bedroom. During sex, there will be more hand-holding, caressing, and touching between you two.

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If you see the signs he wants to make love to you, great! It shows that you two have a deeper connection. Now it’s time to develop it.

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