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Hot Sex From Behind: 16 Mind-Blowing Ways to Do It Right

If you’ve mastered the missionary position, congratulations, you’re now a sex god. But now it’s time to be daring and have some hot sex from behind.

sex from behind

If you have never had sex from behind, well, today’s a new day and it’s time for you to try it out. Everyone loves having sex from behind. People usually think doggy style is a position that’s only for the bad girls. If that’s you, then you’ve been fooled and tricked. In fact, you’re missing the opportunity to receive the deepest penetration possible.

6 tips for having hot sex from behind

That’s right, you read it correctly. Deepest. Penetration. Ever. If you’re nervous about trying out sex from behind, like I was in the beginning – don’t be scared. Just make sure your partner is someone you trust and can communicate with.

It’s time to know some important tips and which positions are the best ones in hitting your G-spot and having the Big O.

#1 Get vertical. You don’t actually have to be on your knees for doggy style, contrary to popular belief. You can stand while leaning over a table or counter while doing doggy style. It’s a better alternative if you don’t want to hurt your knees.

#2 You can move outside of the bedroom. What’s great about sex from behind is that you don’t actually need a bed for it. You can literally do this position anywhere, anytime.

Give this position a try in the shower, over the kitchen counter, or on the couch. It’s basically the best position to do when you don’t have a bed available. I call it, versatile. [Read: Ways to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

#3 Use pillows. There’s a myth that you’ll suffer from sore knees because of the length of time on your knees. This myth isn’t completely false, but it just depends on your knees. So, if you’re nervous about premature joint pain, grab a couple pillows and put them underneath your knees for support.

#4 Use your hand. If he’s behind you, don’t feel like you have to let him do all the work. Take your hand and masturbate yourself at the same time. Or, you can always use a vibrator. Let’s be honest, whatever you’re going to use, your partner is going to love it – and you’ll orgasm. Win-win. [Read: 30 day sex challenge – 30 positions for 30 days]

#5 You can make it sensual. Many people think that sex from behind is rough and impersonal. It’s true that you’re not facing them, however, it doesn’t mean that it’s disrespectful. You can try to make it more sensual by doing it side-by-side if you want. That way, you’ll be having your faces pressed up against each other. It’ll be sweaty and intense.

#6 You can take control. If you’re used to your partner taking control, with sex from behind, you have the ability to control the situation. To take the reins, you simply have to arch your back either more or less. This will control the depth.

For example, if you arch your back less, he won’t be able to go deep. You can also grab his hips to control the speed. [Read: How to do the reverse-cowgirl – tips and tricks to make you love it]

10 amazing positions to have hot sex from behind

#1 The Slide. This is a pretty sensual position and works well if your partner has a large penis. The woman is lying on her stomach and uses her arms to push her upper body up. Then the man can enter inside her from behind. You can place a pillow underneath your stomach for more comfort.

#2 The Secretary. If you’ve seen the movie Secretary, then you know what position we’re talking about. The woman is basically leaning over the back of a chair while the man penetrates from behind. It’s hot, it’s sexy, and it’s fast. [Read: Wild ways to have sex in the shower and enjoy it]

#3 The Coiled Spring. If you have larger breasts, this is an ideal position for you. The woman will be on her knees with her butt high in the air. However, her chest and head will be on the floor, using her hands to support her. It’s a great position because it’s not difficult, yet feels amazing.

#4 The Balancing Act. Okay, so, if you’re a yoga or pilates enthusiasts, then give this one a try. The Balancing Act isn’t easy, as you can tell by the name. This position isn’t soft and cozy because it tests your balance and flexibility which is what makes it fun to try.

The woman is balanced between her partner’s thighs. Yeah, I know, you’re confused. So, basically, the man lies down on his back while the woman lowers herself onto his penis. Her head is facing the opposite direction and the man holds her hips in place while she is holding his arms. [Read: Spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romp]

#5 The A-Frame. You’re probably thinking that this position is difficult, but don’t be fooled by the name. Basically, whoever is doing the thrusting is going to be standing against the wall, while they grab your leg and do the deed. This is actually a great position for men who aren’t well-endowed, if you know what I mean.

#6 Kneeling Fox. If you’re a fan of deep penetration, then you’ll be a fan of the Kneeling Fox. Basically, the man is on his knees and the woman is facing away and sitting on him. The woman is on her hands and knees, leaning forward with the support of her arms.

The man will hold onto her waist and thrust. You won’t be facing each other, but, it’s fun when you’re looking for fast and orgasmic sex. [Read: Dirty ways to have the roughest sex ever]

#7 Traditional Doggy. Now, at some point, you’ll end up in the traditional doggy style position and trust me, there isn’t anything wrong with that. If you’ve made it through the other positions, then this one will be a breeze. Essentially, the woman will be on all fours, with her head up, while the man is behind her, thrusting.

#8 The Chair. This one is fun if you’re in the office and get a surprise from your partner. The man will be sitting on a chair while the woman literally sits on top of him, allowing him to enter her from behind.

The man can grab her breasts for stability while he thrusts her. It’s not the traditional ‘doggy style’ position, but, whatever, it’s fun and steamy. [Read: Best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

#9 The Side Roll. If you want a more sensual experience while having sex from behind, you can go on the side. The woman lies on her side with her legs apart. The man lies behind her and can easily enter her. It’s a sensual position because your faces are close together and you can hear each other’s breathing.

#10 Tired Doggy. Yeah, this one sounds sad, but it’s actually really fun. If you’re both lazy but still want to get laid, then try this one out. The woman lays facing down with a pillow underneath her pelvis.

Then, the man lies on top of her and enters from behind. As the woman, you don’t have a lot of control, but sometimes, you don’t want to control the situation.

[Read: Hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

Now that you know everything about doggy style, why not give it a try? There’s a stereotype of bad girls liking sex from behind for a reason. It’s fun.

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