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Rainbow Party – The Dark Secrets of Rainbow Parties

What is a rainbow party? Find out everything about rainbow parties, a dark and sexual secret shared only by intimate groups of teenage girls and boys. Derek Fisher tells you more.

Rainbow Party

Rainbow party.

The name sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

It reminds you of lovely little butterflies flitting around and little children running around playing with the other children, doesn’t it?

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Hmm… now let’s ask a group of teenagers what rainbow parties remind them of.

If you’re a parent, the teen would probably tell you that a rainbow party reminds them of the same beautiful rainbow you envision.

But if you were another teenager asking the same question to a friend, chances are the answer will be way off your line of thought.

What is a rainbow party?

To a few youngsters, a rainbow party is the name associated with making out and experimenting. A few years ago, it was revealed that a rainbow party isn’t a game at a kiddie party, but a dark and sexual game played by young boys and girls.

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A rainbow party is purportedly a group event involving young girls performing fellatio on boys. To explain the same in simpler terms, a rainbow party is an infamous gathering where the girls involved wear different colored lipsticks, each with a different shade, and indulge in oral sex with the boys, leaving a multicolored party favor on each of their little members.

How did rainbow parties start?

The rainbow party was first publicized on Oprah Winfrey’s show, where she interviewed fifty girls and asked them about it. Until then, rainbow parties were unheard of, but all at once there was mass hysteria about these parties.

I obviously haven’t been to any of these rainbow parties, but I have been told of a certain rainbow party very close to my own backyard where the girls had indulged in a so called blowjob party, but I’m pretty sure the party didn’t just end with multicolored dingdongs and the queen of protein shakes! [Read: How to have sex with a friend]

I haven’t heard anything similar ever since, but that could also be because I’m past my teens. The rainbow girls would probably be hunting for that teen with a Zack Efron hairstyle, and “fashionable” pants! I have tried speaking to a few youngsters and surprisingly, almost half of them have heard of it. But none told me that they had indulged in it… Yeah, right! [Read: 20 things that sexually turn on a guy when he sees a girl]

The fact that so many of them knew what it was took me back by surprise. I mean, these were teens still in their eighth grade days, and they were so well informed about subjects that we as grownups didn’t know. It is said that the rage build up quietly since the Monica – Clinton episode way back in time.

The first ever rainbow party?

The first reported case was a scandal in a school in Arlington, Virginia, where a group of eighth graders would get together for parties in which boys and girls would get paired off for sexual activities that eventually progressed from petting to blowing and fondling. There were also a few reported instances of public blowjobs on a school bus and in a hallway. The school eventually got to know about it through the school grapevine. [Read: Real life public flashing confessions]

It doesn’t matter now about what the school did to these kids but what matters is that there are so many things that teens these days indulge in, and grownups practically have no idea. But on the other hand, teens probably wouldn’t be indulging in any such activity like a rainbow party, but say something like this to their friends just to pretend like they know more and are so much cooler.

But either way, one would never know if teens are really indulging in these acts, unless perhaps someone is caught in the act.

When a few teens were asked about what they felt about rainbow parties, they shot back that it was a gross thing to do, and they would never want to do anything like that… ever! But they also mentioned that the pressure from grownups to abstain from making out and having sex could have led these girls to indulge in group orgies and rainbow parties. [Read: 10 tips to sneakily seduce any guy]

And when parents always remind the teens that losing their virginity would be the ultimate moment of their lives, and they have to abstain from groping deep until they’re married, maybe its just a little too much for them to live up to.

So the next time you’re at the supermarket or at a cosmetic store and you see a bunch of giggling girls at the counter holding a handful of multicolored lipsticks, don’t just assume that it’s a slumber party or a pajama night. It could just be a rainbow night! [Read: 10 best songs to make love to]

After all, for these teen girls, lipsticks are fun. And a rainbow party is something they’d all want to indulge in. After all, these parties really do blow!

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So do rainbow parties really exist? No one can tell, other than those frisky kids who were actually blowing someone at a rainbow party.

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