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People Having Sex With Animals: Yes, It’s a Thing

Bestiality isn’t a myth—it’s a reality. Some people walk into a pet store, buy a dog, and have sex with it. Yes, having sex with animals exists.

having sex with animals

There are people who get on the train or drink coffee with you, and then come home and have sex with their pet. Yes, there are people who are sexually attracted to animals. While this may be taboo to you, for at least 7% of the population, it’s part of their lifestyle.
Having sex with animals is an aspect of sexuality that many are uncomfortable with. They would rather sweep it under the rug, or make a joke of it and move on. But there are even some people making loads of money out of bestiality brothels and animal sex tourism in many countries.
Bestiality and zoophilia, while commonly interchanged, are two different topics that many of us would rather not think about, let alone discuss. However, the more we ignore it, the harder it is for us to figure out what it is exactly, and why some people—and cultures—are into it.
Having sex with animals – bestiality vs. zoophilia
Bestiality and zoophilia are widely confused, but they are different.
Bestiality is related to recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, urges, and sexual activities with non-human animals. It doesn’t necessarily involve penetration, but people indeed have sexual behaviors toward animals that are committed for the sake of gratification.
Meanwhile, zoophilia is a clinical term used to describe a human being who is sexually aroused or inspired by a non-human animal. Today, it is used to refer to erotic feelings or sexual attachment, or sexual preference for animals. [Read: Sexual fetishes and obsessions]
To distinguish the two further, consider this: bestiality is a practice, involving a deed, while zoophilia is a more like a preference or experience – a feeling, so to speak. Not every zoophile engages in bestiality, while not all who are zoophiles actually perform bestiality, or have sex with animals. Zoophilia may not be against the law, but bestiality is illegal in many places across the globe.
Having sex with animals – bestiality in history
Humans have been having sex with animals since the beginning of the prehistoric era. Early European rock art even have shown depictions of bestiality. In various mythology and folklore during the Classical Period until the Middle Ages, bestiality has been a theme, with many authors accepting it as a regular practice.
In fact, Greek mythology includes Zeus seducing favored mortals in the form of an animal, and even engaging in actual copulation with one woman, Leda. [Read: 11 most common fetishes and 5 super weird ones]
The Hebrew Bible, meanwhile, imposes the death penalty on both humans and animals engaging in bestial acts. As the Age of Enlightenment ushers in, bestiality was included as a crime against nature.
Countries where it’s legal
Today, bestiality is illegal in most countries around the world. However, there are still quite a few nations that find it legal—and normal, if not a tradition—for them to be having sex with animals.
So, if you want to try it out and have sex with a dog or a goat, you will need to go to some of these countries:
#1 Germany. Bestiality brothels are popular among Germans, with bestiality being a lifestyle choice. There are also erotic zoos where people can choose the animals they want to have sex with. [Read: Types of fetishes – dirty little secrets]
#2 Colombia. The country has been a subject of a Vice documentary entitled, Asses of the Caribbean, where pubescent boys were chronicled to be “practicing” with donkeys.
This is because the highly Catholic country prohibits pre-marital sex, and unmarried young boys believe that having sex with donkeys not only help increase their genital size, but also hone their skills in the bedroom. They think it will help them get ready for their first night with their future wives.
#3 United States of America. Yes, the land of the free indeed. However, it was not until the 2000s when the country finally got on record about outlawing their citizens from having sex with animals. Still, there are states where it’s not illegal, such as Nevada, New Hampshire, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, and Vermont.
#4 Denmark. This country is the so-called hotspot for the animal sex industry, with 17% of veterinarians suspected that the animals they treated have been involved in some sexual acts. There are also bestiality brothels in the country, where people get charged between $85 and $170 depending on the animal they choose.
#5 Brazil. The country is a hotbed for men having sex with animals. A sobering fact, though, is that penile cancer is on the rise there, and 45% of them have had sexual relations with a non-human animal. [Read: The kink list – 20 fetishes that aren’t weird at all]
#6 Hungary. The country is number one when it comes to producing bestiality x-rated films. They also have a significantly large number of bestiality brothels in the country. They also consider being cozy with an animal a crime only if the animals get hurt.
#7 Finland. The Fins are perfectly fine with their people nailing their pets. It becomes punishable by law, however, if the animals are proven to be treated roughly or cruelly.
#8 Mexico. Famous for its donkey shows, where donkeys ram into a woman in front of an audience, in Mexico it’s legal and quite a tourist destination.
What zoophiles will tell you
As mentioned, zoophilia is often used interchangeably with bestiality. Again, they are different. Many zoophiles just enjoy animals for the sexual pleasure and gratification they bring, although they don’t necessarily have intercourse with them. Here’s what you should know more about being a zoophile.
#1 It’s not just about having sex with animals. Many zoophiles really don’t have sex with animals. However, they get sexually attracted to the qualities they see in animals, such as in dogs, cats, goats, horses, lizards, and even insects. [Read: Kinks that adventurous couples need to try at least once]
#2 There are huge debates around consent. Animals can’t necessarily give consent the way that humans do. On one end of the debate, however, are the people who believe that if the animal doesn’t kick or bite you, then they sort of agree to being used sexually.
#3 There are things that are frowned upon. Many in the zoophile community don’t support “fence-hopping,” or the act of sneaking into someone else’s property and having sex with their pets or animals. However, there are those that feel the practice is okay, since the animal somehow “reciprocated” the attraction.
#4 Animal attraction starts early. Attraction to animals typically starts during puberty, when humans also typically start to be attracted to other humans.
#5 It’s complicated. Relationships with animals aren’t as simple as outsiders may think. Unlike bestial relationships where having sex with animals is merely a kink, being a zoophile involves a whole lot more than just sex. In fact, sex is just a small part of the relationship. [Read: How dirty panty fetishes are paying women’s utility bills]
The risks
In case you haven’t realized it yet, bestiality is sex between two mismatched species. It is unnatural, if not far from normal. But many animal sex activists would argue: who dictates what is normal anyway, when we have done so much more unspeakable things to animals throughout history?
Well anyway, for one, having sex with animals is not just dangerous, but deadly. There’s the issue of diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans and humans to animals. Let’s take a look at some of them:
– Leptospirosis is carried by dogs, horses, and sheep. The disease can be transmitted through contact with the animals’ genitals. The infection can lead to complications that cause meningitis, which can also be life-threatening.
– Echinococcosis is a disease caused by parasitic worms carried by the fecal matter of cats and dogs. This causes cysts to grow in the liver, brain, lungs, and other organs of the body. [Read: Untold sex secrets you need to know]
– Rabies is present in the saliva of cats, dogs, and horses. It is the deadliest disease that can be caught by anyone who has sexual encounters with an animal.
Also, there’s always the possibility of being scratched, bitten, kicked or mauled by the animal.
It’s a big taboo
Despite all these, having sex with animals is still highly taboo. There’s always the matter of consent and the ethical and humane treatment of animals.
While there are people who argue that animals also enjoy the experience, and that those zoophiles who are romantically attached to their animals would never hurt them, health and safety should also be a big consideration. [Read: Top ten female fantasies]
Still, bestiality and zoophilia are real, and you are most likely to encounter one zoophile at some point in your life. So there you have it. Having sex with animals is a real thing. Who knew?

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