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Penis Facts! 18 Shocking & Weird Dick Facts You Have No Idea About

The human body is a wonderful thing. It’s complex, confusing, but it does amazing things. Check out these fascinating penis facts to see what we mean!

Penis Facts

Before we talk about penis facts, let’s talk about our bodies for a minute. Human bodies – weird, right? They’re designed to do amazing things and yet despite that, sometimes they still malfunction.

From the beating heart to the amazing human brain, we surprise ourselves every day and don’t even realize it. For instance, have you ever thought much about the reproductive system? We create life!

We’re going to talk about some amazing penis facts to show you just how interesting the human body really is. After all, no other anatomical feature of the male body “stands out” except the penis.

In fact, humans are totally fascinated by it. If you visit an ancient ruin—be it in Rome, Egypt, or any other cradle of human civilization—chances are that you will be met with that familiar, elongated protrusion that could only be a penis. People have even gone into the realm of the extreme by worshiping it. Of course, this does nothing to dampen the male ego!

If you think that being a guy or a girl who has been with a lot of guys makes you an expert on the penis, there are still so many occasions that the male member might continue to surprise you.

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Weird and fun penis facts you probably didn’t know

The next time you’re hanging out with friends or you want to amaze them with your penis knowledge, use one of these penis facts. Watch their jaws drop.

Just make sure it’s in the right setting – you wouldn’t want to totally offend anyone!

1. Humans are the only mammals that lack a penis bone

Yes, there is such a thing. For those who have just encountered this fact, get this: all other placental mammals possess a penis bone, which assists in prolonged sexual intercourse.

As humans evolved, we somehow lost this skeletal feature, since our more advanced *and selective* mating behavior dictates that we won’t need one anymore. Just imagine how long you could last if we still had penis bones.

So, the next time you need an excuse for going limp or coming a little too soon, just say it’s not your fault that you don’t have a penis bone! [Read: What do women really think about your penis?]

2. Despite what they say to make you feel good about yourself, size does actually matter

Not for all women, but especially for men themselves. Let’s be honest, guys tend to be conscious about the size of their penis.

For some, it can become a total preoccupation. The global erect size average falls around the 5 inch mark. There are extremes falling to North Korea, producing the shortest average penile length measuring a mere 3.8 inches. In the African Republic of Congo, the top penile length averages a whopping 7.1 inches! Their condoms must be military-grade. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

When it comes to size…

3. Penis facts to make your eyes water – The world record for the largest natural, unenhanced penis measures 13.5 inches!

Yes, and that’s 9.5 inches in its flaccid state. The proud owner of this monster schlong is Jonah Falcon of New York. Apparently, a lot of porn studios offered him starring roles, all of which he declined. We assume he was concerned for his would-be co-star’s well-being!

Of course, we should point out amongst these penis facts that just because a guy has a large penis, doesn’t mean he will automatically know what to do with it. Some guys simply think they don’t need to try because of the size of their penis, yet we all know that it’s quality over quantity! [Read: The big penis – Advice for the haves and have-nots]

4. The penis tells a lot about a guy’s health

This means a healthy body equals a healthy penis and vice versa. If you find that you’re having a hard time keeping it up lately, or discover that your stamina is falling short during sexy time, it could be your penis telling you to change your lifestyle.

The most immediate cause would be stress produced by lack of sleep. It could also be overworking, an inadequate diet, or an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and drinking.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle and you’ll not only notice that you feel better about yourself, but you might find that your sexual performance increases too. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up and hard for longer]

5. Circumcised guys have a lesser chance of contracting HIV

The foreskin contains an abundant number of Langerhans cells, which are easily infected by HIV. Not a reason to be careless, of course.

It doesn’t mean that a circumcised guy can’t catch HIV or any other STI, it’s simply that in this case, there is a slightly reduced chance. Despite that, make sure that you’re always practicing safe sex – it goes without saying, right? [Confession: Sex with an uncircumcised man, myths and everything else I learned]

6. Circumcised and uncircumcised guys are on par during sex

This means that what you feel during intercourse doesn’t change based on whether you are cut or sheathed. Again, it comes down to what a guy does with it and nothing to do with whether he’s cut or not.

Also, never let a circumcised guy tell you that he doesn’t need to use a condom because a cut penis is safer. For sure, it’s a penis fact that there is a slight hygienic advantage but that doesn’t stop the transmission of STIs and it certainly doesn’t stop pregnancy! [Read: Circumcised vs uncircumcised penis – Who makes the sexy cut?]

7. Shoe size does not reveal the size of your package

Despite the popular saying “You know what they say about guys with big feet,” studies reveal that size 13 feet do not guarantee an equally proportional member.

If you’ve got big feet, it literally just means that you need bigger shoes, it has nothing to do with the size of your member. That’s one of the penis facts that most people don’t understand!

8. One of the major penis facts – All penises started as a clitoris

You’re confused, aren’t you? Well, it’s true! All penises started as a clitoris and then developed outwards into the penis we know today. While the fetus is developing inside the mother’s womb, the body first develops the area as a clitoris.

When the fetus basically decides whether it’s going to be male or female, that’s when the penis starts to fully develop. So, until your Y chromosome triggers the right sex hormones to cause it to develop into a penis, you actually have a clitoris!

Speaking of fetuses…

9. Fetuses can get an erection while still in the womb

Yes, this is another of the little-known penis facts! A fetus can get an erection inside a woman’s womb, while the mother-to-be is pregnant. Fetal erections are, apparently, caused by testosterone surges within a little guy’s body.

And not only fetuses…

10. Corpses and dying people can also get erections

Yes, you read that right. This occurrence has been recorded in history and is called “angel lust” or “death erection.” It sounds charming, doesn’t it?

Death erection often occurs in people who die from hanging, whether by suicide or as a means of execution. Death erection is caused by the noose applying pressure to the cerebellum, which stimulates the right nerves, and provokes an erection *and sometimes, even an ejaculation*. That’s certainly one of the darker penis facts that you probably didn’t know. [Read: How to get rid of an erection – 10 quick and easy tips]

11. Penises can actually “break”

Despite our species losing the penis bone, the human penis is still prone to breakage, either from an injury or from rough sex. This is often serious and requires immediate medical attention.

So, while it’s good to try new things in the bedroom and spice things up occasionally, do be careful not to go too full-on otherwise you might find yourself in the emergency room with a very painful and personal problem. [Read: 15 painfully embarrassing things that can go wrong during sex]

12. Perhaps one of the unsurprising penis facts – No brain stimulus is required for a man to ejaculate

The impulse required for ejaculation comes from the spinal cord, not from the brain. Some women may be nodding their heads with a wry smile on their faces here, but it’s one of the key penis facts if you want to understand more about the function of the penis overall.

13. There are people gifted with two functioning penises

As if one wasn’t enough, right? You might have heard or read about that guy from Reddit—and we can tell you that he’s not kidding. There’s a rare condition called Diphallia, where a guy can develop two functioning penises!

Talk about lucky? Or, maybe you think he’s not that lucky.

The penis isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, especially in puberty when it seems to have a mind of its own. When you’ve got two? Well, double the trouble! [Read: Weird penis – 10 freaky behaviors that are totally normal]

14. The fear of a disappearing penis, called Koro, is actually a thing

A culture-specific syndrome exists that is prevalent in Africa and some parts of the Far East. This syndrome is characterized by an irrational fear that the penis will suddenly disappear or “hide” its way back inside the body.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely to ever happen, in fact probably impossible. Yet, Koro is a real thing for some guys, whether irrational or not.

15. During ancient times, one job requirement was for you to lose your male parts

This is why you should always read the job description! Maybe some of you are familiar with Lord Varys in Game of Thrones and his predicament of having lost his, um, “family jewels.” However, this particular example is rather darker and much more real.

During ancient times, the Chinese and Muslim courts of the east employed hundreds of castrated slaves, called eunuchs, to serve in harems. So, a requirement of the job was to have zero penises in a harem.

Despite their slave status, eunuchs were highly regarded by their masters and were later appointed into important positions like advisers, scribes, and managers of the king’s household.

This trust was based on the fact that they wouldn’t be able to get naughty with the king’s female relatives, since they’re castrated, anyway. [Read: Every guy’s nightmare! 15 ways to cure a limp dick in no time]

16. Castration to reach higher singing notes? It used to be a thing!

Two centuries later, Europe would find its own version of the eunuch in the form of the Castrati. No, they were not slaves like their counterparts from antiquity.

The castrati were choir boys who opted to lose their manly parts so that they could emulate the high singing notes that only female singers could reach. Why? Because the church wouldn’t allow female singers in choirs back then. Thank goodness for gender equality, eh?

17. The human penis used to have a spine

This is another feature lost to many years of evolution. Penile spines *little thorny protrusions*, like those found in domestic cats, serve to stimulate ovulation during withdrawal *after intercourse*, with the secondary role of scraping out the semen of previous copulations.

We lost this because our species tends to find more permanent mates, and we grew less promiscuous– than cats, that is. And yeah, it did kind of make intercourse painful for females, so this evolutionary feature is definitely a good thing! [Read: Big vs small dick – 21 best and worst qualities to pick the best penis]

18. The not-so-urban legend of the Candiru – Lesser know penis facts!

You might want to read this before you speed off on an adventure in the jungles of South America. From what seemed to be a harmless urban legend, a story arose that haunted chain emails and became a real nightmare for men.

There exists a certain species of catfish known as the candiru, which inhabits the rivers and streams of the Amazon River. This fish, which measures less than an inch in length, has a notorious little habit of swimming up the urethra of men’s penises and, using their spines, attaching themselves to the penile tissue… then spending their happy little lives feeding off of your blood. From there, they could grow large enough for you to feel them sucking you dry. All we can say is… ouch!

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The most important penis fact of all? They’re all different!

Perhaps the most important of all the penis facts is that every single penis on the planet is different. Never try and compare yourself to someone else or try and figure out whether they’re bigger, small, wider, or a different shape to you.

There is no penis that is the same as anyone else’s and thank goodness for that! It’s our differences that make us unique and those unique features often turn out to be major advantages when pleasing a partner. [Read: How to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger without asking her]

So, it’s not about size, it’s not about how it looks. It’s about what you do with it. Let’s be honest, the penis isn’t the most beautiful of body parts. So, rather than spending time worrying about it, why not focus on how you can use your God-given gifts to please your partner?

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There you have it. Thought you were an expert on penises? We’re willing to bet at least one of these facts took you by surprise. Next time you’re fresh out of juicy small talk, whip out one of these bits of penis facts and trivia… and wow *or horrify* your friends.

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