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Newsflash: Women Hate Condoms Just as Much as Men Do

Men notoriously roll their eyes when they have to put on their latex friend, but are they alone? It turns out many women hate condoms too.

women hate condoms

It seems men have gotten a wrap in the media for being anti-condom. Is this a true stigma? Hardly. Many women will likely refute this, having seen their fair share of men insistent on putting on a rubber before rolling around in the sheets. Still, the condom-hater stigma is there for a reason, and men may be surprised to know that women hate condoms too. The feel, the smell, the application process. Hate ‘em!

Not only do condoms feel slippery and cold, but they remove a level of intimacy that comes from going bareback with your partner.

That being said, condoms are a necessary evil, and it should be noted that unless you and your partner have both been tested for STDs and STIs, you should never go without a condom. Not even “just the tip.”

Why women aren’t a big fan of condoms

Odds are your girlfriend isn’t a fan of the ridiculously smooth, frictionless piece of latex rubbing in and out of her vagina. The truth? Many women hate condoms just as much as you do, and here’s why:

#1 It totally kills the mood. Men often resent the simple act of reaching for a condom and taking less than a minute to slide it onto the penis shaft. As ridiculous as it sounds, this kills the mood for women, too. She loves safe sex, but just know that as much as it pains you to slip on old Johnny, it kills her too. Simply put, it’s just not sexy to stop when you’re getting hot and heavy.

#2 Annoying for nervous lovers. This is an extremely unfortunate circumstance for those ladies who happen to have a nervous lover. You know that guy… where the doorbell rings, someone walks by the door, or you stop having sex or fooling around for what feels like 30 seconds, and he’s already lost his hard-on? Needless to say, stopping to put on a condom is more than just a little bit of a hassle for nervous lovers. [Read: 20 sexy ways to stay hard for longer]

#3 There’s a total lack of fun friction. Many women say they feel no difference whether a man is wearing a condom or not, many will say that they do. While condoms have changed quite a bit since the smelly, thick versions available in the 90s into odorless, ultra-thin pieces of magic, there is still nothing better than the feeling of skin on skin. Women love the texture of a penis, especially during sex. The friction of your skin in her vagina is enough to make her burst with ecstasy.

Condoms these days are usually sold pre-lubricated and smooth in texture, taking away almost all of that feel-good-friction she was getting from the all-natural you. You should also know that ribbed condoms aren’t always the orgasmic pleasure bombs they claim to be. While some women enjoy the rigged texture, many others find these sensations to feel more like painful scrapes than G-spot stimulators.

#4 Some women have allergies, and it sucks. While it may sound like a frat-boy excuse, some people actually have real allergies to latex. Symptoms include burning, rash around the genitals, itching, sneezing, difficulty breathing, watery eyes and more! Now imagine this happening as the culprit is sliding in and out of your genitals. Definitely not the romantic end to the date night you were hoping for.

This can be a big reason why women aren’t too keen on using condoms. However, allergies are no reason not to practice safe sex. Aside from taking an oral contraceptive such as the birth control pill, sufferers should know there are latex alternatives such as Polyurethane condoms.

#5 Not wearing one makes her feel like a dirty slut. In the good way, of course. Going bareback feels naughty and wrong, and trust us: she loves it. Feeling you orgasm inside her is a wild experience that’s both intimate and sexy, and feeling you drip out of her for the next few hours will only remind her what a naughty girl she’s been.

HOWEVER safe sex is still ESSENTIAL

Alright, we’ve had our fun. We’ve told you our rubber complaints. Now let’s get back to reality. No matter how good it may feel without one, and no matter how much she begs you to go bareback, always remember that condoms are an essential part of your sex life, and will mutually benefit both of you in the long run in the following ways:

#1 The only STD prevention. Condoms and abstinence are pretty much the only ways to prevent getting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. Natural lambskin condoms may not be as effective, but latex and polyurethane are both golden choices. [Read: Other ways of avoiding an STD]

#2 No babies! Do you want babies? No? Neither does she, so one of you better man up and slip that condom on. Even if a woman is religiously taking her birth-control on time, she may still insist you wear a condom. She doesn’t like it either, but if it’s between taking care of a screaming infant and bratty teenager for the next 18 years or you slipping on a condom, she’s going to choose the condom.

#3 Condoms may make men last longer. Another benefit of wearing condoms is that some men actually last longer while wearing them, due to the decreased sensation. It’s a double-edged sword that honestly both sucks and rocks for your woman. On the one hand she can’t feel your warm penis, but on the other, you can’t feel her as well either – making you the perfect “long-lasting” lover.

Hate wrapping up your willy before getting your freak on? Take solace in the fact that your partner isn’t a fan of it either. Condoms suck for men and women, and now you know all of the reasons why. However, condoms are integral to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and STDs. So take your pick.

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If you choose to forgo using condoms in your relationship, do so only after both partners have been tested for STDs, and make sure your partner is using a backup method of protection, such as the birth control pill, NuvaRing, or female condom. And fellas, “pulling out” is not an option.

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