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10 Hi-Tech Male Sex Toys That Change the Way We Do Sex

Everyone loves sex, but not everyone loves sex toys. However, here are some very hi-tech male sex toys that can change the way we do sex.

male sex toys

You’ve got to love technology. Every year, we get presented with a lot of new innovations that we struggle with and wonder what’s to come next. Two decades ago came Bluetooth, Wi-fi, smart robotics, and virtual reality. These innovations have continued to develop and change the way we do things through applications, smart phones, cameras, game consoles, and sex toys.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. Technology has managed to trickle down its application even through our most intimate activities.

Hi-tech sex toys of the future

Because of all the rage in new technology, some young upstart, Tony Stark, of the sex toy industry had the brilliant idea of making these hi-tech male sex toys so captivating that you won’t hesitate to bet your Kickstarter money on it. After all, even the big boys love their toys.

Here are some hot, hi-tech male sex toys.

#1 Hot Octopuss Pulse III. You’ll notice that a common trend amongst gadgets today is a hands-free function. Because, why tire your hands when you can let the machine do all the work. Hot Octopuss Pulse III “guybrator” provides such a feature that would make your fleshlight look obsolete.

All you need to do is to strap the contraption on the underside of your penis, sit back, relax, and maybe enjoy a beer or two with your free hands.

Hot Octopuss provides different intensities of vibrating stimuli on the penile frenulum *aka the male F-spot* and also has a design that can be used with a partner. [Read: 13 must-have couple’s toys for naughty first timers]

#2 Electric Eel “Digital Condom.” The Electric Eel is the kind of sex toy innovation that defies all categorization. To answer what it is, it is a sleeve you wear around the penis much like a condom.

The device is fitted with electronics that would stimulate your penis with electronic impulses during sexual intercourse; making is some sort of an electroshock therapy for your penis.

Consequently, the device is still in its development process, and we salute in advance the next guy who’s supposed to test this thing.

The Electric Eel
The Electric Eel

#3 Autoblow 2. Autoblow 2 is the sex toy for guys who don’t want to get their hands tired from all the pumping but don’t want to let go of the feel of soft, warm lotioned hands.

This hi-tech masturbator features an “artificial intelligent skin” sleeve that feels very much like the palm of your hand combined with beaded rings that slide up and down your whole shaft. All you need to do is plug it in, select one from three different speeds and enjoy. [Read: The Vajankle and other downright creepy toys you probably haven’t heard about]

#4 The Launchpad. Ever since iPads came out, they have been praised for its portability and versatility to accomplish different things: as a computer, a game platform, a reading tablet, and of course, for watching porn.

Fleshlight decided to take it further by coming up with an iPad case capable of housing your good old Fleshlight masturbator so that you can enjoy watching your high-definition POV porn while getting off. That is, if you won’t feel ridiculous with the image of you humping your own iPad.

Image credit: Independent.co.uk

#5 LovePalz Twist. Just as the internet enabled people to date and hook up with people online, LovePalz would be the one to allow both partners to get off simultaneously and not by “camsturbation.” So how does this work?

First, buy the LovePalz Twist which has sex toys for males and females. Now go online and log in to LovePalz’s network where other people with their own toys are also looking for a good time.

Find your match, and get off together by controlling the vibrations of your partner’s toy. LovePalz Twist has an online connectivity function which allows remote users to send commands to the other person’s unit. [Read: Mutual masturbation – 14 intimate ways to connect without touching]

#6 Kiiroo Pearl and Kiiroo Onyx. Kiiroo’s toys are the future of long distance relationship sex. By concept, it works just like the LovePalz Twist by allowing the partner remote access to the functions of their toys: Onyx for him, and Pearl for her.

This conjugal pair of sex toys work by means of a Bluetooth connection paired with an app or chat platform for easier communication. Now, long distance relationships and long business trips won’t be lonely any longer with Kiiroo. [Read: Long distance pillows and other cool LDR essentials]

#7 Tenga 3D. White, hypoallergenic, and comes in various polygonal shapes and textures, the Tenga 3D looks like a work of art as much as it is a sex toy. Oh, and did we mention that this cool device is 3D printed?

How about a feature where you can flip it out like a reversible jacket for a different texture? Tenga 3D may not come with complex hands-free mechanisms, but the high-grade materials used and its unique design is everything but retro. [Read: 33 Absolutely fascinating facts about sex that you never knew]

#8 Pornhub’s Twerking Butt. If you think Twerking was so yesterday, wait till you see what your favorite porn website decided to make for the market: a disembodied twerking butt that you can take home! As Pornhub proudly describes it, the Twerking Butt is built from the latest of smart skin technology that almost feels like real skin.

The device also features multiple twerking patterns, various massage and vibration speeds, and customizable movements. It also generates artificial heat that makes you forget that it is a disembodied butt without everything else.

#9 RealDoll. Time to throw away those old blow-up dolls because RealDoll cannot get any more real-looking than anything else in the market. Modeled from real people, RealDoll manufacturers are faithful to every inch and body detail of their model; hair, face, skin, and height. [Read: How to plan a perfect sex toy party with your friends]

Just one glance and you’ll be convinced that their product is frighteningly realistic. Realdoll provides male, female, and Trans models of based on the likeness of famous adult performers. Talk about Weird Science.

#10 VR Tenga. Since virtual reality technology as brought by Oculus Rift came into the market, different businesses scampered to ask, “What else can we use this for?” And there was the sex toy industry seated on the back row with an impish grin on his face.

Let’s admit it, VR will be heading there faster than we could imagine. And then there was the VR Tenga.

By concept, it is a machine built to supply hyper-realistic visual simulation through the VR goggles coupled with actual physical stimulation by means of a masturbator attached to a robotic arm in the console. So while you watch those sexy animated avatars of your choice, the robot does its thing to your fun parts.

[Read: 10 masturbation toys that are so much better than your hand]

The convergence of sex and technology is nothing new. Technology is inspired by human needs and is built to serve human needs, and what is the result? Crazy, hi-tech sex toys like these.

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