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10 Male Masturbation Toys that are So Much Better than Your Hand

Who says ladies are the only ones who get to use fun toys to get off? Men deserve them too and these male masturbation toys will do the job.

Male Masturbation Toys

When it comes to pleasing yourself, sometimes your hand just isn’t enough. Sure, it’ll get the job done, but it won’t be very exciting. If you’re going to all the trouble of getting yourself off, you may as well do it the right way – with male masturbation toys.

Many people think guys don’t need toys and that women are the only ones worthy of having them. The truth? Guys can have just as many toys as girls!

The benefits of masturbation

There will always be people out there telling you that masturbating is wrong. Truthfully, it all depends on your personal beliefs, but you still can’t deny that there are many benefits of getting yourself off on a regular basis.

For one, it helps guys last longer when they actually get to be intimate with a woman. And secondly, it’s something that relaxes you and it can even help you figure out what you really like in bed. But after a while, using your hand may get tedious and downright boring. [Read: 15 steamy benefits of masturbation]

Male masturbation toys that will keep you feeling great

That’s why men deserve toys, too! There are plenty male masturbation toys out there to try and have fun with. Not only are you making things more entertaining for yourself, but you can use them with a partner, too.

If you’re someone looking to make your lonesome intimate time more fun, male masturbation toys are the way to go. And if you’re just starting out and have no idea what you’ll like, here are a few to try.

#1 Penis rings. I think one of the most well-known male masturbation toys out there would be these. If you’re not sure what they are, think of them as tights rings that wrap around the guy’s penis. They can even be used around the balls, too.

They’re designed to be tight and hold the blood in his erection so it not only lasts longer, but is more firm and sensitive at the same time. These are fantastic to use with a partner because she’ll get the benefits along with you.

#2 Vibrating penis rings. If you want to take things up a notch after trying a penis ring, then get one that vibrates. Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy something that vibrates in their nether region.

These are basically the same as a normal penis ring, but they just happen to have a small addition that makes the whole thing vibrate. This is another that will not only enhance your pleasure alone, but you can also add these to your regular sex life with your partner, too. [Read: 13 must-have naughty sex toys for couples]

#3 Fleshlights. Another one of the male masturbation toys that’s rather popular would be fleshlights. These may sound a little odd at first, but they’re really nothing more than a soft tunnel for a man to stick his member in.

They’re often made of a silicone or jelly-type material that mimics how a woman’s vagina would feel. This is great for those who are bored with their hand and want a new sensation.

#4 Silicone bottoms. If you’re really looking to bring something more lifelike into your self pleasure routine, then fake butts are what you need. If you’re a booty guy, something like this will be right up your alley.

These are basically just as they sound. They’re life-sized replicas of a woman’s butt, fully equipped with two holes. This allows you to have different options with the same toy, too.

#5 Artificial vaginas. These types of male masturbation toys are basically a combination of fleshlights and silicone bottoms. You can even get life sized ones with thighs and all. But if you want something more handy, they make fleshlights with just a replica of a vagina that is meant to feel like the real thing. [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

#6 Blow job imitators. If you’re a man who likes to imagine a woman on her knees for you, there are plenty of male masturbation toys out there than can give you as close to the real thing as you’re looking for.

These are also very much like fleshlights, but they have a mouth instead of an open hole. This can help you visualize a real woman’s lips wrapped around you as you get to work.

#7 Vibrating fleshlights. You can even take all of these types of fleshlights a step further and get one that vibrates. Many prefer this so it feels even better. These also may be the better option because you can choose to use them without the vibrating function as well so you can mix it up whenever you want.

#8 Prostate massagers. Many men aren’t aware of just how pleasurable their prostates can be for them. It’s basically the equivalent of the female G-spot. And that means there are many toys designed to press right up against it.

Using one of these in addition to another sex toy or just with your hand is more than enough to spice up your usual self-pleasuring. Don’t let something like this scare you, many men swear by them. [Read: The prostate and other secret pleasure zones for men]

#9 Anal plugs. Another way to stimulate your prostate is by using anal plugs. These are used by both men and women, but they’re one of the best male masturbation toys you can use to give your you-time something special. By using one of these, you’re stimulating your prostate without having to worry about placement, since they stay put.

#10 Sex dolls. Want to make things really interesting? Get a sex doll! These may be more on the pricey side, but you get a huge bang for your buck – literally. There are many different types and you can even opt to purchase only the bottom half if you want.

But if you’re looking to get everything all in one, buying a whole sex doll is the way to go. They have a mouth for you, an artificial vagina, and a butt for your pleasure, as well. Not to mention all of the physical aspects – like lifelike boobs – that can really rev up your masturbation. [Read: In-depth scientific reasons men like boobs]

Tips for choosing the right male masturbation toys

Before you go ahead and try one of these, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the right sex toy.

#1 Think about what’s convenient. If you have a bunch of roommates, having a sex doll around may not be the best choice for you. You have to think about what’ll be the most convenient for you to use and what you’ll like best. Having something small you can easily hide may be benficial if you have a partner or many roommates.

#2 Don’t be intimidated. Sure, there are a lot of different options out there, but you don’t have to be scared or intimidated by them. So you’ve never used a fleshlight before? So what. You get it, try it out, and figure out how to use it for yourself. [Read: Bringing toys to the bedroom and other sex ideas you have to try]

#3 Try something new. Don’t just stick with the things you know you like. Branch out a little! Go for a prostate massager and see how great it is for you. If you end up not liking it, that’s fine. But you may end up thoroughly enjoying something you never thought you would. So try as many new things as you can.

[Read: Planning the perfect sex toy party with your freinds]

Male masturbation sex toys aren’t for everyone. That being said, you should still branch out and try a few in order to spice up your self-pleasure and make it even better.

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