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How to Make Your Vagina Smell Good and Taste Even Better

Did you know that your vajayjay is a self-cleaning deal? However, you might still want to know how to make your vagina smell good. Here’s how.

how to make vagina smell good

Vaginas, we’ve got a smelly beef to pick with you. *Mental note: smell, beef, and vagina should never be in the same sentence together. Ever.* That’s right, today we’re talking about how to make your vagina smell good—and whether you should even be concerned about how things are smelling in your nether regions.

Women go bonkers fretting over the general state of their vaginas. They can fixate on…well, anything! Clit size, droopy or uneven lips, the color of their labia, tightness, pubic hair, and of course, smell. Anything is fair game when it comes to worrying about what we’ve got going on down there. Especially for those practicing oral sex with a partner, the smell and taste of a vagina can be of huge concern. [Read: Perfect pretty pussy: 22 Ways to make your vagina more beautiful]

Why are we all so worried about our genitals?

Now, don’t go thinking this is just women being paranoid. Men spend just as much time fixating on their bits. They worry about size, width, smell, just about everything you can imagine. We’re all so focused on our downstairs parts we’re forgetting the bigger picture!

Yet, here’s a handy piece of advice: if you don’t want to taste or smell vagina, stop putting your face down there! Because the fact is, whether you like it or not, vaginas were designed to smell and taste like vaginas!

While there are certainly cases to be made for the occasional “fishy” vajayjay, this is hardly the standard of female genitalia. The truth of the matter is, many men love the natural smell and taste of a vagina. To them, it merely smells like sex and dirty fun—so stop worrying so much! [Read: How to make a man go down on you without a push]

Your vagina cleans itself. Yes, it’s that clever. You don’t need to go using perfumed soaps (please don’t do that) to make things smell fresh and clean. All you need is fresh water and a regular cleaning schedule. It’s really that simple.

How to make your vagina smell good

For those who can’t shake the feeling that their vagina is standing out from the crowd, we’re looking at how to make your vagina smell good, taste like apple pie *figuratively, of course*. You might also want to know why your vagina may be packing extra odor in the first place! However do not expect your vajayjay to ever smell like roses. If it does, there’s something not quite right! [Read: Dry down there all of a sudden? 11 Ways to go from parched to peachy]

1. Keep it clean with the right products

We know you’re already a super clean lady who would never go days without showering, right? So why are we still telling you to wash? If your vagina is eliciting some unpleasant odors that can’t be done away with by a simple shower, you may need to switch up your products.

The vagina is a sensitive creature, and she doesn’t always respond well to regular soaps, especially not scented ones. These can be harmful to your vajayjay, and may result in infections. Instead of going for the same body wash you’d use on your legs or face, go for all-natural, unscented soaps, or soaps that contain a neutral pH value. [Read: 7 Problems down there that you shouldn’t ignore]

2. Change your undies

If your vagina is prone to smells, it might be time to start changing up your underwear. Women with sensitive vaginas should stick to 100% cotton undies. Not only does cotton allow the vagina to “breathe,” as it were, it also allows moisture to travel and helps prevent potential yeast infections. This will also keep your vajayjay from smelling due to sweat after a workout, or a long, hot day in the sun.

3. Shave, trim, or take it all off!

One way you can avoid an unwelcome smell is by taking it off! And by that, we mean your pubic hairs. Sweat and odors can attach themselves to your pubic hair and make the scent and taste of things much worse. Do yourself, and your lover, a favor and keep that bush bushwhacked! [Read: At-home bikini waxing tips and tricks for beginners]

4. Consider your diet and any bad habits

This is the portion that tells you not only how to make your vagina smell good, but how to make it taste good, too! Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” This applies to both men and women when it comes to their genitals! Many say that a man can change the taste and texture of his semen by changing up his diet, and the same is true for women and their vajayjays.

If you’re looking for a sweeter tasting—and smelling—vagina, don’t jump on the sugar bandwagon! Eating a large sugary intake can actually work against you. This can spike your blood sugar and cause a buildup of yeast *which can result in an infection*. Instead, eat lots of acidic fruits and drink plenty of pineapple juice.

Asparagus, red meats, crab, Mexican food, or basically anything that makes your pee smell funny afterwards are foods best left avoided. It’s also suggested that smoking should be avoided for a healthier vaginal state!

Side note: 100% cranberry juice is also a great liquid to add to your diet. It can keep harmful bacteria away from the vagina and help prevent yeast infections! [Read: Trim, shave or natural? – What works best for you]

5. Add probiotics to your diet

There is some suggestion that adding some probiotics to your diet may help to keep the pH balance down there in check. What are probiotics. Basically, live bacteria. Yes, we know, it sounds bad, but this is the good type of bacteria that fights the bad. So, you need to start chowing down on natural yogurt, sauerkraut, natural buttermilk, kombucha, kimchi, and anything fermented, such as pickles.

6. Drink plenty of water

It’s true that drinking plenty of water every day is basically the magic elixir of life. Your lady parts love a bit of water too! Make sure that you stay hydrated and it will help to keep nasty niffs away from your downstairs bits. [Read: Body trends: Plastic surgery for your genitals?]

7. Tight clothes might look sexy, but your vagina doesn’t like them

Tight clothes aren’t going to help you out here. All they do is trap sweat in places you really don’t want to trap sweat and that just makes everything smellier than it needs to be. Your vajayjay needs to breathe! We’re not suggesting you rock long, flowing clothing all the time, but make sure you mix it up and as before, stick to cotton underwear if at all possible.

8. Wash before and after sex

Sorry to break up the flow of your passionate embrace but if you want to keep your vagina happy, it’s a good idea to wash with water before sex and after. This helps to keep the bacterial levels as they should be. It’s even more important to do this if you’re using lubes, condoms, or toys. [Read: 11 Post-sex rules and rituals everyone has to follow]

9. If in doubt, book an appointment with your gyno

Alright, alright…if you are totally legit about your odorous vagina concerns and you firmly believe that your fretting isn’t all in your head, then you need to book an appointment with your gyno, ASAP! Why? If you notice a smell coming from down there that is unusual, persistent, or stronger than normal, you may have a vaginal infection.

This may be due to a yeast or bladder infection, caused by additional bacteria build up—and resulting in an unpleasant odor from your girl. These issues can easily be solved with antibiotics. [Read: What to expect at your first gynecologist appointment]

Your gyno may also find that you may have something lodged, or stuck in your vajayjay, such as broken condom bits that may contribute to an unwelcome smell. Whatever the mystery is, your gynecologist will help you quit the guessing game and solve your issues!

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In the end, it’s important to remember that your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like cherry pie and ice cream…it’s supposed to taste and smell like a vagina! For those who still aren’t fond of the natural vaginal odor, follow our tips on how to make your vagina smell good, and taste even better!

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