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First Orgasm Stories: People Confess About Their First Time

Fireworks and explosions. These are some of the common metaphors that people tend to use to describe their first orgasm. Want to know more? Read on…

first orgasm

Vague, single-word descriptions are often not coherent enough to illustrate the effects of “Le Petit Mort” on a person; more so if the said person has experienced it for the first time, which we imagine is like a drunken person explaining particle physics to an orangutan.

We’ve all heard a lot of first-time sex stories whose endings range between funny and awkward down to the borders of frightening. While there may be bad sex, there is no such thing as a bad orgasm. So today we asked the front page of the internet for their first orgasm stories to see how they dealt with it.

People describe their first orgasm

#1 Starting early. “I was five. It was so good I still do it every day.” – bilingual (Male, via reddit)

#2 Imagine how many juvenile orgasms were caused by pillows all over the world. “One night, when I was 13, I humped a pillow for a while, trying to get the best angle of attack. And then all of a sudden my dick just like, erupted. It felt awesome, but a messy sort of awesome, like when you destroy a cake with your bare hands. I didn’t know what it was, but I was suddenly tired, so I went to sleep.” – black_fire (Male, via reddit)

“I was 11 for my first one; a pillow gave it to me. I’ve only had one during sex a handful of times about 10 years ago. I have to use devices by myself to achieve one now.” -stressed_out_student (Female, via reddit) [Read: How to masturbate – sexy self-pleasure tips for women]

“So I was pretending to be a cowgirl when I was very young *don’t ask* and was riding our very hard sofa pillows when I started feeling like a ‘stinging’ feelings you-know-where and although it was ‘painful’ it felt really ‘interesting’ so I kept doing it and noticed pressure building so I went at it like mad and just felt all these little ‘stabs’ hitting me right on what I now know as my clit. I was so worried I’d pee myself because both me and the cushion had a wet spot. Needless to say a few more times experimenting with this, I figured out wtf was going on AND I HAVENT STOPPED SINCE.” – MuraHachi (Female, via reddit)

#3 When you’re so innocent that you can’t help but panic. “Awful. I was 11 or 12 watching a porn I stole. I was doing my thing then I thought I really had to pee. I was in the basement, and bolted up the small flight of steps to the bathroom with my dick flopping around. I ran into my own cum as I was going up the steps.” – king_krimson (Male, via reddit)

“I only stroked for only 30 seconds, and I remember having a strong desire to pee really badly, but I couldn’t stop, lo and behold the biggest cum shot out of my dick all over the family couch… oh man what a mess, and it smelled too. I panicked and didn’t know what to do.” – cory140 (Male, via reddit) [Read: Going solo – the sexy benefits of masturbation]

“Summer holidays 1981: I was home alone watching “One Day at a Time” reruns on TV, rubbing myself and fantasizing about Valery Bertinelli. I was 11. When I came, it scared the hell out of me – it was painful *or at least it registered as painful at the time.* There was no semen, I just crumpled into a ball on the couch and thought I’d hurt myself. I told no one and didn’t “rub” myself again for more than a year. – tetzy (Male, via reddit)

#4 May Nana rest in peace, but I ain’t gonna stop after what I discovered! “Pretty bad. I was 12. I didn’t know what it was. Was just touching myself to some porn because it felt good. And then it started shooting out. I felt so bad because my Grandma had died just a week prior to this, and I felt like she was up in heaven watching down at me all ashamed and whatnot. Vowed to never do it again. And then a couple days later, I got horny and did it again. The rest is history.” – KeepPushinIt (Male, via reddit) [Read: Female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

#5 Like Columbus discovering the New World. “This is actually really funny, and embarrassing. When I was around 12, I discovered the clitoris. When I climaxed, I thought I was a genius and had somehow been the only girl on the planet who knew of this phenomena. Up until my latest boyfriend *we met when I was 17*, I didn’t tell any of my sexual partners about how I masturbate, because I still thought I was the only one who knew about the clitoris. – MissGarrison.” (Female, via reddit)

#6 Toy Story *NSFW version*. “I got a wiggle pen from a Secret Santa when I was 11. I was in my room using it as a massager on my neck which felt good… I wondered what it would feel like on my boobs… my nipples… my belly… finally between my legs. I had no idea what had just happened *raised in a conservative home, had never heard the word “orgasm,”* but it was the most amazing beautiful feeling I had ever experienced. My best orgasms still happen with vibrators.” – ItsQuietTime (Female, via reddit)

“We didn’t have many chairs in the basement where we watched TV when I was about 9, so I used our exercise ball as a chair. I got pretty good at finding my center, and would sit crossed legged on top. One time I was alone, fell off, and got a little mad. I started pounding on it, and realized it felt nice when I pressed against it. Started doing this pretty often, as it became the highlight of any given day. To this day, exercise balls arouse me.” – lazyrightsactivist (Female, via reddit) [Read: Surprising unknown benefits of not masturbating]

#7 A tribute to all giving boyfriends out there. “My now boyfriend went down on me on our first date. I had no sexual experience, and while I had masturbated before, it was never to orgasm. When he was done, my whole body was shaking for at least ten minutes. It was incredible.” – Unknown redditor

#8 When the faucet is not the only one gushing in the bathroom. “The first time I came was in the bathtub. Make yourself comfortable *not that easy* under the faucet and let the water come. Watch out for the temperature first, it should be a little warmer than lukewarm. As an alternative, if you have a shower head where you can make the water come out really strong and concentrated, try this. This is also more comfortable. Best orgasm I can give myself! When with somebody, I find that nothing works better than oral. I seem to like it warm and wet.” – hownicetomeetyou,  (Female, via reddit)

“When I was 11 years old, I learned about masturbation and tried it in the bathtub. I’d never had sexual feelings before this, and at that point I hadn’t even gone through puberty yet *I got my period at 13 years old*. So I touched myself, and it felt good. I started squirting out clear liquid… and I remember this so vividly because I sat on one end of the bathtub and it squirted all the way to the faucet. It didn’t stop there. As I kept rubbing myself, I kept squirting. This went on for what felt like ten or more minutes. I remember the sound of my juices hitting the floor of the tub, over and over again. It was such a violent sound.” -vocaltalentz (via reddit)

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No one forgets their first – especially their first orgasm. You may get shocked, confused, panicked, or even excited by your first experience of orgasm, but one thing is for sure: you’ll be wanting more.

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