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Chronic Masturbation: 12 Truths to Stop Masturbating & Drop the Addiction

It’s normal for people to masturbate. However, what happens when chronic masturbation takes control of your life? It’s not as fun as it sounds.

Chronic Masturbation

Who would have thought that chronic masturbation is a bad thing. When most of us think about masturbation, we usually think fun times but there’s a point when it can become too much. This is when it’s called chronic masturbation or over-masturbation.

How can you tell if you experience chronic masturbation? Well, here’s the thing, there’s no formal diagnosis of what constitutes chronic masturbation, however, the definition is what is important in this case.

How to know if you suffer from chronic masturbation

Of course, there are people who masturbate daily which isn’t bad. So, when do you cross the line from normal masturbation to chronic? Well, if you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, then you could be suffering from chronic masturbation:

– Your masturbating is causing you distress.

– You masturbate multiple times a day in order to escape reality.

– You cannot control the urge to masturbate.

– It’s affecting your social life.

– You cause physical damage to yourself.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s important to really look at your situation and be honest with yourself. You can recover from chronic masturbation. Of course, it’s going to be challenging but it’s completely possible.

How to break free from chronic masturbation

I’ll go easy on the puns… but, it’ll be hard. Shit!

#1 Try to look inward. Why are you masturbating so often? I don’t say this with a judgmental tone, this is a question for you to think about. Were you always masturbating like this? Or did it slowly develop to this point?

Now, think about the period of time when you started to over-masturbate, did something happen to you during that time? You have to look at the other factors of your life to see where the over-masturbation became prevalent in your life. There may be a connection. [Read: How to fine-tine your internal compass]

#2 Stay away from porn. You need to stay away from things which act as a stimulant. The most obvious one is porn. Don’t open pornhub, don’t buy a nude magazine, stay away from it. These stimulants will only promote you to masturbate more which is the opposite of what you want.

#3 Sweat in a healthy way. You over-masturbation could be linked to anxiety. So, you need to work on your mental and emotional health. The best way to relieve anxiety is to work out. Go for a run, get some sweat developing. It’ll help balance out your hormones and ease your anxiety. You’ll need to give it a couple of weeks before you see a change, these things take time. [Read: The benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

#4 Write it down. You need to make this a routine thing. Before you go to bed, write down what you ate, what you drank, what you did, and how you felt during the day. Of course, also write how many times you masturbated that day. It’s important to write these things down so you can see the missing pieces and make possible connections with certain activities and emotions. Plus, you’ll also see your progress.

#5 It’s okay if you masturbate. This isn’t about refraining from masturbating, this is about finding the root cause for over-masturbation and working on it. If you feel the need to masturbate, do so. Write it down, think about your emotions, and why you felt the need to masturbate. This is a learning process, not a race. [Read: How to free naughty thoughts in no time]

#6 Find your triggers. Like I said above, stop watching porn. However, for the time being, you also need to remove the other triggers in your life. If you have a photo on your desk of your girlfriend which constantly makes you aroused, put the photo away. You need to remove the triggers until you’re in control of your masturbation. Once you’re in control, the triggers won’t bother you.

#7 Stay away from drugs. If you’re being given some “anti-masturbation” drugs, it’s bullshit, throw them away. The only thing that’s going to stop you from chronic masturbation is your mind. Your penis isn’t the thing that’s tempting you to jerk off, it’s your brain. So, don’t think you can have a quick fix by popping some pills, it’s a lie. You need to get into your head.

#8 Everyone is different. Listen, you’re not weird because you over-masturbate. There are some people who masturbate once a month, that doesn’t make them weird either. We’re all different and have varying sexual capacities. You’ll be able to get through this, but don’t think about other people, this is just about you. [Read: Feeling unlovable? 12 life changing truths you need to know]

#9 Keep a clean life. Try to keep your life as positive and clean as possible. Cut eating fast food, stick to eating healthy meals. Remember, everything in your body is connected. If you’re not fueling your body with the proper nutrition, your mind isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs. Thus, you feel anxious or depressed which results in your masturbating.

#10 Seek professional help. I’m not saying this because you’re “weird,” I’m suggesting this because it can be a huge help. If you go to a sex therapist, they deal with issues such as chronic masturbation all the time.

Plus, they’re a licensed therapist, so they’ll also be able to help you find the initial cause for your over-masturbation. So, you’ll be able to deal with everything in one place with someone you trust.

#11 Be patient. Time is really important when it comes to this. You may feel that you’re not progressing, but you are. These things take time and especially when it’s connected to your mental and emotional health. So, don’t give yourself a time restriction, allow yourself all the time you need to recover from chronic masturbation. [Read: 15 ways to find self-love and happiness]

#12 You will relapse. This is completely normal. Fuck, everyone has bad days and does something that makes them feel good. Some people smoke, some drink when they know they shouldn’t. This doesn’t make them bad or a failure, they just had a bad day. So, do not be hard on yourself if you relapse.

[Read: 8 steps to handle your sex addiction]

Now that you have the tools to help you with your chronic masturbation, it’s time you put them to use. If you’re still having difficulty, going to a therapist is a great way to receive additional support.

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