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12 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Semen

Semen is a magical thing. But aside from the obvious part it plays in procreation, here are 12 amazing little facts about male ejaculate.

facts about semen

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tidbits and facts revolving around the amazing uterus, vagina, and clitoris – the magic of giving birth, the mystery that is the G-spot, the endless wonders of the clitoris, but did you know that semen also has a treasure trove of fun facts surrounding it?

Semen, it seems, spends more time being mocked than being appreciated. The male ejaculate has been being given many names over time, and from cum to jizz, I can assure you they only get less and less appealing as you go down the list. Yet, there’s something so magical about semen and sperm that I just had to write up a list of the most interesting and truly strange facts.

For example, there’s a vast difference between semen and sperm. We tend to swap these words out for the other, but in reality they are two different things. Sperm cells are actually what is found within semen, along with other bodily fluids that make up that sticky white substance.

Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

12 fun facts about semen

If you’re curious to know what else makes semen so amazing, keep on reading!

#1 The taste test. Did you know your diet directly affects what your semen is going to taste like? It’s said that red meats and a greasy diet result in sharp-tasting semen, coffee and cigarettes make it bitter, and a diet full of fruits and veggies leaves a mild, sweet taste! Ask your girlfriend, and we’re sure we know which diet she’d choose for you. [Read: 16 ways to make your girl love giving you head + Tips to make your semen taste way better]

#2 They make facials with it. Literally. No, I’m not making a playful pun about dirty bedroom hijinks. Instead, I am referring to literal semen cosmetic facials. It’s said that the antioxidants found in sperm make for softer skin.

In fact, one New York spa is charging more than $200+ for this familiar “facial.” The spermine compound found in semen allegedly makes for great age-defying, baby-smooth skin. Side note? Semen and baby-smooth should never be in the same sentence together…let alone in a cosmetic tube!

#3 It goes in hair products, too. If you can’t get enough of it all over your face *because so many women enjoy that?*, why not spread a little in your hair, too? Researchers tested a treatment of semen and found that it worked wonders for their hair, making it thicker, shinier, and healthier due to the antioxidants that help repair the cells.

#4 One ball is just enough. Did you know that if one testicle is removed, the other will grow and take over additional semen production to make up for the loss? Fantastic news for those who are only packing one and hoping to be a daddy. When it comes to baby-makin’, one is enough. [Read: Healthy testicles – 7 ways to check your balls at home]

#5 Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity a.k.a. the sperm allergy. That’s right! While some women’s bodies react positively to bareback lovin’, others do just the opposite. Sperm allergies are real and may result in itching, burning, hives, trouble breathing, swelling, and redness near the vagina.

Men can also be affected by a semen allergy. This allergy can be life-threatening for both sexes and should never be taken lightly. Some sufferers may experience POIS or post-orgasmic illness syndrome. This syndrome releases flu-like symptoms that may take days to recover from!

#6 There exists semen cookbooks. In case you thought we were getting too medical in this feature, here’s another freaky semen fact. There are literally cookbooks designed with semen in mind. “Cooking with Cum” and “Natural Harvest” are just a few of the plucky names these…erm, chefs, have come up with. Talk about a raw food movement.

#7 Sperm is not genderless. Just as it sounds strange that a woman’s body could grow a male child inside it, so too does it boggle my mind that sperm has different genders. Inside a man are millions of potential females and male babies just swimming around!

#8 Men taste too! For all of the women out there reading this, remember that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha refused to perform oral sex on her partner due to his foul-tasting semen? The two sparked a deal wherein she would give him a blow job if he himself tasted it.

Apparently, this isn’t something you have to bargain your boyfriend into doing. A 2010 questionnaire found that more than 57% of men have tasted their own cum and didn’t mind the flavor!

#9 Why the tadpole shape? Have you ever wondered why sperm cells are shaped like little tadpoles? Their signature look, an oval shaped head and a squiggly tail, isn’t for nothing. The shape of their “head” is actually essential to helping them dig into the female’s egg, thus creating a little baby!

#10 Sperm needs to recharge. It takes up to 3 months to recharge the sperm in the testicles and make them ready to fertilize an egg. Once “charged up,” it’s thought that anywhere from 40-300 million sperm is a healthy amount, and below 10 million is considered low. Another tidbit about sperm count is that only 5% of ejaculate is actually made up of sperm. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s enough to get the job done. [Read: Orgasmic insuck – How a woman can prevent the sperm from fertilizing her egg]

#11 Sperm is chilly! Have you ever wondered why the testicles are located outside the body? Semen is quite warm when it emerges from the penis, but the truth is that in order to properly develop, sperm needs to stay several degrees cooler than a man’s regular body temperature.

#12 Semen is cool and all, but always practice safe sex. Splooge is interesting, but definitely not when it’s tainted. Remember that STDs can still be caught, even if your partner doesn’t ejaculate inside you. Unless you and your monogamous partner have both been tested or you’re trying to become parents, always practice safe sex and use a condom to avoid any unwanted, unsexy results.

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There you have it, folks. You’ve officially been sperminated with fascinating tidbits about male ejaculate, semen, and sperm!

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