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Ben Wa Balls: How to Use Geisha Balls for More Pleasure & A Stronger Pussy

It’s an ancient art, but Geisha Balls were all the rage back then. Want to know what they were and how to use Giesha balls for powerful orgasms? Read this!

geisha balls ben wa balls

Ever heard of Geisha balls a.k.a. Ben Wa balls? They might sound like a torture device, but these sexy little things will bring you to the brink of ecstasy!

Sex brings us pleasure, there’s no doubt about that. But for centuries, many women from different cultures have carried a secret that has brought even more pleasure to them—and to their men. This secret, acknowledged in spiritual traditions such as Tantra and Chinese Taoism, comes in the form of spheres called Geisha balls or Ben Wa balls. So what are Geisha balls? And how can you use them?

Here’s everything you need to know to pique your interested and start using them!

Using these Geisha balls allow women to have a more outstanding and satisfying sexual performance as they gain an exceptional asset: A strong vagina.

So let’s take a closer look at Geisha balls and find out how you can use them to make your vagina stronger and make your sex life way more mind-blowing than ever before. Ladies, we bring you the ultimate guide to Geisha balls!

What are Geisha balls?

Geisha balls, also known as Ben Wa balls, Venus balls, Burmese bells, Love balls, or Orgasm balls, are small, marble-sized spheres that are usually hollow inside. They are attached by a cord that strings them together, and some have a retrieval cord on one end for stimulation and easy removal.

Some balls can also be weighted and solid, while some may contain chimes, clappers, or smaller balls within.

These Geisha balls are designed to be worn inside the vagina. And as you move about, you will feel a mild stimulation as the smaller balls rolls gently with the outer ball, inside your vagina. As the smaller balls move, the larger one gently knocks against your vaginal walls, making your muscles contract slightly. So what does that mean? It means these balls are great for exercising and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles!

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A quick history of Geisha balls

Geisha balls have a varied history, and their material and construction are different depending on where you look. For example, in China, they were generally hollow egg-shaped balls that were carved from ivory, and which women would use to achieve a powerful orgasm as they rocked gently forwards and backwards.

The Geisha balls that we know today are known to have originated in Japan around 500 AD, and were widely used by Japanese courtesans, or geishas, to give men more pleasure during intercourse.

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How would women use these Geisha balls in those days?

Women would use these balls as they went about their daily lives, building their sexual arousal in time for their husbands’ return at the end of the day!

Back then, Geisha balls were three metal-covered balls linked by a fine chain, with a silk thread on one end for retrieval. They also contained mercury inside, which caused tiny sensations in their vaginas with every movement. [Read: Accidental orgasms – 7 ways to make the unexpected happen]

Today, Geisha balls are made of different types of materials such as stainless steel, metal, latex, silicone, glass, and even jade. Thankfully, mercury is not used inside Geisha balls anymore and has instead been replaced by smaller free weight objects or balls. Still, the idea and purpose has remained the same: To give subtle stimulation and crashing orgasms to women as well as strengthening their vaginal muscles to increase their sexual pleasure and the pleasure of their partners too!

The benefits of Geisha balls

Geisha balls are commonly used by women for sexual stimulation and for improving bladder control, especially for pregnant women and those who have undergone childbirth. If you want to improve your vagina’s elasticity *make you “tight” down below* as well as to stop you from suddenly peeing when you cough or sneeze, your gynecologist or obstetrician might recommend these Ben Wa balls along with Kegel exercises. [Read: Kegel exercises and how men and women can do this every day]

How to use Geisha balls

Despite their size, Geisha balls give exceptional pleasure and are incredibly easy and safe. They rarely get stuck inside the vagina as with just a few wiggles and jiggles, you can easily remove them. If you want to be extra safe, you can use balls that have a retrieval string.

Here are six simple steps to getting the most out of your Geisha balls!

#1 Simply insert the Geisha balls into your vagina one at a time, as you would a tampon. It’s important to do this while you’re relaxed. And if this is your first time, you can do this lying down with your legs bent and your knees up and spread apart. The balls will stay in place because your Kegel muscles will automatically tense up and hold them in. [Read: Magic fingers – The art of using your fingers to pleasure yourself]

#2 If you are using Geisha balls with a retrieval string, be sure to leave the string comfortably outside your body. You can also use a little lube to help you properly insert the balls. If you are using body-safe plastic or silicone balls, don’t forget to use only water-based lubricants.

#3 Once the balls are correctly inserted, enjoy the feeling. You should not feel any discomfort—in fact, far from it. You should be able to feel them inside; try moving about or climbing up and down the stairs to test how they feel inside you as you move!

#4 Start holding the balls in for 15 minutes, and try to go longer as you get used to the feeling. Once you are used to them, you can wear them all day to give your Kegel muscles a full workout. The longer you wear them, the stronger your muscles will become. Also, depending on your sensitivity levels, you will also begin to feel aroused as you move. [Read: How to get yourself horny – 14 fastest ways to get there ASAP]

#5 To remove the balls, gently tug and pull at the string. If you are using those without the string, you can get them out simply by relaxing your vaginal wall and standing up, coughing, or even by bearing down as if you are having a bowel movement.

#6 Clean them up! Thoroughly wash the balls with warm, soapy water or with a toy cleaner before and after each use.

How can they improve your sex life?

Because Geisha balls are weighted, they must be held in using your pelvic floor muscles, therefore making them great for strengthening and tightening the walls of your vagina. The vibration and movement of the inner balls work as you move, also setting off muscle contractions that also further strengthen your pelvic floor.

With regular use, your Kegel muscles will become more toned, resulting in an even tighter vagina that can squeeze or grip the penis way harder, and even make a man cum just by controlling the pressure with your vaginal walls. Furthermore, the stronger your Kegel muscles are, the more intense your orgasms can be. [Read: How to squirt – The best orgasm a woman can have]

You can also leave the Geisha balls inside during foreplay, making your climax more intense as your man goes down on you. Even during intercourse, you can still leave a ball or two inside so that they will move around inside you with your man’s every thrust. [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

Geisha balls have many more benefits too!

While Geisha balls offer many benefits, here are a few more that are definitely worth mentioning!

#1 Stronger muscles that can hold or stop the flow of urine

#2 Restored urinary control for older women and for those who have just given birth

#3 Easy clitoral erection during sexual arousal

#4 Ability to rhythmically contract vaginal walls during sexual orgasm

#5 Better muscle support for bladder, uterus, and rectum

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To sum it up, Geisha balls are great for health reasons but also, and more pleasurably, for sexual reasons. They tighten and tone the Kegel muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor, thereby making sex—and even masturbation and foreplay—so much more intense.

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And once you get comfortable using Geisha balls, you may even find yourself becoming more aroused, further increasing your sex drive, which is good for your partnerand of course, for you!

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